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How can I change my eye color?
I have brown eyes, I want blue eyes. I don't wanna use contacts, and could surgry help or be painful?

well if youre really serious about it id do the surgery. but if you just want to change it every other day or something, go for the contacts. i know a lot of people that use contacts every day though, and its cool.

honda man
you can get food coloring and put it into an eye dropper, then drop a couple of drops in.

Tell your friend to extend his closed hand towards your eyes in a quick manner.

kid 2
you can't change your eyes color.It's your genetic

i luv pugs so much!!! what now??
Sorry, the only way is probably wearing colored contacts...

Sorry to break the news, but there is no surgery to change your eye color short of a corneal transplant and since that's usually something you need a serious medical condition to get, I'm thinking it's probably not worth all that...

My suggestion is to embrace what you already have...there is only one person in the world with eyes like you and that's YOU!

My suggestion is that you go to the mall and ask someone at one of the makeup counters to show you how to play up your natural color so your eyes really sparkle! Believe me - a guy would much rather look deep into a girl's eyes when he knows they won't be sitting in a jar by the bed later that night :-)

Why not just use contacts? They are alot safer than getting surgery. Why would you want to compromise your vision when you could just use contacts?

the only way to change eye colour apperance is by using coloured contact lenses .
there is no surgical procedure other than eye trasplant
corneal transplant which are not for cosmetic use . but are for the express reason of restoring a persons eyesight
and most is still in experimental stages

Lori L O^O
The only surgery they do to do this is available in south america. It is not approved by the FDA and will not be in the near future. It is an implantable colored lense that goes behind your cornea, but in front of your iris to change the color. There is controversy over whether it is safe long termly or not. It is expensive and has some discomfort, but not much more than any other type of eye surgery.

Not to be funny or anything, but the most common way I know is wearing contacts, but I heard there is a new procedure that you can change your eye color. forgot where I heard it from though. Good luck!

Mrs. DiCaprio
The ONLY way to change eye color is through colored contacts.

i heard you can get eye tattoos now. not only do they tattoo the white, but supposedly they can tattoo the iris as well in order to change the color. but other than shoving a contact or a needle into your eye, i doubt there's a whole lot you can do. just accept who you are and love yourself.

(brown eyes are more beautiful anyway.)

There is no other way, than contact lenses. At least today. May be in the future scientists will develop new methods to change yey color. Stem cell research is the answer, but now US federal government bans it.

the only choice you have are contacts, Unless theres a way u can dye your eyes. you should love the color of your eyes though since thats the color God gave you. I think brown eyes are very pretty. I hope i helped.


I'm not sure why people don't speak the facts. Is not that NewColorIris was not approved by the FDA, but he never filed it with the FDA since he does not need to cause hes not practicing in this country plus prob does not want to spend a million dollars just to file with the FDA. The intraocular implants that he uses are made in the USA of FDA approved material . Same material used for cataract cases all over the world including in the states. There is no pain during this procedure or discomfort. I had the procedure done myself and can speak first hand. I live in New york and my eyes are doing great. There farr thinner then contact lenses and look very natural and real in person no one can tell. You can find more info on the website newcoloriris.com

i think the only way to change it is contacts. sorry!

The only way I know of would be to use contact lenses. I'm sorry you dont like brown eyes, i think they are beautiful.

Brown eyes are beautiful, you shouldnt change them,Blue,green and other colours are also beautiful btw

Brown is an awesome eye color!!!! I have brown eyes, and they are pretty. Well. there arent any ways to change your eye color, only with contacts.

***pretty momma***
Wow, be happy with what God gave you

you really want blue eyes that badly? I have brown eyes too and I always have wished for lighter eyes but I wouldn't be so drastic as to change them using surgery, I didn't even realize there WAS a surgery to change your eye color. Be happy with what you have, it's just eye color anyway, I doubt anyone judges you by it and if they do then that's just dumb. Guys don't want girls for their eye color either and if your guy does then he's an idiot and needs some growing up to do. Accept yourself for who you are, don't change the way you look for anyone, your eyes say a lot about who you are. I know a girl with fake eyes/contacts I think and she looks so hideous she's an extremely fake person (fake teeth/hair/tan/CLOTHES) just be yourself, brown eyes are beautiful. blue eyes are beautiful too but don't give up your eyes. they are beautiful.

peace and love.

You cant, trust me, blue eyes wont make you a different person. Only you (on the inside) can change who you are and blue eyes will only show that you are self conscious about yourself. You are beautiful with what you have and nothing should be changed.

Madame Frog Ninja
love yourself, brown is beautiful. no need to change.

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