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Dee H
Do soft lense contacts hurt the first time you put them on?
They are grey
Soft lense
and i wore them for the first time and it HURT!!
is that normal?

Alanus Aflakyan
Take it from a guy that's been wearing them for almost a decade: Yes; it is normal. Contacts (even soft lenses) always take some getting used to (not to mention a lot of contact solution).

I mean, you are putting a foreign substance into your eyes... It's gonna hurt no matter what it is. ;-)

Just give it some time and practice. Pretty soon it will feeling like you aren't wearing them at all.

No. Your eyes may of just been irritated. Or you could of ripped them which will cause pain (more or less burning) in your eye.

Not usually. Maybe they were inside out. make sure that they are right side in.

Also, it should feel like a little grain of something on my bottom lid. But it isn't supposed to hurt. Also, maybe you had a hair on them. Or maybe you accidentally tore the contact while preparing it for insertion.

I would try with a brand new pair. Make sure that they aren't inside out.

Good luck to you!

It might be the contact lense solution/cleaner that you used. Try using a different brand and if they still bug you, then ask your doctor about it.

Yes..they are going to be alittle uncomfortable until your eyes get used to them.. they shouldnt cause real pain to the point that you cant wear them..if they do go back to the eye doc and see if they were sized right.

hurt, itch and annoy but you get used to them if keep wearing them. but they don't hurt too much are you putting them on properly?

That one scene chic
No it might hurt for the first 10 minutes.
But other than that it isnt normal
Take it out & rinse it with your soluion NOT WATER!!
And make sure the contact isnt inside out

no i don't think so my sister wears contacts and she says it doesn't hurt.

yup they do!!

i had that same problem, it was a trial pair and i think its a tear.

I have had contacts for about 2 years now and they never hurt unless I get something in them or they rip.
and there is no certain side of a soft contact lens to put in first(atleast not with mine) if so, contacts would be a pain in the rear to put in everyday!!
just make sure they are clean, moist and not ripped and you will be fine..

Olivia D
Contact lenses only hurt if you don't put them in properly. So if you put it in right it shouldn't hurt.

I'm Right, You're Wrong
Did you take them out of the box? :P

Baby Gyrl
No i dont think so

They hurt me the first time but only because i was doing it wrong, so i think you may be also.

Head to your optometrist and ask them to show you how to put them in properly. Mine didnt show me at first and i had to go back for a demonstration because i just couldnt do it!

it does take a while to get used to. but just make sure they are not inside out. and also if you have markings on your lenses, like mine has "abc" make sure they are facing the right way. always have clean hands and rinse them thoroughly with saline.

Maybe a little uncomfortable but shouldn't hurt. Call your Doctor you might have the wrong kind or size.

Yes it is normal because your eyes aren't use to them yet.

Sometimes you get little air bubbles under them that will hurt if you don't put them in right. If they hurt take them out and then put them back in. Eventually you will get the hang of it.

no it's not
you shouldn't even be able to feel them
if they hurt it's because they're not the right size and shape for your eyes or because you have something stuck behind them or hadn't washed your hands properly before putting them in so could have put chemicals into your eyes that got stuck behind the lenses

i think they might till u get use to them

I had that happen once. I was wearing the trial pair that the Dr. gave me. From the second I put the right contact in, it irritated my eye. I just figured that I needed to get use to them but it never helped. It wasn't until I took it out later that I noticed a small tear in it. The tear was so tiny that unless you studied the contact it would have never been noticed. Don't know if that's what you're dealing with but it never hurts to check.

If they are upside down they will cause pain -- make sure you didn't flip them backwards. If you are SURE they are in right, use some Moisturizing drops.....they should not be "painful" though.

Flavor Flav!!
Yes. I got contacts on the 27th of Dec. and when I tried to put them in I felt them. Two weeks later I can hardly feel them But if they hurt for a while then take them out and make sure that they are not inside out. Also I would make sure if they are ripped,stretched,dirty, or there is something your eye. Make sure they are clean before you insert them into your eye. Best Of luck!

yes! they will hurt the first few times it will also take a while to put them in the first few times, after a while you wont be able to tell you are wearing them

No they don't. You don't even feel them. The reason why they hurt is because they are in wrong. Take it out and "flip it" the other way. Look at the save of the lens...if the len's corners are pointing out then it's gonna hurt when you put it in. If the len's corners are in and it looks like a bowl...then it's right. ALSO! If you place it in fron of the light and look at it closely, it might have numbers or letters...see that they are correctly in order or in the right writing format ABC of 123...not backwards.

HOpe it helps.

I wear contacts, and the first day I wore them, they were uncomfortable. After about a week or so, you will get used to them. Just be sure to take them out every night and clean them.
Also, make sure you are putting them in the correct eye and the correct way. Drops for your eyes can help for temporary relief.

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