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 I hear voices THEY ARE REAL everyone looks at me like im mad but i swear im not they tell me to hurt myself
i hear voices they ARE real i no they are
my mum looks at me like im mad
she took me to see a man and they put me in this plane room for 2 weeks
why cant they hear or see what i see?<...

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 Has anyone ever made u sleepy by the way they talk?
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 I want to quit?
i have been cutting now and i want to stop like i went from drugs to this am i crazy?...

 What do you really think about suicide?????
i was abused when i was little and have never been able to move on from it. i have tried to kill myself several times and self harm. i know that it hurts the people who love me but i can't ...

 Is refusing to sleep unhealthy...?
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 Should people who attempt suicide and fail be prosecuted for breaking the law?

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Mental Institutions are exponentially more expensive than jail. Who will pay the bill? Suicidal people cant hold ...

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 Im very depressed someone help :[
I am a 14 year old girl, im really depressed and just feel really worthless.
i feel like all my friends secretly hate me.
i feel very unattractive.
i feel that people find me boring ...

 I'm so unhappy, plz help?
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 Should I tell my psychiatrist about this?
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 When emo people cut themselves, is it down your arm or across?
just wondering.
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i heard that like down is suicidal....

 Why is being molested such a big deal?
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 What do i do? what do i do? im a stupid cutter?
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 Generally speaking, why aren't women as smart as men?

Dark, Deep,Depressed
Why am I so depressed?
I'm so depressed I think im going to commit suicide

Rhea D
OMG Plese dont commit suicide. You cant die. Youre obviously not ready. May i ask how old r u and why r u so deppresed?

I once had a friend that wanted to commit suicide many times. I kept telling her that it is not worth it. If you are a strong person you can pull through anything. Anyone can be strong they just have to stop and think.....is this the right thing to do? Please don't kill yourself. It is not worth it. I'm sure many many people love you. Think of how they would feel if you were all of a sudden gone. Or think how you would feel if one of your closest friends was gone due to suicide. It's not a good feeling. I know. I go through everyday thinking why!!!! It wasn't my friend who I kept telling that it wasn't worth it. It was an old lost friend that I had lost touch with but still loved very much. I'm depressed too. I try to look forward to the good things in life and surround myself with people who make me happy. I don't go a day without smiling now. Try it. Overall in the end you will be happier.

see your doctor now.that is what i did this week.i have a appt next week with psycholist.having trouble within family.now i hope to get better.please don't kill yourself.my 32 year old daughter died in jan 06 and would do anything for her to be back here but i can't.pray to god to help you.i will pray for you too.make me feel better that i helped you to get help.i would be so happy to know you got help.think of your family that they would feel so upset without you.that is so bad to do something to yourself and your family would never be good again.please,please get help.let me know how you do in future.bless you.

The Coroner of China
Hard to tell from here why you're depressed. And after all I need a referral from your Doctor to be of any further help.
That said there's this... have you tried cheering others up. Chances are there's more than a few more people than you that aren't feeling well.
My guess is you're sick. Something's not right. Question like that.... Here's one...
Set yourself a goal. Something so wonderful that if somebody just walked up to you now and gave it to you you wouldn't believe it.
Set it for about ten years from now and watch the whole thing come true. It comes true. It always comes true.
Make it a big one and use your imagination too.
At first what'll happen is little things come your way that could easily be confused with coincidence but in no time stuff comes your way that can only mean one thing.
Unless you already have a goal... as in a dream come true... Then I would say again maybe a little pop-in with your Doctor would be in order either way.

Suzanna Rose (SFCU)
There are some things so deep inside that no amount of therapy, talking, counseling or self-help can touch. Only Jesus Christ can truly heal you from the inside out. He is real, and He is the very God who made you. I ask you first of all to cry out to Jesus, ask Him to save you, and ask Him to help you out of this pit! He will answer you! Next, you need to get into a supportive group of people who care...hopefully in a good church. I can even help you find one if you want to email me...I will do what I can to help you.

