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Why is being molested such a big deal?
im not trying to minimize the issue but undertsand why it affects people so much, i'm 18 and have been molested by 5 diffrent people in the last 5 years, 3 in the last 2 months and it just keeps happening and it hurts so much, everyone says get over it but its not that easy, and it bothers me that i cant just move on, it ruined my last relationship with my boyfriend plus i dont know how im ever gonna get married or trust a guy, i hate it why me?
Additional Details
first of all im in therapy- which isnt really helping
second, i know its a big deal, its done so much to me just society tells me its not
and its still happening even though im 18 with attempeted date-rapes and cab-drivers pulling me on their laps and stuff

I would seek out some therapy, they can really help you mentally overcome such ordeals. Don't worry about what other people say, people heal at different rates, and molestation isn't something people can just get over. It affects us for years later psychologically and sometimes psychically. I am sorry to hear about your past situations, but my best advice is to stay strong and find yourself again.

Good Luck!

Have you bothered reporting any of these molestations ? That would be a start ! Then you should seek counseling !

I really think it would be best if you got therapy. It can be a tough thing for someone to deal with and you will most likely not heal on your own.

Your question and details are definitely conflicting. It is a big deal and some people deal with it differently. You definitely need some counseling/therapy. I don't understand why you're 18 and still being molested. By who? Get some help fast because this could definitely affect your future relationships because you can't cope with it.

This problem has to stop immediately. You can't, as people say "just move on." Molestation is such a big deal because of what you are dealing with. It destroys the very foundation that is supposed to develop in a child. Foundations of true love, trust, confidence, security, etc. It takes more than a person "getting over it" to handle. Counseling from a trained professional is vital. If you are shy about talking to someone in person check out the sites located below. I hope this helps. And remember, it is not the fault of the victim that this happens. There is no excuse for rape and molestation, ever! A person going through this needs help to realize they are not a bad person because of this. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

As you can see it is a big deal because it ruins people lifes! just as it did to you. You should seek help, talk to psychologists, start of GP who can transfer you. You should also get help to stop this!!! talk to someone who you can trust! people who say just get over it are not even worth arent willing to help you! put a STOP to this asap othervise you re right , you will never be able to get a relationship and eventually marry unless you stop it right there!

Your an adult..How do yo get molested? Move out and get your own place and lock your doors. It's just hard to believe an 18 yr old can't do anything about it..


Yes i can imagine it must be extremely hard and no i cannot imagine it being easy to get over.

You have to remember that if you are in a relationship with someone the trust is different, you build the trust together, so yes you can trust a boyfriend if you build the trust and love each other, you are going to be wary now as you have been through a lot.

Have you had any outside help like therapy? Because molestation can scar someone deeply at a psychological level.

I hope you are OK and pull through this, and good luck for the future, I don't know you but I believe you can pull through this, be strong.

If you continue to be molested, go to social services and report it! You do not have to continue to treated this way! You deserve to be in a safe home, where you can be the person you are supposed to be.

It destroys the trust you have in people. If someone truly cares about you they would not do something like that to you, and then you end up feeling you are not worth loving.

You cannot let the past be the driving force of your future, though. Try to go to therapy if you can. If you can't, then go to the library and get some good books on how to deal with this tragedy.

You can get over it by yourself, but it will take many, many years. It is much better to get help.

seek professional help know. they can help you find the answer your looking for. it worked for me.

I understand. But first, I dont understand why you feel you should blame yourself. I think this experience is going to not make the mistake in future with your children and understand that something is mentally wrong with the individual who would even try to molest a child. I dont think you should just forget what happened, but I think you should give guys a chance because not all guys are disgusting.(unless they give you a sign that they are).

How now braun Frau?
Your question and your details are conflicting. I don't understand.

ive been melested once, at the time it bothered me alot but now i dont think about it. it gets easier the less i think about it. I turned to girls... maybe yuo should try

Pearl G
it IS a big deal because it can really affect people mentally and physically. at least your alive. some people get killed or raped when they are molested which is a huge impact on them and their families. a lot of them are minors, but then a again a lot of college girls. these situations come up a lot on the news. id suggest going to a psychiatric social worker and talking it out with someone who you can trust. you could also get to know a person better so hopefully in the future you can trust them better and not rush things.

psh wen i was little i was always stalked at the mall by fu*king old f*ck asss molesters. thank goodness for my karate kung fu moma, she beat up there mother fu*king asses!! i still get fu*king old creeps staring at me at the malls and it makes me want to f*cking beat and punchtheir asses and im 17 but i look 15.

molestation is against the law and is definitely a bid deal

and if you keep up that attitude, it's gonna keep happening to you.

