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 Will i have to get glasses! help please!!!!!!?
so i went to the doctors the other day for my yearly check up. my eyesight was 20/30 in one eye and 20/40 in the other. or 20/40 in both. something like that. anyway, will i need to get glasses. or ...

 How can I change my eye color?
I have brown eyes, I want blue eyes. I don't wanna use contacts, and could surgry help or be painful?...

 Eye color?
what is the color of this eye?
Additional Details
what do you people mean by lighting?...

 What causes the eye pupils to expand and contract?

 My eyes won't stop burning...?
I was making fry bread like a half hour ago and the house got kinda smoky and now my eyes won't stop burning. There's no more smoke in the house, and I already put eye drops in my eyes to ...

 Whats wrong with my eyes?
I went swimming in a pool, without goggles. I opened my eyes under water alot. Then I went into the dark dressing room, and when I can out, everything light had a odd fuzzyish haze around it. This ...

 Do you wear glasses?

 Is it possible that bad eyesight (like shortsightedness) can be inherited?

 What are the consiquences of leaving one day contacts in for two weeks?

 Can a baby get blue eyes if the parent wears blue contacts?
im jus ...

 A man is 35 and a woman is 23, is that bad difference?
My bf is 35 and I'm 23, what do you think about that?...

 How come people have glasses?
A lot of people have glasses, how did they have eye problem, where did they get it from?? I want to prevent from getting glasses! argh!...

 My brother got hit in the eye and he has blurred vision and his eye is red is he in trouble?
hit dirrectily in eye playing on the trampoline he has somewhat blurred vision and his eye is really red and he is in pain of "8" on a scale of 1-10...

 Contacts or Glasses?
Ive got an app on monday to be fitted with a pair of contact lenses. I was just wondering if any one has contacts and what do you think of them? is it a good idea to at least try them. I currently ...

 How Can you In prove your eye vision?

 What age were you when you got contacts...?
(For vision ofcourse)
Additional Details
Thank for your answers...They have been helpful....

 Do you need to have bad eyes to get colored contacts?
i have always wanted hazel eyes but my eyes are perfect.. haha.. do they make non-perscription ones?...

 What Colored Contacts do you suggest?
Hey guys I need your help; I want to change the color of my eyes but I don't know which will work best on my eyes. I get compliments on my eyes all the time but I want to change them out of ...

 Question about contacts?
Hi. I'm 14 and I want to get contacts really badly because-
1) I don't do too many physical things, but I always seem to get hit in the glasses and that sometimes really hurts, and ...

 Omg im sooo scared help!!?
plz help!! i put my glasses in my bookbag yesterday adn through the past day the bag has been on the bus...in my locker...and at schoool...and at home...in a cloaset...and now i cant find the glasses ...

Eye Colour?
Yo, I'm a 14 y/o boy and when I was younger my eyes were like a black kinda brown, however now that I'm getting older they seem lighter when I look at them, my mom has green eyes while my dad had the same black brown colour, my question is, I prefer green can I make them get lighter or is it possible that nature could take its course and lighten them for me?
Additional Details
alright well they have lightened significantly I'm just hoping they keep going, and I'm not gonna use contacts I just prefer my eyes to be light no motive too it, I don't need green eyes to get girls


natasha w
when you stand in light ur eyes change colors!! so stand in the light and see what color then stand in no light and see!! hope it helps$$$

My eyes are hazel, they used to be very brown, but over the years they have lightened, and i have quite alot of green in my eyes now, the green is definately overpowering the brown now, and it just happnened naturally

You can't make your eye colour change.
You can wear contacts.
If your lucky they will change with time.

Danielle K
it will lighten naturally when i was born i had light blue eyes and now naturally i have light brown eyes

Rachel M
No, your eyes always stay the same.

Megan W
if ur takling about trying to impress girls, we dont matter wat color ur eyes are.

skip 2 my lou
Its called contacts.

First L
Eye color involves complicated genetics and multiple alleles. People who have their eye color change always have it naturally, my sister used to switch back and forth from green and hazel. However, depending on the clothes you where you can make it seem lighter or darker because of the light reflecting off them. It won't make much of a difference, but it can make some. I wouldn't worry about it and just let your eyes do whatever they are going to do.

u cant change them they just change!

Anna J
thats an interesting concept. im a 15 yr old girl and i have brown eyes. they are really dark in winter, turn more green in spring, and in summer they are a bright gold color. i think that your eyes change on their own. if u want that color try colored contacts

Christian D
You can get colored contacts. Get your eyeballs died the color of you choice (seriously you can do that) or just let nature take its course.

well for me the color of my eayes deoends on what I wear

Dawn R
sorry the pigment in your eyes are what they are, when you are born the pigment is forming so that is why babies have blue eyes then they turn brown (if that is to be their color) and you cant change that. as you get older they do sometimes lighten but that is usually due to cataracts ect.,,

Ella T
i dont know but yer the nature ^_^

Possibly. Try colored contacts. Even if you don't need glasses you can get them for cosmetic reasons.

***____ //_ \\_____***
i have heard that through some surgery u can get ur eyes color changed..but i bliv that is not so safe ..it could have some side effect u know...

wow, that's pretty awesome. xD well, if you want to change your eye color, just go to your local optometry and get colored contacts. but as you said, your eyes will probably start lightening as your life goes on, so if you wanna stay with that color, then do it. (:

I know you want me to say that they can get light or change in color but I think by this age the eye color that God gave you is the eye color that you're going to have for the rest of your life.

i think that as you get older, the more greener your eyes will be. OR you might be the type of person whose eyes color changes with their mood.. i don't know of any other way to change the color of your eyes besides contacts.

Ask Annie
I see people on here recommending color contacts.
Yes they work but your eyes won't look natural. They'll most likely be this really bright green.

For example these pictures:


Colored contacts

[email protected]
you can't naturally make them green but maybe talk your parents into color contacts or wait and see what color your eyes turn they might turn to be hazel

jusssss mii
no they will only change wuth contacts.... duh

sexy steeler's fan
Um the only thing that you personally can do to make your eyes lighter to to go to your eye doctor and get a script for colored contacts....unless your a wizard and you can magically change them that's all you can do. Now they may change a little on their own, but they shouldn't change by very much.
If you do get colored contacts though don't get them of the web these are illegal, becaus eonly your doctor can perscribe contacts for you even if you have perfect vision because Everone has different shaped eyes...blah blah blah..
hope that answers you question

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