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Will you please pray for me?
I suffer from depression, insecurity and feelings of inferiority. I have few friends and even my marriage is unfulfilling. I pray also, but could you too? Thanks.
Additional Details
I'm sorry to hear about those of you who also deal with depression. Your prayers and kind words have really helped me. I pray and believe God will bless you all.

Jimmy N -

I just prayed for you. IM me if you want anytime.

of course.. I'll be sure to do that.

smile please
ill be ur friend i love having more friends
email me

and ill pray for u

you're in my prayers

Sure thing, are you involved in a church? i mean thats what the church is for to help and support fellow believers as well as non-believers.

Yes I will, and trust God, HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU! God bless

Those who know their God will put their trust in Him.Continue to pray and surrender everything to Him.He'll see you through.

I say my prayers every night and morning. You are now top of my list.

God Bless

May God be with you.

Alaska Boi
yes il pray for you mate :)

You sound very unhappy. I can relate to your feelings of depression and insecurity also. I really hope you feel better soon.

gina j
i will pray for you God Bless

Yes I will! I will also pray for you to have angels to lift up your spirits. I Belive in angels!!!!

fact checker

jock tamsin
not sure about praying to another world for happiness in this one.There is a good chance we only have one life and it sounds like urs isn't how you want it. You are a powerful human and you can make changes, maybe you could try n get of comp, join a group n hopefully make new friends, do anything you enjoy or remembered enjoying. And possibly review the marriage- wishing you all the best in your journey.

Yes i will pray for you. God bless you and God be with you and help seek you through your bad and awful times in life.

*Trinity* *Tallulah*
Yes i will pray.....hang on in there.....wait for Him to help you...

Get used to being human.

No I won't waste my time praying for you and neither should you.

Your religion and God belief are at the base of your problems, get real and do what you can here and now, with or without help from others instead of hoping for divine intervention.

Look at history and the world around you, not much evidence of any god help.

He will and does fail everybody on a daily basis, but hey, if you're God it really isn't your problem.

Yes I will pray which is always the first and the best answer. Please do not be afraid to seek help for your depression from the clergy (priest etc)and seek out a good therapist.

God Bless and Keep you

I will pray for you, but don't forget that god helps those that help themselves

i promise tonight before i go to sleep i will say a prayer for you

I sure will, but are you getting help for it? Maybe it is something simple that can be fixed.... There is so much that can be done for depression today..... I hope you feel better real soon....

I loathe YH answers
Job done, you are not alone, good luck.

Whenever you're sad or depressed, there is always someone that is out there thinking of u- we humans touch the lives of others in so many ways without even knowing it. Just by looking and smiling at someone can make them feel good, we then remember this moment and the person who smiled at us, for a very long time. So keep it in mind that you're never alone, you're always in someone else's thoughts...

i hope u feel much better, try going out and looking at the bright side of life, there is always a reason for u to be grateful...you have a life, thats all that matters..please dont waste it being depressed..after all u have this one life to live.

I will have u in my thoughts and Insha'Allah ( God willing ) i'll think of u in my prayers.

Yes ! i hope that the large number of people who answered your question will make you see that there are a lot of people who care about you! Hope you feel better and more secure!! lots of hugs!

Of course I will pray for you. I speak the peace and love of God into your situation right now. The word of God says that He will keep those in perfect peace whose minds are stayed on Him. Bless you in Jesus Name

GOD is the answer friend! I too have suffered for years with Major Depressive Disorder...I listen to lots of christian radio and pray, pray, pray. I do believe that some folks need medication also; if you can't feel better on your own please don't hesitate to see your doctor.
Have you heard of Dr. Minirth? He's been helping people for years with depressive disorders. Look up his web site. And he has said that now they can 'see' on pet scans how depression and other disorders are affecting people's brains! So depression is real and deserves special attention as any other disease.
Trust God for the answer to attend to your particular depression. You are in my prayers!

awwww of course xxx i pray 4 d whole world already neway :)

gary w
I feel your pain. You got your prayer.

Sean Meyler
I was once suffering from depression, but then i went on holiday to LONDON, and I got all better, I moved, and I have never felt sad since. LONDON is the best place in the world.

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