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wow 24 answers!
thats great
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Im trying to get colored contacts and my eyes are dark brown and i want them to be dark blue?
can i do that??? what color is dark blue? aqua? blue topaz???

Sterling J

jeremy m
thats probably not going to be too easy, plus those give you eye infections...have fun

eww.... sorry but DON"T get dark blue!!!! my friend got those and it makes u look really REALLY BAD!!!!! get like hazel or something.. just not blue! blue makes u look bad!!!! trust me!!!!!

i ♥♥♥ stetson freshhh...™
you can do that, but you need a prescription

Yes you can, and it will probably look really really really obvious...
Brown eyes are awesome!!

L0v3* @m0R * ♥
search coloerd conatcts under google or sumtin adn u need a prescrption

What happened to just liking how you are?

I have always wanted to have blue eyes, mine are brown as well. I remember in school a girl that had dark brown, got blue contacts and you could tell they were fake. It looked really fake.

Ultra V
Yes, you can do that. But honestly getting any color other than clear is pretty queer.
A: "Hey, I didn't know you have blue eyes"
B: "I don't, they're contacts, my real eye color is dark brown"
A: "oh..."
[If anything at all, get white or red so you can look crazy]

go to a store like
fashion city, lil clothes place like that. yes its possible just to do that its like 20-30 bucks for thoughs kinda contacts non prescription
i use to wear custom contacts like white ones and red and green cat eyes and what not, then forawhile i wore bright green/yellow/blue they were cool/

Juan O

i dont know which colour to choose. They all look very nice but one thing for sure...... i already try colourful lens and they made me look weid and everyone in my school laugh at me.

dont do it. if you want to go lighter try hazel it will look way beter

stacey b
I think blue topaz

boys [like] girls x3
dark blue is blue topaz.
and yeah you def can
my friend has dark brown eyes
and she has bright green & hazel contacts

Get the ones that look like you only have pupils. All the others wouldn't make a difference because your eyes are so dark.

Wife just got several colors.... She has dk br eyes. Seems as though dk bl will work just fine.

Yes, of course! You can choose any blue color that can fit your taste. Go to your near Optician and get informed. I do have brown eyes and I chose Amethyst . It's great!

Casey B
You dont need a prescription to get them. Any one can get colored contacts. If you go to an eye doctor, just request them. If you do have bad eye sight, then let me assure you that colored contacts a VERY uncomfortable.
I have brown eyes and I went green. I used a free trial offer from Acuvue (which you can get from their website) and they were so uncomfortable....but they worked. They make special color contacts for dark eyes. Just go to their website.

The One That Needs You
yes you can do that you just have to ask your eye doctor for dark blue contacts

*Amanda Leigh*
its possible but you need to go to the dr. my sister had them. they made her look weird though.

Michael D
i dont no all i no is i want red once for halloween haha that would be funny hahahahaha good luck! :)

You can wear coloured contacts over any eye colour. It is slightly more effective over a lighter eye colour, but it doesn't make any dramatic difference.
However they don't come cheap if you want to buy good ones.

yeah my sister has the same thing. she uses acuvue or something like that. don't know the specific color.

casella :)
get a light blue color, they will show up as dark blue against your brown color.

go with acuvue dark topaz.

YO YO YO Girlfriend if you want to be stylin like 4 reels you needs to be checkin on this.


I bought a pair of these one year for halloween and I was hooked I now have like eight pair and I get a lot of looks. Chicks dig it too I owe a lot of the action I get to these sweet eye balls. You can also look into wildeyes or crazy lenses. They are availiable in prescription and they are cheeper than the 9mm brand.


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