So, do not do this, because many are out here who do care, and I see I am not the only one who has made myself available to you.
Can I call you? I will, if you need someone to talk to.

From a mom who sees the value of your life,
Suzanna Rose

Your name says it all. You create your reality and you are making yourself think negatively, start thinking positively. Not even in just should you do it because as you think it so it shall be!

♥scribbled heartsz;
somethings bothering you
talk to your mom and dad
i kow i wanted to DIE when i failed math

pls just think about the positive stuff in life
i dont do tht, but i HAVE to try

Some of you people are SICK. We don't know if this person is 100% serious, but if she is, she doesn't need to hear horrible suggestions and comments. You have no souls.

Sweetie, please reach out to a trusted friend, family member, pastor, teacher, doctor, nurse, etc. Your life is precious, whether you believe that right now or not.

but your avator looks soo happy..anyways..please dont commit suicide...why dont you tlk to your parents or maybe a close person about what your going through..you life is precious..whatever the situation is, dont commit suide:-(

i love sna
dont think like that!!!! you have so much to live for you might not think so but your day will come!!! if this is over a guy trust me no guy is ever worth your life!!! be happy think positive. i used to think that all the time but i've changed. don't let anyone get to you!!! like i said no one is worth your life!!!!

Gemma T
Aww ive been through depression and got through it my lifes better now and im glad i didnt hang myself lol:| ur going through a bad time but when its over youll feel better... just think of happy things and go hang out with people who care about u :)

DONT DO THAT hang out with friends

Well............Maybe you are stressed or want something so bad you can't get.Fix that and the depression might go away.Hopefully.Don't kill yourself.That's not good.Then you won't be alive.Oh and you need some Me time you know?

Don't Commit suicide!! We all get a little down once in awhile and we just need to try and work through it. I know you can work through it and maybe not alone but I'm here if you every want to talk! I'm a great listener if you just want to send a message! Just trust me there is so much out there in life your overlooking you just need to find it and you don't really want to miss out on that stuff so stay postive! I hope the best for you!! :)

why are you depressed? suicide is never the answer. if you are serious please call the suicide hotline so they can help you.

1-800- suicide

You need God in your life. Find the nearest church and join the Christian faith.

Pet My Lampshade
:( thats the last thing you need to do. try just relaxing, and getting some rest for a while and try not to think of suicide. suicide is the selfish way out of life. think of your parents, friends, and family members. they would die if they lost you.

Miss Christine
Don't listen to him... No one is ugly. Killing yourself is not the answer to your depression. Find something in your life that you can live for. And your parents love you even if you don't think they do. People care about you and would be heart broken if you did something like that.

10 years from now you will be extremely glad you didnt go through with it. think about your future

Steve Jenkins
why do u feel this way?

if you are depressed maybe you should get in touch with recourses that can help you like a counselor. there is also a suicide hot line that you can call. sorry but i don't know the number for that but you could Google it.

There is nothing more Satan loves to do is to see someone commit suicide why because if you kill yourself your going to live in hell for a eternity. Hon May I suggest to you that what ever you may be going through Jesus can take all your burdens. He can and will!!
he is the Way the Truth and the Life. You will be in my prayers.
If you need someone to talk to here is my email address [email protected]
God Bless you,

get to a help hotline. now.

Please, DON'T commit suicide.
I've lost two friends to it, and it's horrible.
You can always talk to me if you need help.

Ignore Theodore P.

Suicide isn't the answer, there are so many things to live for.
I recommend calling a suicide hotline right now and tell them about it. I'm sure they can help.

As they say: Live. Laugh. Love.

Gretchen V
Suicide is a coward's way out. You were strong enough to ask for help on YA, you're strong enough to reach out to your family doctor. Get help. Get medication and/or therapy, if that's what it takes.

Your Own Personal Jesus
Dont do that, we need you here, the fun will start soon, be patient :-)

please! dont commit suicide! although it may not seem like it but there is people who love you very much!!!! if you commit suicide it could create a ripple effect and other people might commit suicide too or they will be sad! please email me why your depressed cuz i really wanna help!!! my email is [email protected]!!!

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