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but there is a catch.....I'm also afraid of death.

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 What do you tend to do when you're the most stressed?
I go to the casino and drink.
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I only bring $20-$30 so I'm not tempted to overspend if I get a little tipsy!...

Why are people so against drug-use?
I just don't get it...

If someone can use drugs and feel some meaning to their life, why is that such a horrible thing that it needs to be illegal?

Some people take it too far, but I think the majority of drug users just want a little normalcy and want to feel the high to balance out all the **** feelings they feel otherwise.

I just don't see why drug-users are made out to be the root of all evil. Any thoughts?
Additional Details
I've seen both sides of the drug issue.

It messed me up as a kid, my dad's ex-gf was an addict and I was exposed to a lot of stuff that I shouldn't of had to deal with. I also realize now that my dad did a good share of drugs throughout my childhood.

Yet, despite that I find myself turning to drugs. It helps me out, calms me down, makes things have a little more sense to them.

I have to say I can't blame my dad for using drugs. But his ex-gf was an addict and her drug-use has messed with other people's lives. I can tell with my lil sister, her daughter, she just isn't quite all there.

Plus all those situations when I was a kid probably led to some of the crazy things that I feel and think sometimes. I don't know, I can kind of see both sides, but I don't see why it is so bad when drugs can make things make a bit more sense sometimes.

If any of that makes sense, lol

drugs are bad for your body and young inoccent children get caught up in drugs and kill them selves. They are illegal for a reason and that is because they make people do stupid things like kill and hurt other people. There is no such thing as normalcy there is no such thing as normal. People need to find a different way to feel normal with out drugs.

Do you ask because you are one of those people?

M- Dawg
Well, for one, drugs are ILLEGAL, and they are illegal because they impair the user, but thats not the only dangerous thing about them, they are easily over-dosed, and they kill many of the users brain cells, which as we all know, don't reproduce, therefore, you will eventually die, either from an over-dose, or by lack of brain cells.
You could always quit though right? No. Its not nearly that easy, an addiction is when the brain thinks it NEEDS the substance to stay alive, and when it doesn't get it, it will literally die, which you could, from variouse causes. Quitting is very hard, its not something you can just decide, you'll need help, and rehab is extremely expensive, if you want a good facility, at least
Lastly, if you get cought with drugs, you can get charged, or sentenced.

drugs put other people in danger. i know that half of school smokes pot and drives high and drives drunk. do you know how many lives are put in danger when they are like that? when people are on drugs they make mad choices and it effects everyone around them. drugs have made people kill people. drugs just make people idiots. also, theyre more likely to do bad things. you know majority of child molesters are drug users?

and honestly i think ALL drugs do this. even pharmacy drugs.

I guess i understand if someone wants to sit in their room and smoke pot once in their life to experience it but do you know how dumb people become due to drugs?
my brother used to be amazing. he was my best friend. he got into meth and heroin and went to jail and i dont even know him anymore. he got out and he isnt the same, he isnt as fun he isnt my brother. he isnt dead but it sure as hell feels like it. people die everyday due to drugs. i lost 2 of my aunts to meth. both of my uncles are in hospitals diagnosed with scitzofrenia from lsd use and i have never met them because of this.
i have 2 friends who are twins and one does exstacy everyweekend and it has made her so dumb that the other twin is depressed everyday because she feels like she lost her sister.

if this happens while drugs are illegal then i dont even want to know what happens if they are legal.

Cristina S
they are right

i agree its illegal because its unhealthy, yet smoking cigrettes is legal? go figure any way my ex the only reason he goes to school is because 'weed wakes me up and gives me a reason to motovate myself." im for it. but thats me
i mean how many great bands (songs movies entire almubs) were so good because if drugs. most bands from 60-80's

Most illegal drugs are addicting. After you get addicted, the addiction will take over your life and ruin it. Alcohol and most illegal drugs are very harmful for your body and your mind.

Most drug users take drugs because they want to feel better. There is a big problem with that. In life we have many lessons to learn. Not knowing how to behave in an important part of your life causes a person to feel bad.

The way to relieve those painful emotions is to learn how to deal with the situation causing the painful emotions. When you do that you feel good again. This process goes on our entire life. If we take drugs to feel good, we lose the motivation to learn how to deal with the situations in life.

