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Contacts? anys tips of ideas?
um for showering, pools, sleeping?
and personal preferences or tips you have?
all would be welcome
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wow 24 answers!
thats great
thanks for all the help!

Ummm when where how and why?

i have had contacts for 4 years and i have never lost any in the shower or in the pool... as long as you keep your eyes closed.... naps are okay to have them in but sleeping for long periods of time will dry them out and sting when you wake up... also if they fall out of your hands while putting them in or taking them out you don't need to throw them away.. just rinse them off with cleaner... usually they last a little over a month if you use the monthly kind and you'll notice when they start to get blurry... and one last thing... don't mix up the lenses because it might give you a horrible headache and blurry vision... good luck

Candy D
I shower and swim but don't sleep in my contacts : ) and i'm doin just fine so hope that helps : )

Trisha R
I used to sleep with mine in all the time... I have the ones that last for 30 days.. and you don't need to take them out. Ask your optometrist for more info on the contacts.

As for regular contacts, I would say start off small... Leave them in for like 2 hours and then take them out. The first day I got my contacts, I wore them all day and then wondered why I had a splitting headache. I hope this helps.

yeah i wear mine in the shower and pool. I mean people tell you you shouldn't wear them in the pool in case they fall out, but honestly if you don't open your eyes a lot and your contacts are the hard ones that don't really feel all sticky on your fingers when you put them in, then you're fine. I use the soft ones and I have no problems and mine are the ones you can sleep in, but I notice sometimes my eyes turn grey around it so if you plan on leaving them in like you're going to a slumber party plan on wearing your glasses a few days after for a full day for the greyness to go away. Hope this helps! :)

Daily wear contacts are more expensive, but very easy to use. You can wear some contacts overnight, but those kinds tend to irritate your eyes more. I have daily wears which i shower and swim in, and just take them out and throw them away before I go to bed. If you don't get daily wears you can do the same thing, but instead of throwing them away you just put them in solution.

dont sleep with them maybe and u can shower them...not sure never had 1

always bring an eyedrop with you bcauz your eyes will get dry easily and itll hurt ur eyes. take em off bfor you shower, swim or sleep. its not good to sleep with it on.

liz c
daily disposables are miles more comfortable and more hygenic. With monthlies you tend to get infedtions and build up of protein on them. Disposables are great for showering and swimming . I would never recommend you to sleep in contacts.

They are fine 4 wearing in the shower and pool, but if ur in the pool, you might want 2 wear gogles cus my freind said hers floated out of her eye one time, lol
its ok to wear when your sleeping ocasionally, but you shouldnt do it all the time- cus ur eyes will get soar
i luv contacts- way better than glasses!
i'v had contacts 4 2 yrs- fyi

Megan A
I shower,sleep,swim evferything in my contacts and nothing has happend to my eyes yet.

tiny dancerr ♥
well, you should never wear your
contacts when you sleep! unless
you get overnight ones, then it
might be okay. for showering
and for swimming, you should
try not to wear your contacts either.
i used to wear them in the water,
but then my cornea got scratched.
i would recommend taking off your
contacts whenever you go into
water! hope i helped and goodluck =]

I just got contacts, but I can tell u wat my doc said. U should never wear them in the shower or pool (u'll have a chance of them slipping out of ur eyes. And u should also never wear them while sleeping because first of all u can't open ur eyes in the morning because the contacts will be sooooo dry and when u get ur eyes open they will be HUGELY irratated and red.

I luuuuuv my contacts.

i take out my contacts for sleeping but i leave them in for showering and pools but sometimes i get water in my eyes but if you keep them closed it feels better... only like 1 out of 10 times does it fall out from water/crying...

I have contacts. And I wear them in the shower and in the pool. Unless you have special ones for sleeping i wouldnt recommend it cuz they get dry and irritate your eyes.

dont wear your contacts while showering in pools or when sleeping its bad for your eyes

Tilla L
You can shower with your contacts, but watch for soap and shampoo. I once heard that you should not swim with your contacts after you first get them so I would steer away from that. Also with swimming with contacts don't rub your eye to hard or they will roll out and you won't be able to find them in the water. From having contacts for 3 years DON"T sleep with them unless you have the type you can sleep with if not then protein from your eye will build up and they will heavily burn until you change them. Also sleeping with them is really bad in general.

Your eye doctor should've told you that before...but::

For swimming::Don't open your eyes underwater.Put on goggles.
Showering::Take them off Or wear goggles.
Sleeping::Take them off before going to bed.

take them off whern youre gonna shower or go in a pool because they might fall out. and you cant sleep with certain brands of contacts but i dont recommend it because you wake up and its really uncomfortable on your eyes. i think theyre alot of work but theyre worht it if you really want them. oh, and they can get expensive

poojaa :)
don't wear your contacts to sleep, because many people go to the optometrist complaning about red, irritated eyes.
don't use contacts in the pool, or when you shower, because if the water gets in your eyes, it'll dry them out, and ruin them. not to mention hurt your eyes. and the steam from the shower dries them out and you can lose them.

and, when you put them on, make sure your eyelashes don't get in the way :)

Sarah T
they are fine to wear in the shower, if you go in the pool just don't open your eyes underwater or else the contacts will wash out( unless you wear goggles) and its not good to sleep with them in because your eyes need rest.

Bored Enough To Be Here
way more comfortable than once upon a time but still never wear 24 hours, e.g., don't sleep in them. i'm a big fan of clear care cleaning solution, but follow the directions carefully. i don't know what i'd do w/o lenses for swimming/beach activities and hot summer days when my glasses slide down my nose ;-)

also, carry Visine for contacts, and get disposables (daily or 2-week) and if you care for them well you can use them like 2x longer than recommended. still wear glasses occasionally to give your eyes a break.

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