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Jes S
Will u read my poem?
i came into this world screaming
by age 17 the fight is gone

i want it to end
with every hit i take
it gets harder to remember who i really am

thinking back to how i was
i dont know where i messed up
but i cant erase what ive done

i smile when i want to scream
im good to everyone except myself

i look down and see what i have done
i know my scars will never fad
neither will my pain

i want you to quit staring at me
you dont who i am
or what ive done

i want it to over
a time say good bye

i wrote this in 5 min
what do u think of it

Jason C
It's awesome for 5 minutes.
Sounds depressing.
At least you aren't physically hurting yourself.
(Or at least I hope not)
Poetry, Music, and Art in general are great ways to relax.

It has powerful and dark themes, however the word choice could use work. It is a poem... be poetic. Let the words flow.

wow in five minutes?
its pretty good i guess

Sylvia C
I found your poem interesting but it concerns me. Are you talking about you're own personal life if you are please talk to someone - anyone who will listen to you a friend, teacher, counsulor or you're doctor. It could be all you will need is some meds for depression to start feeling better about yourself but do it as soon as possible for you're sake.
I can only hope that you're poem is not from personal experience because you seem to have a talent but either way don't ignore it. Take care

Very good poem put it in a book

I know daa Muffin Man. :]
its great! good work for just 5 minutes! dont listen to the second answer i think its great

well, uh, it's pretty good for 5 minutes. lol. i liked it though

Juan L
Its sad and emotional, but its good to share your feelings, and people shouldnt cut themselves, it just leads to pain

good poem
y r u asking us though?

Good, good. Probably the best English poem I've ever seen. 'Cause I'm not an English, I don't have any racial comments.

it is deep.. just dont share the five min part. a poem like that sounds like it took a lot f time and feelings, but overall awesome!!

Dennis M
I think you have issues with cutting yourself from some kind of depression your in, please get some help no one should feel that way.

i think that its good but you should check some of the spelling.
and i think that you have true potential

Real good I like it.

i write poetry myself and i think this is really good

Hmm, I like it. It really relates to me and my past, and how I messed up badly at a point in life so I understand it well. By any chance does it relate to yourself?

mf mf mf mf mf fmf mf mfmfmfmfmf
it expresses your inner feelings and concerns, if it is a relief for u then good


Take A Breath
This is a good poem.

♥ Gina ♥
5 mins? wow this is a great poem.... u used to love to write poems still do.... if u can write that good of a poem in 5 mins just think how good a poem u could make in an hour, day, ect....

Horrible sad and a few missing words, read it aloud. For instance: you dont who i am?

5 out of 10

The lack of capital letters really expresses your raw unjust emotions of anger and anticipation.

... Or it just further proves that you wrote it in five minutes.

"will u read my poem?"
"i want you to quit staring at me"
~You really crave attention, but you dont want people starting at you like your weird. You want them praising you or feeling bad for you.

Sorry, bad poem I am not going to lie like everyone else did. I am suprised it even took you 5 minutes to write that, no offense. Sounds like a cry for help, someone should call the police and have them trace the account to your house. Then they can take you away and evaluate you / Admit into a mental hospital.

A little too complain-y and straight-forward for me. There are no illusions, no analogies, nothing. It sounds like you're just talking to someone and separated some of the sentences by making them into stanzas. Not my cup of tea, maybe you should spend a little more time than 5 minutes and stop trying to get people to say how talented you are for writing something so 'deep' so 'fast'. Maybe you should take those five minutes and put it towards writing something great instead of something sub-par that every teenager on the block could create.

Writing free verse is like playing tennis with the net down.
-Robert Frost

Gawaine R
You want to draw attention to yourself by screaming but you don't want people to stare at you. There's a bit of a split here in your desires - it might be good to contemplate what it is that you really want. Every teen thinks her pain will never fade. Pain can be stubborn, but it's not eternal. The poem is certainly very emotional and direct - it's a good way to express yourself, so keep on writing.

It sounds like a desperate cry for help. I hope it wasn't from your own personal experience. The writing is good, but it made me feel sick that someone would just quit on themselves by trying to commit suicide. Theres 1-800 numbers out there you can call.

its ok... its normal. It's ok for a 5 minute poem i guess. Nothing special though

sounds almost emo.

That One Guy
I PERSONALLY think its pretty Emo, but yeah overall good

Dreamer with a Voice!
This is one of the most beautiful poems i have ever read! So sad though! Please tell me it's not true!

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