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 I have loads of unwanted spectacles, both mine but mainly my young childrens, who can make use of them ?

 Do soft lense contacts hurt the first time you put them on?
They are grey
Soft lense
and i wore them for the first time and it HURT!!
is that normal?...

 Is laser surgery on your eyes a good idea?

 Eye Colour?
Yo, I'm a 14 y/o boy and when I was younger my eyes were like a black kinda brown, however now that I'm getting older they seem lighter when I look at them, my mom has green eyes while my ...

 Whats wrong with my eye?
im 15 and a boy im very scared.The doctor said i might have Pink Eye or Conjuctavites but he hasnt seen me. He said leave ur contacts off for 2 days and come see me. Now my parents are telling me its ...

 POLL:who wears contacts?
anyone? haha idk im just bored XD...

 Im getting contacts soon. How can i learn to touch my eye?
Can anybody help?!...

 Does anybody get teary eye when you see someone crying?
My eyes seem to get teary when I see someone crying. Why is that? Does it happen to anybody else?...

 I hate my glasses!?
My glasses, just got them today, everyone says they look good on me but i absolutely hate them. My parents won't let me have contacts cos they think its 'dangerous'. What to do! argh!<...

 Why do my pupils look red everytime my picture is taken?
my eyes glow red everytime my picture is taken even if the red eye reduction is on....

 Contacts? anys tips of ideas?
um for showering, pools, sleeping?
and personal preferences or tips you have?
all would be welcome
Additional Details
wow 24 answers!
thats great
thanks ...

 Glasses?!?!? UGH!!?
How come I keep on needing to get strong prescriptions for glasses every year? The doc told me not to wear them all the time, so I don't. But my vision keeps getting worse. Then my uncle says ...

 I will be having eye surgey soon and am thinking of asking the doctor to change the color of that eye.....?
So heres my question...They are hazel right now...what color would look best with hazel...you know for the other eye...I don't want the two to clash.....!...

 Do I have a right to be pissed off about this?
I had a 6pm appointment with the eye doc today. I was in the waiting room with another guy who was a walk-in WITHOUT an appointment. Apparently he was waiting for 2 hours since the doc had a lot of ...

 Will i have to get glasses! help please!!!!!!?
so i went to the doctors the other day for my yearly check up. my eyesight was 20/30 in one eye and 20/40 in the other. or 20/40 in both. something like that. anyway, will i need to get glasses. or ...

 How can I change my eye color?
I have brown eyes, I want blue eyes. I don't wanna use contacts, and could surgry help or be painful?...

 Eye color?
what is the color of this eye?
Additional Details
what do you people mean by lighting?...

 What causes the eye pupils to expand and contract?

 My eyes won't stop burning...?
I was making fry bread like a half hour ago and the house got kinda smoky and now my eyes won't stop burning. There's no more smoke in the house, and I already put eye drops in my eyes to ...

 Whats wrong with my eyes?
I went swimming in a pool, without goggles. I opened my eyes under water alot. Then I went into the dark dressing room, and when I can out, everything light had a odd fuzzyish haze around it. This ...

The One
Poll Do you wear glasses?
All the time or just for reading

Sarah D
I should. But haven't in years. Now I need sunglasses even when I drive in the winter because my eyes are so strained.

I wear mine nearly all the time. I don't need glasses for reading because I can see perfectly fine close up. It's distances of more than about eight inches away from my face that give me the problems.

All the time.

Jane P
all the time for the last thirty years...except in bed!

Aimy W
All the time :)

tony w
Yes for reading

no i got 20/20 vision

No but I think I'm going to need to soon as text is looking a little blurry these days :o(

Julie x

just for reading

Nopes, never

only for reading or watching tv but usually end up wearing most of the time .

Nita S
Yes I wear glasses and contacts...and they are for seeing farther than I can actually see.

Dead memory.
All the time!

I look 17 in them - Bonus!

Yes, all the time.

john z
all the time

All the time except sleeping and taking a shower since I was 12

All the time..Unfortunately.

all the time


All the time

Peachy Keen
I wear contacts full time and glasses only when I'm getting up in the morning or going to bed at night. Or if I'm lazy. :)

never, got perfect vision =]

I was supposed to be wearing them but I would NEVER go in public wearing them. I got contacts to wear at school instead :)

only safety glasses for work

polly b
I wear contact lenses

im short sited do just to look at things far away

samantha s
No but I might be getting them. :-I

Little Chiro
I'm short-sighted & wear glasses. Needed them since I was 5. I used to wear contacts but they were a hastle.

I make sure I wear them to read the board in lectures, look at the computer screen, watch TV & drive.

I take them off to read (they make it harder!), to shower, exercise, get 'busy' with my man, put on my make-up & sleep.

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