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My eyes change colors alot. Is it normal??
i have hazel eyes. they change colors everyday. yesterday they were green and today they are a solid brown. sometimes they turn a golden type color. is this normal?? idk if i should go to the doctor or not.

go to the eye doctor

It could be a rare form of cranial cancer, you should see a doctor.


I do not think so. You may be under alot of stress or you could be pregnant.

wow! that's intresting! if you're not drinking nor having drugs, check with your doc because that's not normal. and maybe the sun "changes" the color of your eyes.

Pokemon Master 2
No offense, but no. You should go to the doctor. I think you have a special-type od gene.

it's prolly ok
when ur eyes change, u can get an outfit that'll match
so ur eyes can match different outfit, it could be a good thing :)

That is pretty neat. I have heard of peoples eyes that could do that.

Don't hurt to keep up with eye exams though.

just desirayyy.
mine do that theyll be either gray blue or green and sometimes this purpliey color!

it changes to match ur clothes and the light!
all my friends wish their eyes do that!!!

yeah i got blue eyes but when i wear a green shirt it looks like i have green eyes

yes the same thing happens to me but on most people with hazel eyes it is the cloths they are wearing like a solid green shirt brings out the pretty green in your eyes. my change from green to blue or green and gold or even gold and blue.

they're probably no changing, its probably the clothes your wearing and the reflection the light gives off

Mine are hazel, too. I used to wear contact lenses, and different doctors "matched" me to blue contacts, green contacts, even brown contacts.

Lily K
No you don't need to go to a doctor. My uncle's eyes do the same thing. His eyes always change when it depends what color shirt he wears. I know it may seem weird, but it's all fine.

Mr. Fairlady
that is sooo cool...it happens to one of my sisters...

go to



Are you using contacts with different colors. If not you need to see an eye doctor.Lucky you If this is true. Some time eye shadow colors can do the trick. At one time I colored my hair light cherry and men use to say I have fiery eyes.You I call Species Eyes.

I am the same way...Mine are mostly hazel but they change to blue and green..depending on my mood..its like a mood ring...

The blue they are...the happier I am..The darker they get...BEWARE!

Its normal with lighter eye colors

lol... no you don't need to go to the doctor. It is a phenomenon with many hazel-color eyes.... I too have this happen to me... it really depends on what I am wearing. I can go from deep blue to nearly brown - brilliant green, or simply hazel. It all really depends on what I am wearing, the depth of my tan, or even the season (cloudy days I have grayer eyes). It has to do with the multiple flecks of color in your eyes... they reflect the light differently and respond to the reflection off of your clothing. Play with it. Have fun with it!!! My boyfriend is completely turned on by the fact that his girl's eyes can be different from day to day... and wants me to wear alot of purple.. cuz it makes my eyes a deep blue.... weird? Maybe... but I love it and am the envy of my brown-eyed friends.

wow thats cool. JEALOUS. but ya some peoples eyes just do that in different types if light. its nothing to worry about.

Chrissy (The Pic Is My Bro )
Yes, it's normal. I change from brown to green to blue all the time :)

Sako Tiberious
Mine change between grey and blue a lot. Nothing to worry about, it's probably just your eyes adjusting to the amount of light you're getting that day.


I have seen this phenomenon quite often in my lifetime. Something about the color of the clothes you wear and the pigment in your eyes changes and causes you to see a certain color. I am sure it is quite normal. You can always ask your opthalmologist to make sure.

♥sexy momma♥ ;-)
yes -- it is normal, but not that common --- my eyes natuarally change form blue to green ---- don't worry about it ---

Be my Angel :]
This is perfectly normal.

I'm pretty sure its fine.

This happens a lot,especially with people who have hazel eyes. Since they have different colours mixed in, things like different lighting bring out different colours.

Sure its normal. in fact my eyes do that too. they arent really changing colors different colors in your eyes are just showing more because of the colors you are wearing.

Jackie D
Mine change color too! They used to be blue. then they were gray, then blue again, then they would go green to blue, now they pretty much stay green all the time, but change color with how I feel...
So, normal? I always say that I'm not normal.... but, it hasn't hurt me... I have 20/10 vision.. so. .no big.

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