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Why do men act sooo stupid sometimes?
cuz every man or boy i've met has acted so stupid is it me?
Additional Details
thx 2 the people who said it wasn't me

Men act stupid because they want to get out of their lies sometime,they would try to ignore your phone calls so they would not have to say anything to you, especially if you find out that they are seeing someone else, but you have to excuse some of them they born that way and no one could change them.

Oh honey...I've met some pretty f*cking dumb A$$ stupid women in my time. It ain't just guys that are stupid :)

Cause...... let me tell u something you know how thats just the way the cycle is, males are proven to be idiots and females are proven to be smart(even the mental ones)LOL!!!!

old man
If you are a knock-out beauty then they will act stupid cause they feel intimidated

Keeper of Sins
some of them are..
ur bad luck ur meeting all the stupid ones!!

either that or ur very good looking.. yeah that befuddles us guys too

It's MEEEE!!!!
maybe it there age

sOuL dOcToR
Maybe its you who rubs them the wrong way !
And stop generalizing its stupid to do so !
Take care and God Bless you !

Why do women act sooo stupid sometimes?

That's a dumb question. Everyone acts stupid.

Modest intellect
It's you, definitely. Maybe the way you act is causing these guys to act stupid around you. Treat all guys like the kings they are and this will stop.

cause your a ho

they are under 30?and they are not mature people.their world is them everything revolves around them thats it in a nutshell.a man is a 35+ individual. any male under that is a boy.a mature male has to have an objective in his life and is getting it done.

where do you hang out? at bars?

Prasun Saurav
May be they are copying you...

no its not u....all guys r dumb.....but they have their sweet moments......lol...but like they say..boys will be boys!

not all the people like each other ,u will meet someone who is not stupid , just wait and try to make a good choice the next time

I think it was Robin Williams who said: god gave men two heads, but only enough blood to run one at a time.

so when men/boys meet beautiful girls all the blood rushes to the wrong head and they are unable to think. hence they act stupid.

since they act stupid around you all the time, you must be very beautiful.

obviously the people you hang around aren't the greatest in your life. I have found more women that are as you say stupid then the men that I know. ( i am a women ) women get so tied up in all the bull, men seem to let it roll off their back.

No is not you men in general act stupid from time to time that is there nature. All you have to do is ignore it. If you can handle it just walk away....

Yes, my dear- it's you.

Both genders act stupid SOMETIMES.

Just worry if your men act stupid all the time--change men.

Because I like being a little kid in a grownup body, it's the best of two worlds.

They just take long to mature. Woman act stupid also, it's not just men. Make sure the men you meet aren't at bars, and clubs.

How do they act stupid?
Give an example.
Maybe you need to look at whats up with you.

I think that it go both ways male&females act stupid alot now maybe they didn't relly like u that's why they act the way they do stupid that may mean that they don't want to be with u ; )

Theyre not acting. But in my opinion I think most guys think chicks want sissy nice guys that buy flowers,jewelry,teddy bears,dinner N that kinda crap because our moms and t.v. and even chicks say this is what they like.Really it's just them saying they like you and want to hump you.You should take it as a compliment. But I know you want MEN (like me of course) That are manly tall stand up nice teeth,nice shoes,make lots of decisions for you instead of asking you "what do you want to do?"also of high status and dont tell there life story-N-get really boring all in one day I could keep going but........NNNAAAAAAAhhh later good luck to you.

it's either they're trying to get you, responding on you or their natural instinct.

Men are stupid because that is just their nature. There are very few men/ boys who seem to be mature. So no, it is not only you. Unfortunately, I think part of the reason men act like this is because they strive to get womens attention. Without corny jokes, hitting you, etc, they have no way to get attention from the ladies. Hope this helps!!!

Hot ice
Guys think that's attractive to girls. Or they lack attention or they just luv to bug girls.

Yep, probably.

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