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Why is this happening?
i don't want to eat anymore. i don't want to sleep. i don't want to take care of myself. its like I'm embarrassed to eat or sleep. there are so many people around the world that are dying of hunger. people that don't have time to sleep. people that don't know what comfort is. and i feel guilty. i feel so guilty because i cant reach them. i cant eat dinner without thinking about them. i dont know what to do. i wish i could just stop being human in a way. there are so many people that need me to help them. doesnt it seem wrong to want to help myself before them? i live in a small american town with absolutely no connection with those people that i know are out there. and its killing me everyday.
Additional Details
i really want to go to africa and help these people. i know that donating is a good thing.. but its not enough for me. i need to be there helping the. the problem is that im not even done with high school yet. i would like to finish early and get into medical school so that i can also go and be a doctor. but it seams like everything is going so slow! i dont really have much money right now. i feel like i cant possibly wait so long while so many people are dying all around me.

you sound depressed , id say get some help talk to someoen you trust :D and you ahve to eat love !!! if you really really want to help why not adopt some children in a 3rd world country ! its like a buck a day , and you can communicate with them its actually very very satisfiing i have been there my self , and i adopted 8 chldren 4 in colombia , and 4 throughout africa ! you get to put food in there tummy and roofs over there heads and put them in school !!! and you can also do a thing where you pay 50 bucks and they buy a goat for a small town for the whole town and they use it for milk , an or they put in a well for water !! you could get a job at a volenter like the suicide hotline and help save lives . but first and foremost take care of your self love ! EAT sleep , bath , :P i know it gets hard at times but know you only have this life right now to remember ! and then you move on and forget :)
so make the best .

Ramon S
dedicate yourself to helping people, that way you have a reason to live

you are not a bad person you just seem very giving and that is OK. You have a big heart to want to send all those people food. Sometimes it is really hard to help out those who need it more then us. you should try to be happy with what you got and try to start a group in your community to help those people.

Jennifer A
I think you are suffering from depression. I would really consider seeing a doctor. It will help you to atleast talk about it to someone who knows more about it.

Yagami Takaishi
Hi there. Look you are developing a anxiety. If it started fairly recently than try to connect what triggered it. YOu need to get professional help while you are in this stage ot it. No matter what it takes, get help now!

Your fear and guilt is irrational. You are not responsible for the worlds hunger problem just because you have food to eat and cant get it to those that are hungry. I also wish there was a way to do it and feel bad when I have to throw away food.
The truth is there has always been hunger in the world and may be for a very long time. You alone cannot solve the problem and you cannot solve it by hurting yourself.
Everyone has the right to live happily and that includes you. Just because you live in a country where most have plenty to eat, does not mean that you did anything wrong. You did not. You are lucky and perhaps God has a purpose for your compassion for others. Don't be overboard about it. If you want to help others, start by helping yourself get healthy both physically and mentally. Then when you are, you can start food bank programs, donate a few dollars a week to a food bank or Feed the Children program. You can also work on starting a web to get others to do the same and volunteer for an organization such as feed the children.
Making yourself sick is not going to help any one of those people. Don't take your gift of compassion and just throw it away. Do something about it. Start by eating , sleeping and being healthy. It certainly does not seem wrong to help yourself before others at times. We do help others when we help ourselves because without our health, we cannot do anything for others. YOu are not doing them any good by not sleeping or eating. YOu cannot reach them all but you can make a difference by doing your bit. If each person in the US donated a dollar or two, there would be no hunger. Start a program. See what you can do.

Get help for yourself and be good to yourself. The Bible says that God wants us to be happy. He gave us life and wants us to be joyfull as well as helping others. Take care of yourself and accept that you have just as much right to live and be happy as anyone else, including the poor. Work for them by doing for yourself. Then go on, help others with your great love.You cannot love or do for others until you can love and do for yourself! God bless and good luck to you child.

if u don't keep yourself healthy and go to work etc how can u send money over to these poor people.

George L
liberals, I blame them for everything

This has also happened to other people,so u r not the only one. But you MUST understand that you cannot Possibly help everyone!! These are some of the things you can do that may help you with this problem:
1.See a psychatrist or psychologist
2.There is a program where you can "adopt" a hungry child(or family or village if u have enough money) and pay for their food each day so they don't go hungry
3.There are some programs you can donate to to feed the hungry.
PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT feel guilty!!its not your fault AT ALL that there are hungry people! Please please start eating and sleeping!!

you sound depressed go talk to your doc , get meds, and talk to a psych.

