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Lucky ♥'s
I will be having eye surgey soon and am thinking of asking the doctor to change the color of that eye.....?
So heres my question...They are hazel right now...what color would look best with hazel...you know for the other eye...I don't want the two to clash.....!

Green. Because my friend has has hazel eyes and I've noticed that there's little flecks of green in them. Your's might be the same kind of hazel.

green or brown........ since hazel is a combination of both....

you can't change you eye color.........

green and hazel are awesome together

Judy B
The doctor can't change the colour of your eyes with surgery.

I would say to either keep it hazel or change the color to green.

Exclusive [♥]
Green :]

Green would look best : )

♥ I Heart William Peter Moseley♥
why do you want to change just one thats weird i'm mean if your gonna change, change both but the best would be green.

i am me 4 life
Green or blue.

umm....excuse me but.....WHAT???

anyway...yellow would be perfect

I'd say keep the hazel since hazel eyes are pretty, but if you had the option I'd go for green. :-)

I didnt know a doctor could do that.....can he do that? that's cool if they can i say do whatever u want.....think about it since this would be a permanent change, and decide on your preference

ok number 1 i dont think you can change the color of your eye.it is not possible. 2 that would look weird having two different colored eyes and 3 why would you waant to change it if hazel is a good color

Mine used to be hazel, now they've migrated to soft gold. Whatcha think? Little gold goes with everything.

♥Squirts McPuddles♥being naughty

Kiss my befuddlement

Good luck with that sweetie!

never heard of changing eye color with surgery,,,,are you getting NEW eyes or something? only thought you could do that with contacts

Green darlin

Green would do you good, grey would give you the look of a killer.

He can't do that!

You would have to get colored contacts.

johnny trash

Um... I don't think you can do that unless you wear contacts.

Floyd the Barber ©
Red, with a cross shaped pupil..............that would be bad azz

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