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Jonathan J
Im getting contacts soon. How can i learn to touch my eye?
Can anybody help?!

Ms. MD
I've been wearing contacts for years. The best thing to do when putting on your contacts is to look straight ahead at the mirror. Don't look at your finger coming at your eye.

I learned by just pulling down my eyelid with my ring finger, and then just touch your eye gently, cause you don't really need that much pressure to get a contact on.

your eyes will get used to it, but don't freak out, tilt your head back, make sure your eyes are well moisturised (so use some of the eye Drops) and pull your eyelids apart (so you basically can't blink). Always make sure your fingers are clean (new towels leave fluff on your fingers, which is quite painful) and slightly moist (with your solution). Try and not touch your eyes directly though.

Dave V
ive got them mate and its easyier than it looks. it will take you about 1 or 2 weeks to adjust. and a contact lense on your eye doesnt feel irratable like when sand or other objects get in your eyes

felicia f
Well i have contacs and like i just pop it my eye its sooo easy . you dont even need to touch ur eye just hold ur bottom lid down and then put it in

FL native
You'll be surprised at how easy it is, once you get the hang of it. The doctor or an assistant will help you.

The good thing is, you'll be mostly free from glasses! You'll love your new contacts.

you dont usually touch your bare eye, you mostly just touch the contact but the only way to get used 2 it is by putting ur contacts in and taking em out

Mrs. Meatypies
get your fingers wet and rub your eye till its wet, too. then it shouldn't bother when you touch it as long as both your eye and finger are wet.


Seth Secks™
use a mirror and touch the white part....

make sure your hands are clean...

one thing ive noticed, there is a small raise when you get to the colored part of your eye (i forget what its called)

Aubreigh S
You need to be careful not to poke your eye. It is not that hard.

It just takes time bro. I ripped many contacts at first; touching your eye is the easy part.

♥ Angel_Eyes :O ♥
I don't think you should learn to touch ur eye. I would suggest you going to your opticians and asking them to help u practice with one-day lenses.

♥Just Me♥
If your not used to touching your eyes, and it is hard and irritates you, i wouldn't suggest getting contacts. I have them, and the first couple of days were hard enough! And I was absolutley fine with touching my eyes.

star girl
i just got contacts about 2 weeks ago and i thought the same thing. The thought of touching my eye was wierd and every time i tried i would blink. Then it was time to tryb to put them in and it was actually really easy, i guess its just different when your fingers wet and theres something on it!

Your optometrist should help you out with that, but if for some reason no one does, you can research it or google it, but I'm pretty sure the eye doctor would help you on that one.

well it helps if u know how to apply eyeliner
also run ur finger all over ur eye then slowly tap ur eye
hope this helps
keep practicing

i have contacts too and seriously you just get used to it.
after the first couple of times it's really easy, you don't even realise. you just open up both your upper and lower eyelids, hold them down and with your other finger with your lense in, put it onto your eyeball.
if you need help, see your optition.

barb m
don't touch your eyes without the contacts. the optician will train you how to put on your new contacts. always remember to wash your hands with water and soap before putting on and removing your contacts. eye infections are not fun to have. if you keep your hands clean and disenfect your contacts properly and you'll be fine.

Rachel S
well usually the people who are giving you the contacts (in my case it was cosco) will explain everything and help you through it. If your one of those people who has a hard time touching your eye though you could just look in the mirror and try getting close to it...i wouldnt try actually touching it though...

It really just takes time. You just keep trying and trying till it is ok to put your contact in your eye. It took me like an hour to actually get my first contact in my eye!

All Smiles
Oh don't stress the doctor will show you how to put them on and they won't let you leave until you feel comfortable doing it.

Your Doctor will show you how and then it just takes a little practice.

Putting in your contacts can be tricky when you first get them... but its just like riding bike.. once you get the hang of it, it becomes easy.

When i first got them i practiced touching my eye from the side while holding it open with my other hand that way coming in from the side you dont see it until ur actually touching it =] do it with clean hands tho

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