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Contacts Before Glasses?
everytime i look at a paper and then look up at something different i get massive headaches and so i need vision improvement. i really dont want to wear glasses because i dont even like the feel of wearing sunglasses so i know they'll bother me. im fond of putting in contacts as ive watched my friends put theirs in many times. would it be okay if i tried out glasses for a couple weeks then go straight to contacts?
or just start out with contacts?

I went straight to contact lenses and had no bother with them! You get night and day ones that you can even go to sleep without taking them out!!


cant u have to have glasses first for a while then you can have contacts.


Go straight to contacts (although you might need a back-up pair of glasses). I've worn Nite & Day disposables for years, and before that Acuvue disposables. There are dozens of kinds from daily disposables, monthly disposables and traditional ones.

It might take a few days to get used to your new, improved vision but eventually you'll adjust.

go straight to the contacts, there will be no difference, and get acuvue oasys so they don't bother you...but if you want to you can try out the glasses first just to see if you like them because sometimes contacts can be a pain to put in especially if you are in a hurry or if you're impatient.

i like contacts better! but what ever is able to adapt to youre life

To be honest, it doesn't really matter.

Sleepy Dad
contacts are more work but they give you better peripheral vision and are more cosmetically appealing.

Go with contacts. The hardest part about contacts is putting them on the first time and getting use to having something in your eye but that only takes a day or two.

Why would you do that when you have a preference for contacts, you won't be happy with glasses so get contacts.

slushpile reader
you can get bi-focal contacts. you'll still need a backup pair of glasses for the times you want to give your eyeballs a break.

BTW - you do NOT have to wear glasses first! Get a contact lense examination. You can convert that to a glasses script, but not the other way around. Saves time and money.

try both

try wearing both

I think this would be a question for an eye docter when ever you go see one. I wore glasses for 5 years before getting contacts, but yet I am young though. But I hated glasses when I got them, but got used to it.

first try out glasses. see what it feels like, then use contacts like you said. try out glasses for 1 week then change.

~Miss S
It is up to the doctor to decide if contacts would be right for you or not. Not everyone can wear contacts, including me. Have your sunglasses been adjusted? This may help with the comfort issue, if they are not fitting properly you can have problems...even headaches. Just because you have watched your friends put contacts in doesnt mean its going to be that easy for you, especially at first. I would talk to your doctor and tell them you are interested in contacts, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with them so be ready.

Suzy Q!
my cousin went straight to wearing contacts and he said it was fine. if I were you though I would buy glasses because some days your eyes will just hurt so bad. I think going to contacts would be fine for you.

sandra r
no, glasses before contacts :)

Angry Lizzie
Well, i started out with glasses but i was wearing them from a very young age. I didnt start wearing contacts till i was 19. If you feel you can manage going straight to contact lenses then id go for it. they make things allot easier ie wearing makeup, swimming etc

I would recommend getting the daily disposable ones to begin with. I only just switched to 2 week disposable ones last October had been using the daily ones for 10 years before that.

The problem i had when i first started out using contacts was being able to take them out properly, esp if youre a girl with long nails, this can be quite tricky. The optometrist will go over all of this with you when u get them tho.

It is pretty easy when u get the hang of it, i started off taking nearly half an hour to put mine in or take them out, then in a matter of weeks i was doing it in like 5 mins. lol. Good luck xx

i needed glasses in grade 8, and asked my eye doctor a simliar question. He made me start with glasses for the first few months, then i was allowed contacts. It depends on ur eye doctor what he/she will let u do. But to be honest, contacts after a while are a pain, and are really not good for ur eyes

***CoCo BaNaNaS***
well umm i think glasses first then contacts but then it reall dont matter i have both. soif my eyes hurt i wear my glasses other then that its contacts

Ellie 5
I think glasses would be good, so you can get use to better vision, and you can take the glasses off if you need to, then you can switch over to contacts after awhile with glasses.

♥Team Edward♥
its the same thing really but contact help your vision because you dont have to strain your eyes to look through the gap like you do with glasses

Elaine C
Get both that way you can switch it up whenever you please. Might be a bit pricey though.

I got both at the same time. I said I didn't want to wear glasses and the doc said that's fine but that everyone who wears contacts needs a backup of glasses. So you'll be alright. Plenty of people just go straight to contacts- takes some time of getting used to them though. No more than two weeks in most cases.

Unless your eye doctor tells you differently, you should go with glasses first.

And they make glasses that don't have any big frame to them that could annoy you, like sunglasses do.

But I just got contacts and, as many times as I've seen my friends put them in, it is NOT as easy as it looks....but I have super sensitive eyes that I need to train.

Stina Lady
I started out with contacts and eventually got a pair of glasses for back up. Sometimes I wear them and sometimes I wear my contacts. It's really what you are comfortable with.

See an optometrist. Not all people are compatible with contacts.

You really should have a pair of glasses along with your contact lenses. Things happen, lenses tear, you might get an eye infection, etc. If this happens you'll need the glasses for a few days.

Nowadays there are many cute frames. If you shop around for the best deals you can get a few frames and wear them as an accessory-no different than a cute necklace or a nice pair of earrings.

You can go with the contacts if your eye doctor gives the ok but they'll say the same thing-you need at least one pair of glasses as a backup at all times.

Start with glasses and always keep them also. Glasses are very handy if you wake up in the middle of the night and have to get up.

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