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I hate my glasses!?
My glasses, just got them today, everyone says they look good on me but i absolutely hate them. My parents won't let me have contacts cos they think its 'dangerous'. What to do! argh!
Additional Details
P.S i did choose ones i like, I just dont like the fact im wearing glasses.

I hated my glasses too when I first got them (I was about 11), and by the age of 14 I STILL didn't get used to them and still hate them. But now at the age of 15 about 2 months ago I learnt about this way to improve your eyesight back to normal without using specs or getting laser treatment. It's a cure that uses relaxation to restore perfect sight. Basically, you need to relearn the correct habits of seeing which I will explain now;

First of all, people with perfect eyesight are always shifting their view from point to point, and their eyes are NEVER ever still. When their eyes are not moving it means they start to get bad eyesight. So if you just remember to always keep your eyes moving (you don't have to go crazy, just shift your eyes around in a natural and relaxed way) you can reacquire perfect 20/10 eyesight. A good technique to reintroduce the habit of shifting is called 'sketching'. Sketching is where you imagine that there is a laser beam emitted from the direction of your nose. This laser beam always extends to and is touching whatever you are looking at. You should sketch all day long, as this is the natural way of seeing.

Okay, the second habit is breathing. Shallow breathing always worsens your eyesight, and breathing naturally always improves it. To breathe naturally, your stomach should expand when you inhale and go lower when you breathe out. This is abdominal breathing, and is a very healthy way to breathe. It will improve your chakra flow and life energy (literally!). Breathe like this all the time, and you will start to feel more energetic, your appearance will become more enlivened and you will look very cool (or beautiful if you are a girl), and best of all, your vision will become stronger. Remember, at first it will feel a bit weird but soon enough it becomes unconscious and you get used to it. Your main aim should be to reintroduce the habits as unconscious habits, and not forced or conscious. When you have perfected your breathing style, you will find that it doesn't require you to even think about it, it just happens automatically. Breathing is a very effective way of improving your eyesight.

The last habit that a person should always maintain if he wants to have perfect eyesight, is blinking. All the time, when you are at the computer, when you are reading, when you are playing sports, when you are thinking, when you are watching tv. and so on, you should always keep blinking naturally. Blinking naturally means that your blink is light and rapid, and that the top of the eyelid closes over the bottom of the eye. A blink takes only a split second to occur - that is how rapid it should be! When done properly, it won't interfere with your normal seeing, because it is so fast there will be no interruption. Blinking normally all day long is important because each blink is a rest to the eyes, and rest is always a benefit and improves the vision.

The fundamental principles behind perfect eyesight are that you are aiming to:

1) Remove the unnecessary strain that has built up in yoru eyes and mind.

2) Reintroduce movement to your eyes. Unlike other body parts, and eye needs to move to get energy, and not moving destroys the eye.

3) Reintroduce central fixation, meaning that you see one point best with the sharpest vision, and keeping your focus to that one small point. This does not mean 'tunnel vision', peripheral is just as important, it just means that you don't have eccentric fixation (imperfect sight).

4) Reattain perfect memory and imagination. The best way to cure your eyes is the cure of imagination, that is -- remembering things seen perfectly, and forgetting things seen imperfectly.

And the way to reintroduce these principles is by relearning the natural habits that I have outlined earlier.

BTW now that I am writing this, I just remembered a very good cure for people like you who have just got their glasses and haven't worn them much yet. The first step is to STOP wearing your glasses obviously, and then you relearn the habits that I just told you about, and the third step is to print out a 'Snellen eye chart'.


Then you blue tack it to a wall, and read it at a distance of 10 feet. Soon enough, you distance vision will be cured! But you have to read it every day (I used to read it every morning and every night). This is very good for curing your eyesight if you haven't worn glasses too much yet!!

To find out more about the natural cure for bad eyesight, go to:


And if you want help from our community, go to:


And click 'register', then ask your questions.

Thank you for reading, and good luck to throwing away your crappy glasses. And just ignore these idiots who tell you that 'you are doomed to glasses for ALL ETERNITY!!' because there IS a cure and it's DAMN SIMPLE!! ;)




Its just for a year every year ur supposed to get new glasses

Alayna N
i had the same problemmm.....when i was 14!!!
there was like nothing i could do to convince them to let me have contacts....

wht i did was that i got rimless glasses with anti-glaring coat....

so now....if u see me from a distance....it looks like i am wearing them... =)

i also have a semi rimmed one that i wear with formals.... =)

hope it helps!!

