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wow 24 answers!
thats great
thanks ...

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My glasses sorta broke...can i get them fixed somewhere?
Well, heres the thing. I was in my room and i accidentaly stepped on my glasses, but very lightly. They didn't really brake, the bottom part of the lens, there really isn't a frame it's just this clear wire thingie and it broke i guess...can i fix it? please help me. These glasses are like my 3rd pair IN 2 YEARS! (and yeah i know i'm carless, so if your going to put up answers like "be more careful you idiot" then save it to yourself i don't to hear it) PLEASE HELP ME!
Additional Details
don't want to hear it* (sorry about the typo)

Be more careful you idiot

go to the place where you bought your glasses from .
if they dont fix it, sorry .
just buy new ones .

Go to lenscrafters or Cohens or any optical store. I am sure they can fix it

Your probably due for a new pair anyway.
But, you can replace the frame and keep the lenses, it might be cheaper

You can always go to the place where you got your glasses at and see if they will fix it.

Yes, you can fix it. I think you can bring it to Sears, or Super Walmart and they can take a look at it for you. If they can't help, ask them what you can do or where you can take it to get it fixed. I'm pretty sure something can be done.


most optical stores will fix glasses if repairable. it sounds like you have a semi rimless pair where the lens is held in by a nylon string like fishing line. you can have a new string put in and have the glasses adjusted. if you are careless this might not be the best typ of glasses for you.you can ask for flexon frames or titanium which are the strongest made .

go to your eye doctor....
thats what my friends do.

u could try to super glue it, or u might just have to get new ones!


go to optic store they will let you know exactly what can be done.

Yes if only the frame is broken but not the glass itself.

Take them to where u got them. i know that on my insurance, i can replace my glasses 1 x a year.

yes, It can be repaired. They might charge 10 bucks to restring it

*DaNcInG RoCkS mY sOcKs*
i think id b best for you (and you eyes) if you just got a new pair. if you dont want to spend all the money, just get new frames that fit

I'm not sure exactly what the break is, or I would suggest a simple glasses repair kit.

Take them to an optometrist or an optical store to see what they can do.

Bring them back to where you bought them

Billy B
if the frames broken u have to get new one's. otherwise a screw's probably loose

couldnt you just sorta fix em?

Goth Kitten
go to a place where they sell only glasses and contacts and there should be a repair shop thingy in the store

higly doubtful it is repairable - best bet is to take them to where they were purchased...might want to check to see if when you buy new frames, they possibly have insurance as well....so when something like this happens - you are covered for it.

try Walmart, they are pretty good about doing some things with glasses for no charge

Eric S
Most optical places will fix them for free. LensCrafters, Sears, Walmart, etc..
You could fix them your self with fishing line, but it's not easy to do if you have never done it before, also if you bring it to an optical retailer they will adjust your glasses so they will fit you properly again.

Good luck, -Magic

most places dont want to fix them.. but if the lense is good look for a cheap pair of glasses and put them in there... that or there is always duct tape
most places wont fix them cause they make no money off of fixing glasses

Lol I had that problem too. As long as they're still under warranty, you're fine. Just take them to the place you got them and they'll replace the wire. If they're not, it'll only cost about $20.00 Don't try to do it yourself, you don't want to break the rest of it by accident.

I'd never say that to you -- I've lost so many sunglasses because I kept SITTING ON THEM -- go figure!
MOST eyeglass places will fix glasses and if you go back to where you bought them, they may do it for free....it's okay.

yes, you can have them re-strung at any optical place, or, you can even do it yourself if the string is still attached. If the string is not intact, they will remove it and re-string it. No problem!

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