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im jus ...

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 My brother got hit in the eye and he has blurred vision and his eye is red is he in trouble?
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 What age were you when you got contacts...?
(For vision ofcourse)
Additional Details
Thank for your answers...They have been helpful....

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Hi. I'm 14 and I want to get contacts really badly because-
1) I don't do too many physical things, but I always seem to get hit in the glasses and that sometimes really hurts, and ...

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plz help!! i put my glasses in my bookbag yesterday adn through the past day the bag has been on the bus...in my locker...and at schoool...and at home...in a cloaset...and now i cant find the glasses ...

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these are my eyes... they look a bit darker =/

 Are contacts safe for 12 year olds??
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 Should I get contacts? Why or Why not?
I am 13 years old and i want to get contacts. I want to get color contacts but i dont noe if i should. I am mexican but i look a little bit white. Wat color should i get and show i even get color ...

Does anybody get teary eye when you see someone crying?
My eyes seem to get teary when I see someone crying. Why is that? Does it happen to anybody else?

♥ Amberlin ♥
no. u're sensitive...or it's a sickness. more likely the 1st one.

With national media cameras present...Mitt Romney has shed a tear twice in 2 days. Sociopaths have 17 attributes, and tears-on-demand is number 11.



M.A. Diamonds baby
NO, ...but i'll puke if i see someone else puke,.....

i do all the time

Drama Llama
Yep. Seems to happen to a lot of girls.

girls are emotional and guys are rational
u get teary because you are kind hearted

Yes, I don't know why, but my eyes start to burn/sting and they start to tear up, it's weird, but I'm not the only one who does it, a couple of my friends do too.

This is a normal reaction for some people and an involuntary reaction at that. This happens because you are able to feel that person's emotions and identify with their feelings to some extent. Crying is a normal and healthy way of expressing our emotions, if you notice that after crying about something you usually feel better instead of all bottled up/or like you're holding something in that's about to explode.

Crying is more common among women than men primarily because men are conditioned by our society/community to think that crying makes them weak/shows that they are vulnerable. This is why you will see that most men responded "no" to your question.


sometimes it just depends on the situation and what the crying is all about

Yes, if I know what the person is crying about and I think it is tear worthy.

yes it does I think that means ur sensitive or sumthin cause it always hapen to me it dont matter if I dont know the person

if its someone close.
and sometimes if its on TV and stuff.

lol im emotional, i know.

loving life
yeah sometimes or like when someone has something in there eyes or there eyes are watering i do

Maria J
sometimes if I care about them or if I know what they been threw

Thats because you are a good, kind person, compassionate, and care for others. And many times, if is a situation that you went through before, it will make even more sensitive, because you've been there.

If i see someone i care about crying, then yes I do cry. It is only because it pains me to see them hurting.

Yes. It can be sad to see someone crying and that can bother one enough to start tearing themselves. I think it is a very natural thing.

Doc to the Corps
i do but it depends on the situation sometimes i have t ohold it together but when i leave i will let them flow. Im not afraid to let them go. If im with a patient or the family sometimes they need someone strong and sometimes they need to see you are human and can let it go. I know when i had friends in the Military that passed we cried. No shame in my game

Yes, this is pretty much true when i see a MAN crying. I don't even have to know why. maybe because it's so seldom and it's usually something VERY serious...... Girls are a different story though. Girls cry for anything, so i have to be watching a movie or something and know the whole story behind a woman crying to even get misty eyed.

sometimes, anyways it's called empathy

K. F
Sometimes. It depends on what they're crying about.

I used to cry whenever someone else did. However, after working with the elderly and dealing with grief and loss, I've reached a point where my heart cries but my eyes don't. It seems to be more upsetting to the grieving when the social worker starts to cry. I have to remain calm and professional in order to help them through this time. Also, I have had to learn how to box my emotions up because it is exhausting to live that much pain all the time. Sometimes I can't hold it in, though, and will bawl once I get home or even on the drive home.

Never lose your empathy for others.

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