One of the principles in chemical dependency treatment is that when the person started "using" on a regular basis, their emotional maturity stopped growing. It was common when I worked on chemical dependency units to see someone come onto the unit to be treated who was 30 or more years old but had the emotional maturity of a 15 y/o!

There is another saying on chemical dependency units. That saying is, Users are losers.".

I hope that something I have said has been helpful.

charegon Eli P
I agree with you! I do drugs on occasion but I dont get to into it. I love being high because it relieves stress. I dont do stuff like heroine,but a little weed now and then wont hurt you...

Most drugs are addictive. Have you known many people who have been addicted to drugs, how it affects their lives and their health? If you have, you most likely would not be asking this question.

Jeremy S
Mental health, and basically overall well-being and health. Drugs mess up you immune system, cause cancer, disease and can also cause death. That is why they are illegal.

Beacuse people over do it and turn into a completly differant person and do things that they normaly wouldnt do while on the drug. and I'm sure most people WANT to do the drug not to do "bad" things and come to think that the addiction is NORMAL

dude are you freaken stupid!!!!! DRUGS ARE BAD FOR YOU!!! they cause you to die and get depressed god your such a loser.

Drugs destroy lives and families. It is mind-altering. How would you like the pilot flying a plane you're on, being high? How about a bus driver? Would you want your mom or dad to be crackheads or heroine addicts or cokeheads? Drug users are not the root of all evil they are sad, money is the root of all evil it is said.

Because any addiction hurts more than just the user.taking money they should be using to support their families to support their habit. Driving while under the influance.Whoring for money for their habit and stealing. If it could be regulated betterthan the booze industry is so that only the user was hurt I would be inclined to make it legle.Even then I would rather see us as a society help irradicate the need for harmful abuses.

Because, its ILLEGEL!And its bad for u, it basicly kills u.Plus it gets a bad habit and then your desperate for it, and its not cheep, so you'll end up selling everything that means anything 2 u, and losing your family cuss peeps are different when their on it.Plus it makes u look a lil trailer trash.im so sorry but its true.u addimaticly get looked at like a bad person.

Tony W
because they can be dangerous. if they are high in their car, they can kill someone in a car crash. if they are taking alot of crack Cocaine, they can get very mad and get into fights, or kill people.

Because while your drugged you could perform any action.
Like killing someone!

Now your back to your normal self and your in jail about to head to court and your like huh wait!?!?

And so on... many possible end results of your actions

chocolate luver
u will die if u do drugs. they are bad for you and people are making money off of a stupid idea which kills people. some people enjoy cutting themselves and it brings meaning to their lives. is tat okay too that we just sit back and let them do that without taking them to therapy. Some people bash others for their own happiness. Im sure you think thats okay too because it makes people feel better about themselves, picking others apart right in front of them. So overall, drugs are a beautiful thing, aren't they?

Gwen H
Its not right to be doing drugs. Drugs are not a good thing. It makes u do stupid things and lose brain cells. Drugs are stupid and peopel who do them are. People think they are so cool and all that happens is stuff is funny.


Drugs kill....

To many people have overdosed from them and died.

Nobody can be a "social druggie"
eventually Drugs will get them.

Whisper from the Myst
Well, for one things it's illegal, and for another it's harmful. If these things didn't have adequate disadvantages we wouldn't care who used them

The White Guinea Pig
the main reason is because when a junky cant get the drugs - they start to steal. therefore drug use is directly proportional to crime.

try to ponder these things little harder before making yourself look silly in front of all of us.

People get addicted and it drives them to crime!

Also causes mental health issues! Makes people lazy and crazy.

it doesn't balance anything out. It destroys lives, it doesn't help them.

I refute your argument.

Because its terrible and drugs are soo bad for you you should know that

It is against the law and the USA is a nation of laws

Patrick M
They kill...

Sox=2005 champs Cubs=hmm when?

why are you even asking this?

♥Bond Girl♥
Because drugs can make people do stupid, messed up things that impact others around them. They are essentially dangerous.

Because inevitably Drug Users become addicts who
lose all sense of responsiblity and moral value.
Addicts then will do ANYTHING for their fix..nothing
is as important to them and they don't care who they
hurt, maim or kill. The sanctity of life is forever lost
on them.

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