Proud Navy Wife
Assaulted and molested are 2 different things and it sounds as if you really need to figure out what you're doing to put yourself in situations that are unsafe (cab driver assaulted you?) If it is ruining relationships it has clearly affected you and you need to learn how to deal with that.

demon boi
if one loves you they would not let the past bother him. its your future that count

Jennifer C
You need to report whoever did that to you, and then seek help for yourself. Who is telling you that it is not a big deal?? You need to get away from those people!

Molestation is one of the worst crimes in the world. It destroys souls, strips us of dignity, and steals our youth. The people who tell you to "get over it" are NOT the people you should be around. It takes time, for some YEARS to deal with it, they never really get over it. I'm in my late 30s, and I'm still dealing with it. Can you get yourself to a safer place? If you have been hurt just recently you are in need of some counselling and protection immediately. No matter what anyone says, it's THEIR fault and not yours. You don't have to get over it when someone else decides. You need time like the rest of us. I hope you find somewhere to be safe. Hopefully the police have helped you, and maybe family/friends can help. So much luck to you, you deserve it.

Tara B
ok you need help from a therapist

Everything you said just now about how it hurts so much and how it ruined your relationship and your trust in guys, and how you ask yourself "why me"..........that's why it's a big deal!

Being molested can cause numurous mental health issues because of the way the brain works . First of all I would suggest seeing a therapist and trying to talk through it . People who have not been molested or trained in the effects of molestation cannot understand how this effects you personally and don't know what to say or may feel uncomfortable when you talk to them about it , this is probably why they are telling you to "just get over it" . In reality molestation or rape, when it is not dealt with , can cause post tramatic stress disorder, flashbacks , anxiety or deppressive disorders or even eating disorders. The reasons it effects people so strongly is because of the lack of control you had over your own body and actions at the time, the violation of your body , the trauma to your body and emotional state, some people feel guilt over a rape or molestation even though it is definatly NOT thier fault , and the betrayal one may feel if molested by a person that they know or trust.Please . please . please go speak with a professional now while you are young. The amount of times you have been molested is tragic and I am truly sorry this has happened to you . I don't know what your current situation is , are you in a safe place? Is this someone that has had easy access to you? Was this done by random strangers or the same person?

well its a big deal when it happenes but i wouldnt break up with a person or not date them if they were molested be4 its not their falt and thats just shallow

you need some counseling.

I expect that if you were molested then you were abused in other ways as well. I use to have a saying that a murderer takes a life but the molester takes the soul. I think those in foster care have it the worst. From the time I was 6 on up almost every male I was around made the attempt. We were not allowed to use the words, "No", on grown-ups in those days, so, I would make a lot groaning noises like I was asleep and it would make them scared enough to get away because they didn't want to get caught. At 12 I started babysitting and as soon as the Fathers would volunteer to drive me home I knew what was coming. They would try and I would squish myself closer to the opposite door and let them know I was not happy. They come in all shapes and sizes. From the Gardner to the lawyer and doctors. Praise the Lord I made it until I was 20 when it became my choice. I came to expect that it was just the way things were. That I was just another pencil in the box. Let me tell you that the core of your being is not erased, it is still there...you learned ways of coping that may not be appropriate but you can learn new ways. Don't feel bad or guilty if once in awhile the physiological stimulus felt good..that is normal but it in no way made up for the mental and emotional anguish you were and are going through. In my day children who told were considered liars and trouble makers and they always protected the molester. A molester will try and make you afraid that he will hurt you or your family if you say anything, or, make you think that they love you so hahaha dearly. No my dear, anyone who does that has their own agenda and love or caring has nothing to do with it. It is pure selfishness. My how times have changed. The pendulum has swung to the other side so that no one believes anything a person accused of the crime has to say and some women have taken advantage of that. Jealous girlfriends and soon to be ex-wives will lie about a person and take advantage of the situation to pay them back for hurting their feelings. You need treatment to get back your self-respect and tools for survival. Mankind often fails us because they have the power of choice. Learning to lean on God is a wonderful thing because it means you never have to walk alone and you will eventually be able to leave those evildoers and their sins at the cross, forgive them, and walk on to a successful life.

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