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You're in Wal-Mart, buying coffee and poptarts for the morning and you see somebody slip and fall, Do You....?
-Turn and laugh?
-Help them up?
-Walk right over them and pretend you didnt see it?
-Take a picture with your camera phone and send it to all your friends?

[email protected]
I would have to help them up.

depending on if they were elderly or not.. i'd laugh if it was some younger person.
but deff. help them up-it's rude if you don't and contact an employee/ems if needed

Laugh my *** off as I'm helping them up.

help them up

i would turn and laugh then walk away...but if it was and elderly then i would help..but afterwards still laugh

Jackoby231 a
help them cus if you dont thats mean

As a general rule you help them up, because all the other options just show how cruel and uncaring of a person you are, but if you can't help them up you need to get someone to help them.

Right on
Man.........I really like your picture Mr No-It-All.......oh your question.... I would follow them to the Hospital and when they came around...I would give them the evidence... the banana peel
and ask for a reward for being a good citizen.....

"O" Wise One.......knows how to make money

I would help them up. Because that is the kind and cutious thing to do. What would you do?

♫ Mad Luv ♫
i won't lie i would giggle a little.
then i would just go get help from one of the employyes and stay with the person who fell. it would be wrong on my half to lift her up first off i'm only 5' 2" and i don't want to take a chance at getting sued but that won't stop me from helping out...
Mad luv
ps i really hope a lot of people would help!!!

Help them up....

you try and help, if you are not sure whats wrong with the person seek help from someone else asap.

Kalynah K
help them duh!

Derrick T
Help them up, definately!

Make sure they were ok, before laughing...

help them up

help them up then laugh my head off

Turn down the next isle and laugh till I almost pee my pants!

being a paramedic myself I'd definitely help them up then offer them my pop tarts and my coffee :)

I kick 'em in the nuts and take his wallet.

You don't help them up you ask them to stay there for a few minutes and you call an employee. There may need to be an accident report. If it is an old person, they could have broken a hip :(

ronald r
well it depends on the age of the person who falls and if they get hurt. if its a young person and not hurt, then yea laugh your head off.

Help them up what kind of person would just ignore it come on they probably felt embarrassed and felt better when someone helped them. Whats funny about someone hurting themselve?
Ask yourself what would you want people to do if it was you.

Help them up

If that were me that fell i know id want someone to have helped me. Do unto others what you would want do unto you.

whats with hte ******` teeth dude?

help them up and make sure they are ok...

Being that Im a nurse I would have to help. See if they are ok atleast.

Help them up of course or call for help if they are hurt real bad.



I'm a nurse and helping people is what I studied in college....concussions aren't funny things to joke about ..find better questions to post

Can I take the picture, then go help them? Actually, I am a very nice person. I would help them up or seek medical attention if they required.

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