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Why should I stop cutting?
I do not understand, why should I stop cutting myself? Everyone deals with stress in different ways, and cutting is how I deal with mine. I have never cut deep and I have been doing this for about 5 years now and I do not understand why everyone gets so upset over it. It could be worse, it's not like I'm doing drugs or am an alcoholic. A friend just recently begged me to promise him that i would stop. But I can't make promises I know I can't keep, I told him this and he just got upset with me. He said that for every time he finds out I cut myself, he will cut himself and see if that will get me to stop. Problem is, I don't WANT to stop, Don't know why I should. I can't stop if I do not want to. Why should I?
Additional Details
BTW I'm 20 and really take offense to being called emo. Not everyone who cuts is emo.

First, get help with depression. If you're cutting, you're depressed, not stressed. Although you probably focus on the pain from the cuts, after they heal, you'll probably be depressed again. Schedule an appointment with a therapist for yourself.

you need to find something that helps you with the stress that is not harmful--cutting can lead to infection or worse--it doesn't have to be a deep cut either...there are groups and forums of people who have recovered from this--do alittle research and try if you are really wanting to stop--it would be the best thing for you.

i cut...well used to. untill i got help. i think u need to stop becuz of the scares, ur just takin inside pain and making it outside cuz u feel u can handle that better! u might kill urself (a) or (b) u might damage muscles so u could loss u feelings in ur arms or legs (or where ever u choose to cut) talk to a doc or a concelar...i no ur like y but just trust me i know what i am talkin about!!! i might b 16 but i have been threw sum sh*t! i can help u if u need it!

Cutting yourself is not only hurting you physically, but even more emotionally and mentally. It is a temporary fix.You will have scars in the future & people will/might see them, and think wrong of you. If you don't want your friend to cut himself, you should probably stop. Maybe you should go see a doctor, or research up on the internet on methods to help you stop this and find healthier ways to deal with stress & whatever other reason you cut yourself. Think about what you're doing to yourself the next time you go to cut yourself. Good luck, and I hope I helped. Here is a helpful site to look at. Stay healthy.

- http://www.wikihow.com/Stop-Cutting-Yourself

Bravo for not making that promise. That rocks. Cutting and SI (self injury) is very effective, and to be truthful, I haven't found anything as effective and immediate as the relief of cutting. This is starting out really bad isn't it? If this cutting or hiding it becomes bothersome or shameful, i would try to talk to a therapist. It's a pretty common thing. If they are any good, they will help you find things that work for you, ways to cope with stuff. Oh, and for your friend's sake I would just tell him it won't do any good to cut himself. I just laughed when my friend said that to me. oh, and give up the emo thing. they will only bug you if you let them. BTW, if the pain itself is a motivating force and not just the relief, you could always try looking into BDSM (you little masochist you) : )

there are plently of healthy ways to deal with stress - stand in the middle of a field and yell - find something you like to do an activity and no cutting doesnt count - and go do that when your stressed. you need to try to focus on what amkes you not stressed and what makes you happy go for that and you wont have as much

I think you should stop because it's not healthy believe me i have a friend who does it and she has just recently stopped and when she sees her scars she always feels disgusted with her self now she wants to try other things cutting and self harm always leads to worse things and if you don't stop then thats your choice but you asked and there is other ways to deal with stress you can get a hobbie or get a cat or something or you can go to a theripest believe me it helps i when to one and i have felt better ever sense i haven't cut my self but i was close to it.

You should stop cutting yourself because it is harming your body and you can get infections and disease. Even if you aren't cutting that deep infection could still happen, and people die from infections that enter through the blood stream. Cutting also messes up your skin. Do you really wont to be covered in scars? There are other ways to deal with stress without harming your body and others around you. Stress balls, talking it out, etc. Don't cut yourself.

"Cuts can become infected if a person uses nonsterile or dirty cutting instruments — razors, scissors, pins, or even the sharp edge of the tab on a can of soda."

Actually, you do do drugs (alcohol is a drug too, by the way).

Your friend should understand that his cutting himself does not help you in any way. It could only make you feel guilty, to cope with which you might resort to more cutting.

Cutting works as follows. By causing yourself such intense pain, you make your body release endorphins (endogenous morphines, that is, forms of Morphine produced internally, in your own body). These then soothe the pain from the cuts, but *also* any emotional pain you might have. Addiction to cutting is essentially addiction to these endorphins.

you can kill yourself!! duhh i mean you should seriously stop i mean hasnt anyone ever talked to you like in school or at home about this stuff. i mean im sorry but thats a stupid way to deal with "stress". you probably have depression. go to doctor talk about it with them or start going to therapy, they can really help you with any problems that you have and they are legally not allowed to tell anyone what you guys have talked about. so please get help.

its self mutilation and an improper way to deal with stress. ask your doctor and he will say its unhealthy. usually when someone cuts himself it is evidence of deeper problems in his life...