If you didn't like the frames then why did you choose them? Start saving your allowence and consider getting contacts or ask your parents if you can take these frames back and pick a pair that you like.

well before you get your perfect pair of glasses I must say there are worse things in life..you'll get over it :)

Bob The Bright Yellow Dahlia!
I also prefer contacts to glasses, although for practical reasons (working in a kitchen where it becomes uncomfortable wearing contacts all day long) and economical reasons (I'm broke!) I'm currently wearing glasses. I started wearing them age 7 and looking back feel very sorry for the poor little mite that was me then. Other than pleading with your parents (which won't do a lot of good if their mind is made up) there's not a lot you can do until you start earning money of your own but you have my sympathy. If you're in your teens then you have already established your character and the people that know you shouldn't treat you any differently. As a little kid wearing glasses, you can lose out on having much of a character because all other kids see are the glasses. Try not to let it get you down: you'll be grown up before you know it and then all the decisions will be down to you and not your parents.

well ive had glasses since i was eight and i didnt really like them. I've asked my mum loads of times to get contacts but she says im to young and it pisses me off but now i get the frames that i like so i dont care if i wear glasses.

i know how u feel but its best just to get on with it, i have my glasses and they look horrible but i dont care what anyone thinks of me because at the end of the day at least you can see!

i dont know why ur parents think that contacts are dangerous, cos they arent.

You will get used to wearing them, honestly!

I cried when I first got mine but eventually I got used to wearing them.

Keep working on your parents and maybe if they think you are mature enough then they will let you get some.

You can trial contact lenses at a lot of opticians so perhaps they could allow you to have a free trial.



Hold in there for a while you will better soon

OMg I hate glasses too and my parents wont let me get contacts eihter but if you show them that you are responsible enough to have contact then they might let you have contacts lile if you do some research and show your parents they might decide that you are responsible. I will try that too. it might work

You don't say how old you are, but I assume that you're at an age where appearance is everything. You will eventually get used to wearing glasses and if you act like you're cool with it it will be less hard on you when you are with your friends.

Maybe it would be worth doing some research about contact lenses and then talking it over with your parents. This would show that you have an appreciation of their concerns and that you understand what is involved.

I wear daily disposables, which lessen the risk of problems from insufficient cleaning, and if they are not worn every day are not quite so expensive. You should also take the cost factor into consideration - perhaps they can't afford it, having just paid for glasses. If you do your homework, maybe they would let you have some for occasional wear.

Good luck!

i had some chosen for me but didn't like them. you have to go with what you like.
contacts are ok. especially daily disposables.
i had surgery last year. best thing i've ever done
(unfortunately i'm still ugly)

I know what you mean I had to get glasses when I was 12. My parents wouldnt let me get contacts either at first, but really all you have to do is prove that you are responsible and maybe they will change their mind. They are probably only worried about eye infections.

Nobody likes to wear glasses, i have worn them for 30 1/2 years, I know they can be a pain. I wear mine from the time I get up till I go to bed. As far as contacts, never wore them. I always figured if I dropped one one the floor, I wouldn't be able to see it until I stepped on it.
You chose the frames, is it that you don't like them, or just don't like wearing glasses? You did say you wouldn't mind it as much if you could get contacts.

well i hated my glasses at first, but then you just get used to it, but if your prescription goes up then You might have to change it. GOOD LUCK!

doggy dog
didn't you tell your parents in the shop that you didn't like them its you thats got to were them , they might grow on you

You just hate them cos you're not used to them yet. If you trust the people who are telling you they look good then give it some more time. You chose them, after all, so you will like them again when you're used to them.

100% Organic Snark™
Give yourself a chance to get used to them. Contacts aren't dangerous if you take care of your eyes while wearing them -- like not keeping them in all the time (even long-wear lenses need to be taken out once in a while). They ARE a long-term expense, because you have to keep buying them. Glasses, on the other hand, only need replacing about every two years.

I've worn glasses since I was 15 and I hated them in the beginning, too (and I'm 49 now). I've tried contacts, but my eyes don't like having foreign objects stuck to them, so I'm strictly an eyeglass-wearer.

Why do you hate them, is it because you think you look hideous? Decide whether you'ld like clear vision or looks. Try and explain to your parents that contacts are not dangerous. All the best!!

Your not alone i went a lot of years with great vision, now I'm blind as a bat without glasses, it sounds like your parents are to controlling, as a parent myself, i hate to see young people pushed around by there parents, when you get out on your own get contacts.

Anna J
did you find frames that you like? I think glasses look good on some people...i used to always wish i had them....anyways...you might have to wait until you are older....if you dont take care of your contacts...you can get infections and stuff....try talking to your parents....and tell them that you will do exactly what the doctor tells you...and just try and reason with them...good luck!

it will take a while to get used to them,before you know it you will forget you are wearing them.

There are a few people out there that prefer to wear glasses (and fewer that prefer to *require* them), but most people would prefer to have perfect, natural vision.

That said, if your friends are complimentary then chances are very good that you wear them well. I'm sure they would let you know if you looked bad in glasses.

It won't take long for you and those around you to think you look weird *without* glasses, depending on how often you wear them.

Next checkup, make sure a parent is in the room with you when ask the doctor if contacts are dangerous and if you're a good candidate for them. Of course there are risks-- very miniminal with proper care-- contact lenses are definitely not "dangerous." Remember, though, that contacts aren't for everyone-- hygiene, eye health, eye structure, prescription, etc.

Sadly for you, your parents are right. I too will think twice before allowing my young daughter to wear contacts. I would suggest that in some matters, esp. of health related issues, listen to experience.

Why do you hate your glasses when people tell you that you look good in them. I don't really like wearing my glasses myself, but I need to wear them. Contacts are not really dangerous, but you need to take care of them more then regualr glasses.

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