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Defiant to the End
My eyes won't stop burning...?
I was making fry bread like a half hour ago and the house got kinda smoky and now my eyes won't stop burning. There's no more smoke in the house, and I already put eye drops in my eyes to try and help, but they still really hurt! How can I make them stop burning?


devin brooks
mabey just look at the sun

dont rub them too much and put warm water on it.

try rinsing your eyes with water
They probably won't stop buring for a while
I had the same thing happen to me and it took a couple of hours for them to stop burning

Nikki M
Just wait it out. You got smoke in your eyes. It is going to burn for a bit. eye Drops are good to sooth a little bit but they are going to burn for a while. You might also have allergies if they were hurting before which just makes it worse! You probably just have really sensitive eyes. Try washing out with water. And keep your eyes closed for a couple minutes after you but eye Drops in. Keeping your eyes closed will be the best for them. Well at least for a couple minutes. Good luck.

if you are wearing contacts take them out immediately and rest your eyes. or flush with water and rest. if you go to bed, tomorrow morning they might be better. mainly just rest your eyes!

trojan monkey lover
Close ur eyes for about an hour, and put some more eye Drops in them. Hope ur eyes get better

Close them for a long time (like go to bed)

pescetarian for 6 months
go stand outside i had to do that when i put a crayon in the microwave lol i know im an idiot.

Tee C
It wasn't a good idea to put in the eye Drops. Flush your eyes out immediately with fresh water, then go and take a walk in the fresh air. You'll also need to open as many windows as possible to get rid of any residual smoke that may be hanging around (even if you can't see it).

Hope this helps!

just do something to distract u from your eyes for a while. then eventually it will go away, like tonight or tommorow

Sarah K
when i was at vegas the sun burned my eyes so u can try putting ice in sandwich bags then putting it on ur eyes... but if both burn use 2 bags

good luckk

Try taking a shower and rinsing your eyes when your in the shower. Don't use hot hot water though. then put the eye Drops in and keep your eyes closed, take a nap or something. this should work. I get dry eye all the time and it works for me.

David T
Flush your eyes every 20 minutes for a few hours. Also put a wet, cold wash clothe over your eyes for the times in between flushing. Don't rub them and contrary to what some of the others told you, don't over-do it with eye Drops. That can irritate your eyes, even more if used too much.

Aaron W
ummm... happens to me sometime and i usually find the best way is to leave my eyes opened for as long as i can and they get filled up with tears and once you start to drip blink your eyes a bunch, works with me

Open your doors and windows to let the air move. Although it may seem as if there's no smoke there still could be some irritants. Also go for a walk outside or just sit. It will allow your eyes to have fresh and and flush themselves out.

Good Luck :)

try taking an eye cup and filling it with water and washing your eyes out or take some allergy medicine. it is possible that you have an allergy with smoke.

Put them in cold water and go outside....even though there is still smoke it will still bother your eyes for a while :)

Jamie Pooh :)
wet washcloth??

Rest them. Go lie down in a dark room for a while.

The best way to help them heal is to take your contacts out, if you have them and then just close them, go to sleep if you can. They will heal themselves with your tears.
Feel Better

cindy g
put ur eyes in cold water n go outside for fresh air n open some windows

Go flush them with cold water. Then keep using eye Drops.

Bob Saget
Step 1:toss some cold water into your eyes for about :30sec - 1min
Step 2: Blink for about 15 sec
Step 3: Dry your eyes with a soft towel

It will be somewhat uncomfortable when your doing it, but it will get the smoke out and your eyes will feel better

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