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 Contacts? anys tips of ideas?
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wow 24 answers!
thats great
thanks ...

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 Do you wear glasses?

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im jus ...

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 How come people have glasses?
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I want to stop wearing glasses because I think it stops the girls liking me but don't want to wear contact....
lenses is there an alternative. It feels weird if I have my glasses of for a minute after I have them off. I have worn them for 5 years if I stop wearing them will my body get used to not wearing them?

Jessica K
The only other choice you have is Lasik Eye Surgery...ask your obstetrician...

Lisa T
have laser, its the best thing, and it doesn't hurt, best thing i ever had done.

Leonard Moo
Didn't anybody ever tell you this would happen? You have hair on your palms too, don't you?

kim possible
Your only alternative would be lazer surgery i think, check into it.

my friend (female) always told me that she couldn't find anything more seductive than the moment when a glasses wearing man takes them off...

You can try Lasik if it is not convincing you.

If you need glasses, you need them for a reason! To be fair, it'd be quite dangerous for you to not wear them - how would you ever be able to do day to day things like crossing the road if you can't see the cars properly?! Your body would kinda adjust, but your sight wouldn't improve without them, and you're likely to end up getting headaches, and if you have to squint at everything, you'll start developing crows feet around your eyes a lot quicker, and that's not pretty!

Have you thought about getting some different frames? Having a pair which really suit your face, and make you stand out for all the right reasons could make all the difference. It's not your glasses that girls find unattractive, it's your attitude (you're probably giving off signals of "I've got glasses so you can't possibly find me attractive") girls like a guy with confidence - but you'll be less confident if you can't see properly!

What is it about contact lenses that you don't like? Are you worried about the cost, the amount of cleaning or the idea of having to poke things in your eye every day? I wear Focus Dailies (disposable ones) so I haven't got to worry about fluids etc. It takes a few goes to get used to putting them in your eye and taking them out, but eventually you can do it without thinking about it! My prescription is -4.0, so without glasses or contacts I have about 6" of clear vision before things start going blurry (I hate my glasses because even with the shaved lenses they're still about 7mm thick at the edges!) but with contacts, they're all the same size and shape. Mine are so comfortable that I often forget I'm wearing them.

Speak to your optician about getting some new frames, or if you want, a trial run of contact lenses to see how you get one with them. Different ones vary in price, but my daily disposables work out about £30 a month.

Good luck!

i had glasses since the 5th grade and i didnt get my contacts until the 8th grade. I was very uncomfortable at first but i got used to not wearin glasses. Don't worry.

Chris M
have you ever considered lasik surgery?

Kris D
laser eye surgery if your eligable. Unless your eyesight isnt that bad then yeah you will get used to not wearing them tho your eyesight wont get better. But seriously its very doubtful that women dont like you cause of your glasses. Must be some other character flaw.

Emo Love
You'll adjust to not having the weight of them on your face over time, don't worry. What's available to you given what you want is lasik surgery. However very few doctors will do it until after you've finished growing because your eyes change as you grow.

Before I got contacts I was a nerd...when i finally got contacts they were soooo easy to put on and I couldn't even feel them! i will NEVER ever where my glasses again--i wore glasses for 4 years my body didnt care that i havent worn them since----i have wore contacts for 3 years now!! HIGHLY RECOMENDED

No alternative to glasses or contact lenses that doesnt involve some form of laser eye treatment. You can contact company's directly or speak to your optician to get advice.

Girls will like you with or with out specs look at your self and make change's to you has a person

Keep the glasses. Everybody is beautiful in their own way, if other people dont like it, then its their problem.

Robert W
You can go around not being able to see.. That's an option.

Keep the glasses or get the laser surgery. Guys look fine in glasses.

Keep the glasses, be what you are and to hell with anyone else!!

YOu need to keep on wearing those glasses. I know it can be a bummer to wear them. I been wearing glasses for most of my life, and I sometims want to stop wearing them myself.

Keep wearing glasses. If a girl doesn't like you because you wear glasses then you probably don't want to be with her. That's a pretty superficial reason to not want to like someone. The right girl will be the one who accepts you for who you are, glasses and all.

Eternity 4U Always
You have been prescribe glasses for a reason and should wear them!!!

I personnally like men in glasses.

Perhaps try a new frame - this might help your out look.

my hubby wears glasses and he looks gorgeous, why don't you get some really nice trendy ones...they can make a huge difference.

[email protected]
I happen to think that glasses look very cute on a man. You are probably wearing a pair that are not right for you're face shape. Next time you go for an eye test, ask the optician for advice on the right type of frames for for you. x

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