Hillary H
You should first of all remember that putting yourself in their position (not having food, going hungry) can't help anyone in any way.

Consider sponsoring a child in a third world country. For a small amount each month, you can help a child eat. Also, I find I feel a lot better when I donate canned goods, funds for starving nations, and my time volunteering. I volunteer at homeless shelters, and at organizations that gather donations (money and food alike) and send them to less fortunate areas.

There are many things you can do to help these people, without starving yourself. Because remember, one more starving person (you) won't help those other people.

sarah d
just be lucky that you aren't one of those people, and be thankful for what you have, there's no point in punishing yourself when you don't have to

You seem like a very compassionate person, don't blame yourself for the horror in the world. If you truly feel like this you can help with many Charities.

Well you are very confused. You are assuming many false things. That is why you are suffering. First what is the purpose of life? Why are we here? Does not everyone die? There is a purpose for suffering. but you do not know it.

What you should figure out is that people are not here to just have a nice comfortable life and die. You are not happy and neither are they. But there is a way to be happy and there is a purpose fo your existence but you do not know it. See article on site below and learn what you are and why you exist. Or suffer in your confusion. This suffering is in between your 2 ears (in your head).

See a consoler, (a shrink) It will help you ALOT. Trust me : ) you may be suffering from depression, but i am not sure.
Hope I helped, good luck : )

i think you're a really good person who needs to understand that donating and going on mission trips will help them and you could start a charity fund to help as well but you need to eat and sleep if you don't you could die! and then you wouldn't be in the world to help these people i think a lot of people look up to you because of how helpfl you are!

nan geurdnu are
you are under no responsibility to 'save the world'. that's just another one of the ways THEY lay a guilt trip on you to make you feel like your life is meaningless to make you want to suffer because THEY want you to suffer. But WE, the human race, need YOU to get a hold of yourself and start to want to live and to love and to make your life good and strong and beautiful so that the energy of your living and loving will help create the conditions for love to triumph over the darkness and hatred trying to divide, conquer and destroy humanity and the world. the world isn't the battlefield, YOU are. fight for your Self! we all have to.

you sound like you are suffering from a typical case of liberal guilt. Liberalism in its most extreme form is a mental disorder becuase you lose touch with reality and what is logical. As in Chinese medicine your sorter is off. You are unable to distinguish between what is a realistic concern and what is somthing you have no control over. that is why liberals are always so screwed up and on meds and bi polar etc. because they live in a distorted reality. That is why Liberals don't want America to have borders or people to be wealthy, because they live in a distorted utopian reality.

You need to change your liberalism and understand what true conservative principles and you will feel a lot better. And don't confuse a conservative with a republican.

Safi S
Depression associated with loneliness and psychosocial deprivation. Take antidepressant and increase your social activities.

yes I heard about a man in Belfast who starved himself, because of what he believed in. I see your concerns regarding the people out their in Africa with no food.
In order for you to go and help people, you have to help yourself, so please eat.
If you are sopassionate about this get out of your small town in America and go and help these people. There are loads of people who need your help, you can go and help.
At least you know what you have I cant believe the last week on yahoo answers their was a girl crying because she didnt like the color of the car her Dad bought her can you believe that!

you sounds well dude... there are many people in the world doesn't have a necessary items like food, clothing and shelter. i dont want to say its their fate and they have to live like that... but we should do our part of saving them.... for that we should live for long time isn't it..?

if you're rich or not, try to donate a part from your money to the people who doesn't have necessary things... or else you can donate to trusts..

don't worry and leave things to god...


Your ancestors fought wars and went through a lot of hardship so that you could have a more comfortable life.
Don't let their efforts be wasted.

You'll feel guilty for getting/wanting/needing treatment, because you feel like you don't deserve, you sound depressed - because you see so many things wrong in the world but you can not fix that in your current state.

There are simply too many people out there, but you can make a difference; everyone can. You may not be able to help them but giving money to a charity - a single dollar can mean life or death to someone you'll never know - it may ease your conscious a bit. I know I do it, leaves me with barely enough money to live from..

It's so sad how people can be completely involved with themselves, their money, their cars and trinkets: remember that you are not one of them because you care.

