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peter r
Is laser surgery on your eyes a good idea?

Yes, but you should probably try contact lenses first. It is much safer.

depends on what the doc says

Well, it is good for your eyes, but not very medically approved.

Not if you're over the age of 40 because you'll need reading glasses. To me, that's not acceptable so I haven't had it done. I'm not going to fork over several thousand dollars just to swap one problem for another. Either way, I will still need glasses so what's the point of doing it?

you have 2 choices :

you see kinda bad now by not having it

or you risk loosing sight all together if you do have it.

yeah me and almost all of my friends have had it done it is painless and it is done very quick! So go for it!

milton b
This will depend on what kind of laser surgery you are talking about.

Yes. But you have to make sure you have a very well experienced doctor.

It works out fantastically for most people. However, within the last month there was a woman in my local paper (here in the NorthEast of England) who had laser eye surgery and now has seriously blurred vision.

I suppose it's like any surgery - there's always a risk involved.

tim M
only if a doctor is doing it. don't try it with your light saber.

Yes my dad got it he loves it but make sure you check with the doctor first because you don't want a bad doctor doing your eyes some times cheap is not the best way to go.

I have many friends who have had lasic surgery. They all recommend it very highly. Not one of them suffered any side affects at all.

Seriously, if you do your homework and find a really good, reputable laser surgery center, then yes. I did it five years ago after twenty years of being very nearsighted and I have not regretted it for a second. You have to have the right attitude, though, and set reasonable expectations. Not everyone ends up with 20/20 vision, and there are some side effects in some people that you need to be aware of. But then again, some people (like me) do end up with 20/20 vision and experience no side effects.

The bottom line is this: Don't price shop on eye surgery. Go with a center's success rate. It's better to spend more money at a place that has a great rep than to go budget and have some hack mess you up.

Robert R
Yes, it is excelent. Your vision can not be better with glasses. And with time they have gotten really good a performing it.

Pretty common this days and safe, I´m thinking myself in one....

Yes it is all the experts I have seen recommend it but it has to be done by those with the right equipment and knowledge. science backs up the fact that it will improve your sight and there have been a lot AF tests to prove its worth.

Lexus Luthor
If u don't need em

I am also doing this, I want to see without wearing glasses or popping my lenses in. I pay about 600 for glasses and 200 for lenses per year. I figure in a few years they will add up!

If you cant see, yes!

I had lasik surgery done. I was about 20/200 or so and now am 20/20. Just need reading glasses to read due to older age eyes, but can watch TV and drive without glasses and am very happy with the results.

Better ask your doctor before you do anything like messing around with your eyes.

Joey Michaels
Awesome. I had it done so good i now have xray vision and having the time of my life! YEah!

I heard about a guy getting his crusted over with scabs. Then he had scabs for eyes. This maybe a rumor, becuase my source is the simpsons.

Glasses are hot......Don't do it!

Before you have your eyes burned with a laser, please, please, please, see your Ophthalmologist and ask then if Laser Surgery is the right move for you. Mine told me I would never be a good candidate for laser/lasik surgery due to my eye problems. I have been with her for 17 years. She keeps track of my eyes and performs tests to ensure I C 20/20 with corrective lenses. I have been wearing glasses for years. I did the contact stint for a couple of years. I had to go back to glasses when the contacts began to bother my eyes albeit I cleaned them daily, soaked them over night, and enzyme them once weekly.

Only your Eye Doctor knows if you will be a good candidate for laser/lasik surgery. You have only have one set of eyes.. You need to take good care of them.

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