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 Contacts + Showering?
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Now I've always been told that swimming with contacts can cause ...

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 For contact wearers?
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 Keeping your contacts in at night?
i talked to some of my friends and they say that they do not take their contacts out at night & sleep with them -- does that harm your vision? if so, how?...

 The worse your vision, the thicker the glasses lens?is it true?

 Is this normal?
is it normal for my eyes to randomly start bleeding when i am looking at a tv or a computer screen? well.. i mean i know it isnt but what should i do?...

Rebecca C
Is it possible that bad eyesight (like shortsightedness) can be inherited?

I believe so.... My parents are both nearsighted. I am nearsighted. My children are nearsighted. I think it must have to do with the shape of the eye.

Or it could bhttp://www.bettervision.com/myths.htmle a myth?

Lori L O^O
Yes, it most definately is.

Yes it can I have seen big families where most of them ware glasses.

Yep, we all wear glasses in our family.

Yes it can.

I think so.

Absolutely! Just as you face shape is genetically determined, so is the shape of your eye. The shape of the eye determines the vision. Thre are other factors that come into play, but your DNA is the biggest for most people.

Dingelbury McCain
i'm sure it is genetic but most of the females in my family are blinder than stevie wonder and my eyesight is perfect, so i feel pretty lucky.


Keil T
Yes it is, my Dad, my Grandfather, and I are all nearsighted (shortsighted).

Yes. It can.

yes ----eye problems can be inherited through the family due to DNA. As well as diabetes or heart problems

Yes, we are our DNA, and our DNA comes from our parents and their ancestors


yes,there are the chances of inheritence.

loopy loo
yes, when you visit an optician, they always ask for family history of any eye problems

EvelynThe ModifiedDog.
Definately! Every one of my blood relations is as blind as a bat without their Gregory Pecks!

I thought i was shortsighted now ime told by optician , ime longsighted i think a lot of it is eye strain ...reading under a ba d light ,,,,,


It's not only possible, it's guaranteed.


Short answer - yes.

In studies it has been found that developing myopia is mainly genetic (89%) while environmental factors only accounted for 11%.
Research is still not conclusive on this matter so as it stands nearsightedness is predominately genetic, since even small deviations from normal structure cause significant refractive errors, it may be difficult to single out any specific genetic or environmental factor as their cause.
"Only 6%-15% of children with myopia come from families in which neither parent is myopic. In families with one myopic parent, 23%-40% of the children develop myopia. If both parents are myopic, the rate rises to 33%-60% for their children. One American study found that children with two myopic parents are 6.42 times as likely to develop myopia themselves as children with only one or no myopic parents. The precise interplay of genetic and environmental factors in these family patterns, however, is not yet known."

Check out the links for more info :)

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