I believe in compassion, just knowing someone out there cares makes a difference, it creates hope. Link to an organization that believes in the power of one persons ability to change the world for better http://www.onemen.org/nl/1647-UK.html

If you do not pace yourself, not only will you not help anyone, but you will burn out and not care about anyone.

I used to be alot like you.

Now I am a sound believer in helping those to help themselves.

I pick up the fight for the ones that cannot speak for themselves or help themselves (like children).

I do not know your religious affiliation but I do know everything good and bad happens for a reason. Perhaps you are in a good position in life to help the ones you can.

I always wondered why God made my wonderful father so chronically ill. I feel that it made him grow on the inside. What my dad taught me is in my heart forever.

Heather Oster
You can never help everyone all at once. But what you can do to feel better is always donate. Every so often donate money to Hunger Organizations, donate to charity, donate clothes and shoes to bins near your local stores. There are so MANY ways you can make a difference to help ease your mind. It gets better for others everyday.

When you were born, your parents worked hard to support you and feed you, as you grew you took care of your own self. So why are you punishing yourself for your hard work? People have to work for themselves too and if one isn't as successful as you they will get there.

If you don't eat, if you don't sleep, if you don't take care of yourself, and you die, there will be one less person to help me and a million other Americans to help fight Hunger deprived people. If you don't take care of yourself...how can you possible help another person?

I think its time you mentally turn this around and take care of yourself so you can help me along with many others help care for other people.

Edit: How can you still do all that if you still take poor care of yourself? Cant you see that? Don't you understand that for you to do that you have to work for it. if i was in your shoes id be learning, eating, sleeping, taking care of myself so i can focus on school and passing all my classes and function so i can go to college and be a doctor. If you don't eat or sleep you cant get that far. It all starts with you, you make an impact but how can a person who wants to be a doctor be a doctor if she cant take care of her own self? Ironically whats killing them is killing you. They starve and they don't sleep well, and neither do you, you obviously don't want to die with them if you want to help them. Help yourself or you seriously wont get anywhere.

Start eating & sleeping, this way you will help yourself. Also you may see things a little more clearly. Take care of yourself first if you expect to help anyone else in the right way.

you can't help anyone unless you help yourself first. how would you have the energy to help if you haven't slept or eaten. it is like on an airplane when they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before you help someone else with theirs. if you pass out from lack of oxygen before you get their mask on how are either of you supposed to survive. it does sound like you are suffering from some sort of anxiety problem though and it may be helpful to talk to your doctor about what is going on. it is not normal to have so much guilt in life that it stops you from living. please talk to someone who can help you.

You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. If you really want to help others, look up some resources where you could volunteer your services to help others. It is very rewarding and makes you feel good about yourself. You cant of course help everyone but nobody can. You are not a superhero. Concentrate on keeping yourself healthy first and then on helping others. You cant help if you are not well.

Aria T
The truth is, you can't possibly help everyone, and it is not your job alone to help the whole world. You sound like you are a kind and caring person, so what good are you to the world if you cannot function because you are tired and hungry? Take care of yourself, and dedicate your life to BOTH yourself and the poor of the world. You may not be able to reach them directly, but the Red Cross and other similar organizations always need some financial help.

This may not just be a thought process, it could be depression. Without food and sleep you die, so talk to a therapist, doctor, or try a friend.

Empathy. You have Empathy for the 'Global Villeage' and recognize that even though you are in a small town in America, there are far too many people who have Nothing !
But, if you see the imbalance, the solution is not for you to be "sick" with them ---- you can not help anyone if you are not well --- and so make the commitment that you too are worth a civilizied life with the necessecities and nice homey things --- the answer is not to feel guilty that you are blessed
the answer is rise up and take root of the cause, if this is your pain, then it must be a passion for your fellow man
an attitude of "ill show them"
and then starving yourself because 'they' don't "have"
isn't furthering the cause -----
if you want to change the economic status of the world that it be more equatable, then you must be strong to go against the tide of coorporate greed and consumerisism.
There is a real economic reason that we shamefully have the poor, and the really oppressed poor and that reason is simple, the majority of the wealthy world wants it exactly as it is and where it is.
So find a voice and a platform, not a cop out like "there dying, so I will too "--- remember; to whom much is given, much is expected.
You have been given to excessively, now go and do something positive with all that passion and persistance, go and change the world you live in.. We only have to clean up our corner of it ---- soon it would be clean and fair and equal. for everyone, it is possible, but only if you are a part of itl

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