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 Contacts? anys tips of ideas?
um for showering, pools, sleeping?
and personal preferences or tips you have?
all would be welcome
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wow 24 answers!
thats great
thanks ...

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(For vision ofcourse)
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Thank for your answers...They have been helpful....

Is what i need glasses?
i was wondering what the symptoms of a need for glasses are. Please help me, i am having troubl figuring out if i need glasses!!! Thank you!


♥Wherever The Wind Blew Me
Lol symptoms? Well, you can tell basically..... If you can't see the board or something far away, or you're constantly squinting at something you can't see, or if you see double/blurry.

if u r having trouble seeing things far away like a tv then u probably need glasses but u can always just go to the eye doctor to find out

if u are reading up close nd its blury its near sided if its da same far away it far sided.

So. Cal Man
If you can't read all the text in a commercial while sitting six feet from the television it might be a sign that you are near sighted?

I love my baby boy!
You vision is poor, you get a lot of headaches.

Adamvs Maximvs
Depending on your symptoms its hard to say.
If you're under 40 (or so) and have problems such as getting headaches when reading or looking at a monitor, or
- Seeing things clearly within a foot of your face
- Seeing things in the distance
- Seeing at night, especially in regards to lights
- Seeing blurred edges on letters and signs or 'ghosting'
Or if you're over 40 and
- Can see fine in the distance, but you can't see clearly reading closely or have to hold things at arms length to read them.

The conditions are ususally Hyperopia, Myopia, Astigmatism and Presbyopia respectively.
Your best bet is to book an Eye Exam with a licensed Optometrist. Make sure you see a full Optometrist, only they have the training to look for non-corrective and general health issues regarding the eye. If you see a shop that offers 'free-exams' and you're not scheduled an appointment with a doctor, STAY AWAY. This is just sight testing and you don't need any specific training to do this. Usually it is done primarliy by an automated machine.

Trust me I used to run a full production Opthalmic Lab and worked with doctors (and non-doctors) in the industry for years.

Well, are the words blurry when you read a book (far sighted)? Look at a chalkboard or street sign (near sighted)? Could be either near or far sighted. I am far sighted. I can see things farther away. I have to hold a book several inches away to read it. Now, at 45, I can't thread a needle anymore. Do you get headaches? Particularly, ones in the forehead region..maybe from squinting. Make an appt...the only way to be sure.

If you can't see road signs clearly while driving, if you find yourself squinting at words or the clock often, or if you are having trouble reading the paper or books. These are all signs that you might needs glasses. The only way to know for certain is to visit an eye doctor and get your vision checked though.

can u see things clearly? are there blury? Do u often squint because u cant see?
if u answered yes to any of these u should go see an eye doctor.

If u go 2 skool and u cant read the board or see peoples faces clear when your a yard away u do also if you cant read a book up close or see things up close then u do or if everything seems blurry. Sometimes it will hurt ur head if u need glasses. go 2 an eye doctor and theyll tell u!!!!!

Compare yourself with five close friends, can you see things at distance the way they can? Can you read comfortably? If not go to the Optician.

Blurriness, headaches and eye aches/eye strain can be a symptom. Only a professional eye doctor performing a thorough vision exam would be able to make that decision as to whether or not you need glasses. An optometrist and an opthamolygist have told me that routine eye exams at least once a year is vital in detecting such things as eye infection/disease before it becomes a major problem.

john e
IF you don't have clear, comfortable, binocular vision, a doctor may be able to help.

Either you cant see things far away or close up.
Like, if you're looking at a board and cant see the words but everyone else can, that means you're near sighted
Or, if you're looking at a menu or something and you cant read the words close up, that means your far sighted.

Singer In The Rain
If you are having any trouble whatsoever with reading and seeing up close, seeing at a distance, or if you're just having to squint all the time, you need to see a doctor... Especially if you're getting headaches from straining to see. It's best to see an opthamologist, but an optometrist is helpful too. You need to get at least a basic eye exam to be able to judge whether or not you have eye issues. A doctor can judge whether or not you need glasses. It's not really something you can judge for yourself. Basically, if you think you need glasses, then you probably do. Go get your eyes checked. It's better to be safe than sorry you didn't. Certain eye problems can lead to more serious problems if they go ignored.

Blurry vision mainly. Eye tests are free and will reveal everything.

Alex V
GO TO THE EYE DOCTOR!!!!!!!no one can tell you what the symptoms are because everyones are different.I thought i had perfect vision then i went to the eye doctor, got my glasses and thought HOLY COW!! i thought i was seeing fine before. so just tell your mom to scedule u an opointment at the eye doctor. its not that bad. much better than having people tell u off the internet.

well i hope i helped!!
[email protected] V*~

go to an eye doctor and get your eyes tested.. thats for sure how you will know you need glasses.. if you cant read the letters they use to test you..

Dad's found yer scoo'er
Your arms aren't long enough when holding stuff to read.

Go to an optician, get an eye test & they will tell you.

Coffee Beans
If you squnit a lot to see stuff, like the chalkboard in class, then you probbaly need glasses. Ask someone who doesn't have glasses if they can read a sign that you cant cuz you're far away, and if they can, you might need glasses.

Only an optometrist can give you that answer.

I don't know how old you are but ... you really should be having your eyes tested by either your family doctor or an optometrist every 2 years or so. Sometimes blurry vision has nothing to do with your eyes but rather with other problems you may be having such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. I'm not trying to scare you but facts are facts.

Just make an appointment with either your doctor or an optometrist and you'll know within a few minutes of simple, painless tests whether or not you need glasses. Don't neglect your vision .... as you should have regular physicals for the rest of your body on an annual basis.

Good luck and I wish you the best of health!

See an optometrist.
If you're having alot of headaches, catch yourself straining your eyes or squinting alot, or even if your eyes burn or dry easily or itch.

But only a professional eye exam can tell if you truely need glasses.

Max Maxson
If things look blurry when you look around the room with your eyes, you probably need glasses. I'm nearly a certified expert on the matter as I do have glasses at this point within time.

headaches, blurry vision, hard time focusing or making out words near or far and images. slanting or tilting your head when you try and look at something.

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