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 Glasses?!?!? UGH!!?
How come I keep on needing to get strong prescriptions for glasses every year? The doc told me not to wear them all the time, so I don't. But my vision keeps getting worse. Then my uncle says ...

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what is the color of this eye?
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what do you people mean by lighting?...

 What causes the eye pupils to expand and contract?

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 Whats wrong with my eyes?
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 Is it possible that bad eyesight (like shortsightedness) can be inherited?

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im jus ...

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 How come people have glasses?
A lot of people have glasses, how did they have eye problem, where did they get it from?? I want to prevent from getting glasses! argh!...

 My brother got hit in the eye and he has blurred vision and his eye is red is he in trouble?
hit dirrectily in eye playing on the trampoline he has somewhat blurred vision and his eye is really red and he is in pain of "8" on a scale of 1-10...

 Contacts or Glasses?
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 How Can you In prove your eye vision?

 What age were you when you got contacts...?
(For vision ofcourse)
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Thank for your answers...They have been helpful....

 Do you need to have bad eyes to get colored contacts?
i have always wanted hazel eyes but my eyes are perfect.. haha.. do they make non-perscription ones?...

jules jewels
I have loads of unwanted spectacles, both mine but mainly my young childrens, who can make use of them ?

Ask a optition

Vision Express collect unwanted glasses and send them to countries in need through the charity Vision Aid Overseas

either lion's or look for any missionary organization that sent equipment to africa , they really need glasses over there .
good luck

we usually have the american legion who uses them or donates them

I see that a lot of people have said Lion's Club. But please do donate them to them. I am in the poverty level and disabled. I have no insurance for eye coverage. The Lion's Club has helped me on two occassions to get an eye exam and eye glasses. Those that use the Club's resources receive glasses from others that donate their old glasses. I then donate my old glasses. They are a tremendous attribute to the community. Please, Please go to any eye glass store and give your old glasses to them, they will see to it that they get inot the right hands.
sandra e.

you can give them to a charity (or Lens Crafters!) or put them up for free on Craig's List in your area.

Ann Onymous
D&A (the opticians) have bins for old glasses - I believe they get sent to people who otherwise couldn't afford them.

Most opticians have boxes for old specs, they can send them to third world countries where they are greatly appreciated.

Take them to an opticians who can send them off to a charity. For people in third world countries. Better that than you trying to exchange them and save YOURSELF money

You can donate them to the poor. Check in your area what
organization is accepting old prescription glasses for the needy.

Dr Frank
You can donate them to Vision Aid Overseas by taking them to your local optician’s practice.

the Lions Club International takes old glasses and finds people that can use them!

Can be dropped off at the post office and walmart locations take them too.

Havas nana
We donate ours to the Lions club. They take them and give them to third world countries and even some poor here in the USA.

check wif your local charities. some poor people may benefit.

Wally Y
LensCrafters takes them and tests people in foreign countries that cannot afford glasses and fits them with the used ones after cleaning them up and removing scratches and the like. They help thousands of people all over the world with the donations of old glasses.

Jane Eyre
We just hand our daughters old glasses to the receptionist at the opticians and they are sent to an organisation that redistributes them in other countries.

orphan annie
My doctor's office takes them and hands them out to families that cannot afford them.

you got your answer here: Lion's Club.
They have drop locations in area supermarkets or contact your local chapter. They distribute them to the needy. This would be a great thing for you to do and a great tax write off

Do you have a local Lions Club or Salvation Army..they usually collect them , and reuse them for the needy.

Joan H
Jerry Lee is right. Any Lion's club will take them and donate them to needy people.

Tracy M
I heard that places like LensCrafters accept old glasses that they give to people who can't afford to buy prescription glasses.

Love life and share happiness
There are many charities where they will appreciate your old specs. Just ask in your local charity shops.

Hi,give them to the Red Cross.

Peter K
Charities sort and measure them and send them off to Africa.

Your local Lions or Lioness Club would be glad to receive them.

Jerry Lee
Lion's club.

save the children - take them to any charity shop - they will be very happy.
if you're not near a shop - pack them and post them.

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