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Sarah M
Why do people laugh at me when i go outside?
Why do people seem to laugh at me when i go outside and face the world? People just always seem to look at me and alot of others will laugh in their cars. I am a 17 year old indian guy and consider myself to be just average. I don't know what's wrong and it always makes me feel awkward when i go outside and it makes me not want to.

Like just the other day, i went for a walk to the shop and some white builders in a van turned and looked my way and were laughing.

OR.... maybe its because i'm just paranoid and when people laugh i always think they are laughing at me. WHY? Why do i have to live like thiS? This is the reason why i hate life and i just want to stay indoors?
Additional Details
I absolutely appreciate the nice responses.

Here's an update....

No, i don't wear stupid clothes, just casual sports clothes
I wear glasses, but they are shades
I have really short hair
Average build.... about 5' 11
As far as i'm concerned, i think i am just normal. If there was something wrong with me, i would say.

Oh and did i mention that i live in Birmingham, England.
And my name is not sarah lol, im using a friends add. My name's Montel.

You make it sound as if it's your perception that they're laughing at you, not that they really are. You DEFINITELY need to consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist to check this out.

You're definitely paranoid! People don't just laugh at people for no reason or just by staring at you unless you're doing something funny or telling a joke.

umm....i think ur paranoid...unlesss u look funny

because they love you or envy you

post a pic and ill tell you why

Odi¤so superficiale e pedantesco

You didn't specify, but it's clear that you're in America. I think all of your thoughts are true, some of it may be paranoia, some of it may be that they just happen to be laughing at something else and it's a coincidence, and some people are just stupid. Just try to ignore them.

im sure theyre not actualy laughing AT u. i mean, maybe there r some racist ppl around bt tbh shudnt really be happening.

maybe u looking in2 it too much. see ure gp, they can help with problems like this.

They're probably not even laughing AT you.

No one should make fun of you if they don't even know you, but thats life.They won't stop, so you have to stick up for yourself. People sometimes will make fun of`other people because they know that person won't say anything. I hope i helped.

ur just paranoid. that happens to me sometimes too.

Maybe you're a funny guy and don't realize it.

people are ignorant. dont worry about what others think about you on the outside. you should do something you enjoy like maybe helping kids or the elderly. volunteer so people can see what you are like on the inside and they will enjoy what you have to offer. who cares if people laugh, they probably havent looked in the mirror. jesus loves you :)

Michelle C
hunny, its OK.
people have no idea what they are talking about sometimes.
normally they put down people for what they are insecure about in themselves.
its all good buddy.
they wish that they could have what you have.
not sure what you have becayse I've Never seen you but they must be insecure with themselves.

go outside and get some activity.
just know that they are insecure, and you are the strong one.

Little Kitty
you are paranoid. if you look at people they will look back at you. i use to think people were always talking about me in a bad way, your being paraoid

olympics junkie
I think its more about the people laughing than it is about you. Many people feel so insecure that they can only feel OK if they make sure someone else feels worse, so they routinely make others feel badly about themselves. That makes them "one-up'. so they are happy.. Try to let it roll off your back--remember THEY can't make YOU feel anything unless you play their game.. When you refuse to paly, it freaks them out..

people will treat you the way you want to be treated. if you send out insecure vibes to people, that's how you will be treated.it all has to do with confidence.

Maybe it's your perception or maybe it's just that most people are ignorant. Stand tall, go out & face the world with your head held high and don't let a bunch of idiots get to you. At 17, you have your whole life ahead of you, don't live it in hiding.

feel better about yourself & do not feel like everyone is laughing at you. the world is not constantly laughing at you.. feel confident in yourself & others will look at you differently..and you willl feel better about yourself

i ♥♥♥ stetson freshhh...™
ya funi

You might be just a little too self conscious because you don't feel like you fit in with the whites....or...they might just happen to be laughing when you look there way, but if they are laughing at you, then they're just a bunch of loonies, just smile at them and show them you don't care. You shouldn't care about what people think of you though,don't let them stop you from enjoying life, just hold your head high and be proud of who you are:) Don't be afraid of what they think, they're no better that you if they are laughing without any specific reason.

Don't assume that people are laughing at you...If anyone would be laughing at you, what do they really know about you to actually laugh at you? Nothing. But really, people are just having fun, laughing at anything and everything, not laughing at you personally. I know it can be tough to go out when you think people are looking at you or laughing at you, but don't think that way, because it simply isn't true. And even if there was some pea-brain laughing at you for whatever lame reason, never let them stop you from going out and enjoying your self. Go out and enjoy the world with a smile on your face :-)
But if after you give yourself time to adjust your thinking & it still isn't working, maybe you should talk to your mom or dad or an older brother or sister.

details please. do you wear funny clothing? some people are just ignorant.

Elli ElectroShock
Im not from america, i don't know what racism is like in america.
But it could be that... stupid ignorant fooools
you could just be self conscious,
like when my friend had a bad hair day she always asked me if you could notice and you honestly couldn't but she thought everyone was staring when they simply weren't.
Try to go outside and think..
Im hot, im amazing, i am much better than all these people who laugh at me or stare weirdly, i can take it.
If this doesn't help
Probably try to see a psychiatrist, but that should be last resort
Hope you get better :]

american girl
People pick on teenagers for alot of reasons. It will stop as you get older.

BobJr's Final return
maybe its because ur named sarah?

why do you care what other people think ignnore it

Are you dressed when you go outside?

Ronald M
can i see a picture and i will let you know

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