Cutting is in NO way going to help any given situation. You should apply your thoughts to a positive lasting solution. Decide/Choose to
change your mind and open your mind to something new. You have no idea what is out there for YOU ! A great life and future if you want it.
No one can fulfill your own purpose you are put on this earth to do and be. Only you can be that person you are created to be ! And it is not to sit around and cut yourself. Your purpose is much larger than that.

Listen to CD's that offer positive thoughts and a path to a successful and happy lifetime. You can change this pattern if you ever make a choice to do so. If you do, you will find a lasting peace and happiness for your life. Until you search out ways and means to grow in your emotions, you will be stuck and never mature to a happy life.
Check out this website and order these personalized books , with your name throughout the book. Written to and for you alone! They will change your life forever! Not like anything else you have ever seen before and is easy . It's like " change your thoughts and change the world around you" ! It's worth every minute you spend searching this out and ordering. Don't wait, get help today. You'll see what I'm saying is true. Try it and see what happens to you!

Book: POWERFUL ATTITUDES by Michael Murphy 2007

Yeah, everyone deals with stress in different ways, mostly healthy ones. Cutting is not a healthy way to deal with stress. Speaking from personal experience, people who cut also tend to be depressed and are often suicidal (or think a lot about it). If this sounds like you, seeking out help is a great idea.

Your friend sounds like he really cares about you. Listen to him. There are other ways to deal with stress... take up yoga, go running (running actually helped me!) or take up a sport.

Listen I know where you are coming from....cutting yourself is only a distraction from a deeper pain. When you cut yourself u get a feeling of relief and then sadness. That is called re-directing your pain...understand that if you do not fix this deep pain inside of you then you will always cut yourself or worse. It solves nothing. U are frustrated that know one or someone special is not understanding u. U need some time....When u feel the need to cut..Wrie instead...all of those emotions that you want to get out. Trust me sweety by cutting yourself on the outside...does not take care of what you need on the inside.
I wish the best for you.

Michala S
its self mutilating..its just wrong. for all i care keep doing..but you shouldnt hurt yourself get help

you could just take anti depressants and/or anxiety medication, probably a better addiction than cutting your skin to where no one will ever want to look at you.

Don't stop then. Your body, your choice

Because it's not a healthy way to deal with stress! You're one notch off hun and need mental help!

Charlie M
It seems like u have an addiction to cutting yourself. Try to find a better way of dealing with your stress. I'd rather someone to smoke weed rather than cut themselves.

i would stop because you can kill yourself. your friends love you and they want to see you in 10 years at a high school reunion not at a funeral. also it can put scars on you and it will be very difficult to get rid of them. try using a rubber band and snap it on your wrist instead of cutting.

JøÑå†HåÑ G
People worry about your health, for example, what if you miss and hit an artery, bam, instant fatality/hospital visit.

The question is WHY you cut yourself and why you like it. Is the stress that big that you'd hurt yourself? Isn't there a better, more safer of dealing with this stress? Your friend is wrong of begging you because only YOU can stop it and he shouldn't be involving himself. But, just remember that he cares about you and he's just trying to help.

☮, ♥, ☉☉, & ☺
You need some serious help, before you kill yourself or die of infection. Seriously.

Katelin W
It sounds like you need to talk to someone (i.e. therapist, etc.). What you are going through is more than you can handle on your own. Cutting is a form of self mutilation. It is not a safe or appropriate way to be comforting yourself. You need to learn how to deal with your emotions in a more productive, less harmful way.

June C
He's just scared that your hurting yourself more than you should. Only a true friend that loved you would cut themselves to make you stop from doing it. Listen with your heart at what he's trying to tell you...it will help later on. Because...i use to cut myself also. And listen, it's not all good. I could've died I cut myself soo deep once of stress over a test..don't let it get bad. I have all these scars to remember it by and now, i'm a new person. these scars are what i WAS...not what i am NOW.

Cutting can well.. Kill you.

I mean, your losing a lot of blood, blood you need.
And mentally, your just gone.

No offense, you should really tell your parents, or see a doctor. They will help you. Trust me, you don't want to cut yourself.

Because it will be hard to get a decent job in life trying to hide the marks on your arms.

Nurse Betty
You don't want to get an infection do you?

And I am sure that the people around you don't want to see you hurting yourself dear. It really is not healthy, but you know that right?

Good luck

Cause ten years from now you will be disgusted by your scars

Your gonna regret cutting yourself later in life and you will never loose the scars that remind you of that time. True, cutting yourself is better than drinking and drugs, but no one says that you have to handle stress by cutting, drinking or doing drugs. There are easier ways. You are putting yourself and your friend at risk. He obviously cares about you a whole lot and nobody wants to see a loved one purposly hurt themselves. You will have to stop sometime and now would be a good time to do that. I hope this helps.

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