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Do I have a right to be pissed off about this?
I had a 6pm appointment with the eye doc today. I was in the waiting room with another guy who was a walk-in WITHOUT an appointment. Apparently he was waiting for 2 hours since the doc had a lot of appointments today.

Anyways 6:30 rolls around and the doctor takes the walk-in before me and I had an appointment!! Not only was he 30 minutes late for my appointment but he takes a guy who didnt even have an appointment before me! I was extremely pissed. I understand the guy was waiting for a while but isnt that his own fault for not making an appointment?

Would you be pissed about this?
Additional Details
He was there for a regular eye exam like me. He did not have any kind of emergency.

Maxie D
That is a total load of crap and you should find some way to sue the doctor for that. You could probably get away with it.

Richard S
Sue the doctor? Oh my God!! Mate, there was nothing 'wrong' with you. Had you had a genuine complaint, you would have raised it there and then. But you didn't. Live with it.

that guy that cut in front of you was me

yes. but all doctors office's seem to always be behind!

700 up
You can be pissed about anything, just as long as you don't act on in.


Yes, that was absolutely uncalled for and very unprofessional. I would call that doctor and ask him in a calm and polite way why that happened. Then he won't feel attacked and he will either give you a good reason-the guy is his neighbor,,ha ha not good enough, or he will realize his mistake and see that he can't "go over" on you and apologize. Point out the mistake, but keep calm. Everything will work out better that way,..maybe he can offer you a free exam, or contacts, or something else as an apology. He wants to keep customers I'm sure and not lose them. But always speak up! : )

How do you know he was there for a regular appointment?

On the premise that you are correct, gee you waited 30 min and he waited TWO HOURS. That a long time.

But I do understand your frustration.

Also keep in mind it is not the Dr. who makes the appointments its his staff. They do his schedule, so they are at fault not the DR.

Chalk it up this time but if it happens again talk to the staff. No way that guy should have waited 2 hrs either.

Jordan M
Id go berserk, no doubt about it.

i would be mad too, you made the appointment and nothing was seriously wrong with the other guy, you have the right to be pissed! i wouldn't go back to that guy if it were me.

I'm 100% with you, if you made an appointment and he came in after you then it was your turn, I'd be pissed too

Considering his matter wasn't a case of emergency (that you are aware of) I wouldn't be happy either. But there isn't really much you can do.
Maybe when the walk in came in it was quiet and the doc was running in front of schedule, therefore the receptionist may have said it is ok. Once it became behind schedule it is very hard to say to a patient sorry, you can't see the doc now. Then they would be pissed too.

Its a judgement call of the receptionist and sounds like the wrong one was made. Otherwise it is office policy and therefore not the receptionist's fault.......either way it shouldn't have happened really......

Next time if a walk in went before me, I would politely yet assertively ask the receptionist why they went in before me?

yes I'd be mad too...but also you might want to consider your eye doctor...was this an instore clinic like at Walmart or a "real" doctors office.
If it were a real doctors office I'd call back tomorrow to politley complain.
If its a walmart type setting - sometimes ya get what ya get.

Yeah you definitely have the right to be pissed off. I know I would be.

hell yeah you should of start B*tching at him for being such an a*s with you.

I'd be upset over it

Let it go. the guy probably (you say for 2 hrs) waited until the Dr agreed to take him, and while not an emergency, he may have had other reasons, like to get the proper documentation for the DMV, for example. Sad he had to cut in front of you....

That's messed up, me I have an ok with my doctor that I can come in anytime without an appt. But I have to be willing to wait until she can fit me in.


wee all be coolio friends! ツ
Oh ya, i would be pissed! Whats the point of having an appointment if just a stupid walk-in went before you. If you have an appointment it should be at the time it was scheduled! i think you should get your money back (that is, if you had to pay for it)

Absolutely wrong, I would have made such a stink! What's the point of having an appointment then??

Would the doctor be upset if you were to show up an hour late for your appointment? Of course he would. Rude is rude, and I would let him know that you will not be treated in such a discourteous and unprofessional manner.

Man I hope you walked out in disgust, I would have gone home and started shopping for a new one.

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