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Ariel B
Does a computer damage your eye sight ?
i sit in front of a computer all day
(i have a LCD screen)

anyways, i blink very often while in front of the screen

do you think it is damaging my eye sight ?
does looking at a computer screen all day damage your eye sight

-i was born nov.12.1989

Brayden W. Potter
When I spend a lot of time on my computers my eyes go bloodshot but that's it.

Hell yeah it does.
Staring at anything that you need ot focus on whether it be a computer screen or a book will screw your eyes up/.

Colin G
im no expert but it just is common sense

yes it does... u should go to an eye doctor to do a test and see if your eyes are okay ... try not to stay too much in front of the computer :P
do some sport for example :)

It can If you are on it a lot. I have gotten where I have to use eyeglasses now. I am on it a lot.

Long periods of close work will put you at risk of myopia.
Two ways to offset this is to take a break every hour or so, to relax the muscles that focus the eye, and the other is to use a weak "+" lens. Go buy a drugstore glasses for like $10 the weakest "reading glasses". +1.25 or +1.0 are common weak strengths. With these, your eyes will be more relaxed at near distance. Then take them off when you get up to do something.


brittany lynn
if you look at the screen for to long and if your to close it can eventually do a little damage but not a severe amount


Yes you can get eye strain and irritation that comes from the fluorescent backlight of LCD screens.

yes it can if you look closely for long amounts of time like a few hours or more and you should take a break every hour to look at something green grass tress and etc

Franko From the Bronx
i have heard alot about rays coming out of the screen and damaging the sight, but i think technology has advanced to overcome that problem, What i am sure is that spending too much time on your computer will cause a decrease in the amout of fluid/tears in your eyes, thus dryness will be the result. blinking is a symptom of dryness. the eye will blink until more fluid processed.

Randy J
yes if u r on all dy it will but not 1 hour a day

❤ƒσxy ℓεε❀
if an eye sight was damaged because of computer monitor, then it'd happen in time.

but you should go and see a doctor to know what stage is your eye sight, with too much computer screen watching or not.

Yes, it can, i ended up with glasses. My optician said it was staring at a computer/tv screen for too long. Though now my eyes have recovered. If you use the computer for work every so often sit back and close your eyes for a few minutes (that is what my optician advised me to do in your situation) oh yes, it damages your eyes ESPECIALLY on a LCD screen.

It isn't healthy to look at it all day. I had an issue with my eyes not getting enough oxygen a few years back, so I have to be very anal about taking them out at night to let them be "free" and "breathe". When you stare at the screen all day, you tend to blink less, and your eyes get dry and can become irriated. As far as making you blind, or making your vision permantly bad, that is doubtful.

I remember back in the day, when I did high volume data entry, in the Army. . . I made up a term, (I think I made it up), I spent a lot of time in front of a crt monitor, and jokingly came up with "cathode ray poisoning". Since you have an LCD monitor you will not suffer from this malady. Maybe you, (and I, now) will get LCD poisoning. Thank you for taking me back.

Take breaks, don't look at the screen constantly. You'll be okay.

It can if you keep looking at it for a long time.
It's good to take some breaks and stay hydrated.

Looking anywhere for hours will strain your eyes making it worse over time


yes and no

for every twenty minutes you sit in front of any screen whether its the tv of computer you should look at an object twenty feet away for ten seconds

this will alleviate strain on your eye
the purpose of it is to adjust your focus to objects far away

i wouldnt say it damages your sight but it can make your eye longer or shorter which causes farsightedness of nearsightedness because of constant focus on a close object

Andy S
it cannot damage your eyesight despite popular belief that it can. there have been numerous research studies about the effects of light on long term eyesight and there is no connection whatsoever.


your eyes aren't meant to look at a screen all day

yes, it does damage your eyesight. doctors recommend that you take a break from the computer every half hour or so and stare at something far away.

computer use can also cause dry eyes, since typically people blink less when staring at a computer. but you may be staring more just because the screen is bright or something.

Staring at a screen whether for watching TV or being on the computer will not cause any damage to your eyesight.
What tends to happen when either reading or watching a screen you blink less.... this makes your eyes dry and irritated. Also the constant focusing on the screen causes strain to your eyes. The glare from computer/TV screens can also bother your eyes and make you light sensitive. All these symptoms are temporary and usually only occur from extended periods of time spent "staring" at computer screens. These does not cause any permanent damage to your vision just temporary eyestrain symptoms such as dry eyes, blurred vision, headaches, photo sensitivity and watery eyes!
If computer screens caused damage to your vision then I should be blind.... lol I only have a mild astigmatism and over the years I have spent my fair share of time on computers for school, work , leisure etc....
Eyesight changes naturally on its own and many people are using computers more and more they tend to place the blame of their eyesight becoming worse on being on the computer too much...
Anyways hope that helps a bit :)

Using computers puts a strain on your eyes.... contributing to the deterioration of your eyesight.

However, there are things that you can do to reduce this strain. These articles give some recommendations:



Hope this helps...

I have been using computers quite often for 25 years. I have a degree in computer science and I am behind them all day long at work and home. Vision is still great at 39. I don't wear any corrective lenses and still have excellent vision. Doubt they will cause a problem.

I don't have any proof that computers damage your eyes, but if I have been sat in front of my computer for a long time, I often end up really straining my eyes and getting headaches, when I wear glasses it's usually ok.
It might be worth getting your eyes tested, particularly since it's not recommended to sit in front of computer screens for extended periods of time. You might find that wearing glasses just while using your computer helps.
Hope this helped

It does if you don;t look away every 15 or 30 min. If you don't it could.

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