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HI, Just want to know if we can sleep with our contacts (lens) on?

it depends on the brand, but for my contacts i am not supposed to because if you fall asleep with some kinds they fall back into your eyes and they have to do surgery to get them out i would ask your eye doctor though before you make that decision

If they are soft contacts sure! Your not supposed to but I do. I have had my contacts in for about two weeks now.

Hope to have helped!

Umm.......no cuz they can easily come out and get lost depending on color/damaged and u'll have 2 buy new 1's.

Thats not a smart idea unless its the type that says you can. When you sleep your eyes go in the back of your head and rest there. Your contact lenses will get stuck there. So make sure to take them out.

It really depends on what type you're using.If it is not recommended for night wear do Not:Sleep in with your lenses because it may increase your chance of infection or irritation
For all details, information and remedies about contacts check out http://use-contactlens.blogspot.com/

your not suppose to its not recommended by optometrists, my sister wheres them she was instructed to wear them for a certain amount of hours per day and take them off at night to let the eyes breath

Well I have worked in the optical field for 10+ years and I have seen alot of people think it was ok to sleep in their contacts and end up to where they can never wear them again. I have seen corneal ulcers caused by contacts and a variety of different infections and sores. There are only a few FDA approved contacts for overnight wear. If you are truly interested in sleeping in your contacts and making a habit of it then these are the brands worth talking to your optometrist about. The first one is approved for up to 30 days continuous wear and that is Focus night and day they work well for some people but are only offered in a certain prescription range and base curve. The next one is O2 optix they are only approved for 7 day extended wear but they tend to be more comfortable than the night and days. Last there is the Bausch and Lomb Purevision lenses these are also approved for 7 day continuous wear only. Each patients eyes are different in the amount of oxygen they require and the moisture in their eyes so I strongly recommend that if you do go with these lenses you follow the directions and time allowance given for your wear time. There may be a few others out there that are made for overnight wear but these are the most commonly prescribed ones.

only if it's an hour or two..... do not stay up late ( like 10pm ) then try to go to sleep with them on, they will hurt for a few days and you won't be able to wear your contacts for a few days as well

I work in an optical office and our doctor ALWAYS tells patients to remove their contacts before bed. I have seen many cases of eye infections and corneal damage from those who would wear contacts for extended periods of time. And if you wear disposables make sure to change out your lenses every two weeks(unless they are daily disposables).

no my brother has some and if he wears them for too long (like 16-18 hours) straight his eyes start to hurt

tu madre
no it sticks to ur eye ball

aLEXiS !
depends on the type of contacts

& if you have very dry eyes ( which is my case so i do not sleep with them in) or the contacts bother you after sleeping with them in.

check with your eye doctor.

nick e
Short answers is no. Unless you have been specifically told by your primary eye carer that it is ok. When you sleep you dramatically cut the amount of air reaching your eye (like the rest of your body....it needs oxygen!!). When you wear contacts it further reduces the amount of air reaching your eyes.

Some contacts are designed to increase the amount of air reaching your eyes and SOME people can sleep in these. Even if your contact lens is one of these you should talk to your primary eye carer. They will probably monitor you to make sure your eyes can handle the decreased oxygen.

This is not something you should take into your own hands...one of the possible side effects of lack of oxygen to your eye is blood vessels growing across the clear part of your eye (yuck!!!). Also when wearing a lens extended wear the risk of infection increases by a factor of 5. hope this helps

they will tell you NO
it does depend what kind you have
i have ummmm accu view something or other and i sleep in them for like 45 days in a row
i have horrible sores on my eyes once in a while that would drive ya crazy
i would not suggest doing what i do ..i will be blind or not be able to find a dr to prescribe them any more soon
but couple times a year should be ok

Rae R
Abosultely not. NO CORNEAL ABRASIONS, they are not fun.

I don't have contacts.
But, my friend did at one point.
If you sleep with them in I believe you wake up with sticky eyes.

You can sleep with your contacts in, but it is uncomfortable because I have done it once, and in the morning your eyes hurt. Also when you are sleeping, your body goes through a process call restless eye movement(REM) , and when you get at your peak points witch is about every 2 hours depending on the person, your eyes flutter and you are in a very deep sleep and have your contacts in then could possible damage your eyes and your contacts.

you cant because if you sleep with them you might get like a fungus in your eye,

it depends on which ones u have.

Jareth's Trousers
It depends upon what kind of lenses you have.

Daily wear - you take out.
Extended wear - you can leave in, but even with those you have to give your eyes a break. For instance, weekly lenses you were for a week, and on the last day of your week, you take them out and sleep without.

That being said, there is a lot of debate about this. Your eyes do need to breathe and get moisture, both of which lenses hinder. It seems many doctors have many differing opinions on this these days. I would go by how your eyes feel if you have extended wear.

If you wear daily lenses and fall asleep or wind up overnight somewhere without your case, your eyes will not become damaged. They will be dry, so you will need to get some drops. Just don't make a habit of it!

nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo danger!!!!!

Some of them you can. Check the box. Make sure you have lube drops close by when you wake up.

Angelina N
No. It could be stuck in your eye balls and worse; fall out of your eyes and if the lens are fragile, you will toss and turn and break the lens.

there are some that you can wear like non stop but every once in a while ill wear mine to bed and they are like dry in the morning and they itch and when you take them out my eye like burns cuz its so dry but im sure if you put drops in them before bed then in the morning then before you take them out they would be find but no longer than 48 hours

Georgia Girl
The eye Doctors suggest that you don't.

Depends on what kind. I wear Johnson & Johnson Acuvue & I sleep in mine. You should ask your doctor.

It depends on what kind of contact lenses you have. Some kinds can be worn while sleeping, and some kinds can't. If you have contacts, ask your eye doctor whether it's okay for you to wear them while sleeping.

YOu can, but its not really good for the eyes. I used to sleep with my lenses in all the time. I developed eye ulcers and had all kinds of complications from it. It took about 6 months for everything to heal up. So if you sleep in them occasionally it probably wont be a big problem, but doing it all the time could really hurt your eyes.

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