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Why am I always wrong?
Everything I do is wrong.. No matter that it is I did it wrong. I try to get things right and bam! its friggin wrong. Why does it always have to be wrong? I try my hardest. I feel like a let down all the time.
Additional Details
Thank you to all who have given my heart a reason to feel better about myself. All your kind and helpful words mean a lot. Thanks.

Are you wrong according to yourself or others? Just think about things a little bit more before you attempt them, you'll be fine, and if other ppl think you are still wrong, then they will have to deal with it!

take it easy girl No reason and try and be perfect. Its your imperfections people like.

its not always about who is wrong and who is right or what is wrong and what is right.

You also sound like you are trying to make others happy instead of yourself, that always is a set up for a let down. When you give other people the power over you, they abuse it.

Well, you're wrong.


Lighten up. You try to be perfect all the time and you are going to fail and disappoint yourself. Learn to love yourself for what you are: An imperfect person who tries hard to do good. No one can ask for more than that.

don't try to do right things outa the blue don't go looking for trouble to fix just be yourself ad when the time comes you'll know what to do.

You answered your own question. You try real hard. Try a bit less. Take your time, look it over, ask questions before doing something, don't be afraid to ask questions. There are no stupid question, just dumb mistakes.

Practice makes perfect too. If you get it wrong the first time, you'll know what you did wrong, so next time you'll get it right. That's how we all learn.


dont be so sad, we all do things that are wrong. just try to learn from your mistakes.

Do nothing, then your safe.
Otherwise, stop having self-pitty, pick yourself up and plan. it will not just come to you - go get it.

Your question is not wrong so that means you are not always wrong.

You can't be wrong all the time. You have 4% "best answers".

I have the same problem. My best advice would be to not give up,
and try not to feel let down. Be confident in the fact that you did try your best. Hope this helps.

Dear give yourself a break! You are special gift from GOD! You have to believe in yourself and Love yourself before others will! Good Luck ! bye


thats the beauty of the human mind, you THINK everything you do is wrong, or partially wrong, but its just because you expect so much from yourself, that even the slightest varience in your plans seems like a complete failure.

dont fret the small stuff, most of the things you probably are worrying about are so insignificant in the long run, that you'll look back and laugh at them. and yes, i know that sounds cliche, but its true.

it happens to me all the time, like when I was 18 and taking my road test, for weeks before it, It seemed like the end of my life, like it was some giant dark cloud that would decide if i lived or died.

but, after the 2 minutes of showing off my driving skills to a mean hearted DMV woman, i realized that I had been making the whole thing into something larger than life, I pulled up to the end point, and got my score sheet which told me i had passed, even when she made me parallel park right ontop of a christmas tree that had been thrown to the curb.

so, what im saying is, dont worry about so much, theres millions of things that will seem like they go wrong, when really its just your perspective on it. even if they DO go comepletely wrong, guess what, YOUR HUMAN. we make mistakes, the important thing is to LEARN from them. and yeah, that too sounds cliche, but again, its the truth.

Speed, I Am Speed
Trust me, I know Exactly how you feel. No one ever pays attention to you and they never notice the good things you do, just the mistakes you make. Sometimes I feel like I'm not wanted at all because no one ever appreciates what I do. I feel unnoticed and unwanted. I didn't know what to do. Do you have any siblings? If you do, do they fight a lot? I do and that's why no one paid any attention to me because they are always too busy fighting, or when my lil sis and I fight, she does something and ALWAYS blames it on me. But then I started to ignore her and stay away from her, and now my parents are complementing on how well behaved I've been. So that could the problem, but if it's something else, maybe I can help you.

You know, my ex made me feel like that all the time. Sometimes, you just have to realize that you're not living your life for anyone but yourself. Don't be ashamed of anything, love yourself for who you are! Things will get better.

avoid the things which most influence you.

go for the things which have less influence on you.

I'm sure you are not always wrong. Maybe you just have the wrong people in your life?

Im sure that you do not do things wrong....... they may just not be set to your expectations..... so just look at it as you having high expectations. Hope this helped

I am willing to bet you are not always wrong. To prove it, you're right for asking this question!!

The problem is this - when someone tells you that you are wrong, you are let down. It bothers you. Therefore, you are more prone to notice when you are 'wrong' than when you are right.

If people told you "good job" or "you're right" when you are right, you'd feel good...right? But that apparently isn't the case. Someone or some group of people are telling you that what you do or say is wrong.

Just don't worry about it. If you are wrong, so what? What difference does it make tomorrow or next week. The best you can do is try to do it right. If it can't be done right, then there's no reason for you to do it.

At least you try. Some people don't even do that.

So lift your head high...ignore it when people say you're wrong...be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished. Afterall, life is only one day at a time.

I used to feel like you nothing ever turned out right for me. I was such a negative person until I change my attitude and started thinking positive. You have to be positive even if the situation doesn't look to good. When you start thinking negative tell your self "I must be positve". Another thing to try is to not speak so quickly but to think about it first then respond. I learned these things when I started reading the words of Jesus.Try it for a week see what happens. I hope this helps. I am so happy now!
God Bless

I'm not sure what you mean specifically, but if you're always feeling this way maybe you should talk to a counsellor or someone you trust. Other than that just try and learn from your past, ask for help when you need it, and avoid people who needlessly put you down. Good luck.

Your wRONG!

Proud Mommy
Don't feel like that. Easy to say right :) your not always wrong. you Just think you are. do you know how many times I am wrong? LOTs & LOTS of times. but hey I'm human I think LOL.
try not to over think and try not to try so hard. okay see now that
makes no sense what so ever. :) Just do the best you can do that's all you can do Okay. Have a Good Day.

Lower your expectations. If you are the one making yourself feel bad then you need to expect more realistic goals. If others are making you feel bad, then tell them their expectations are too high. Also, try alternate routes. If it's school, try getting some help from a study center. If it's work, sit down and talk to your boss/supervisor and see what the problem is. What it comes down to: be realistic with yourself and your time, expect that of others, and seek out services that can help you gain a better grasp on situations.

Best of luck!

i think ure wrong about being wrong.......think good before u react and i'll bet u wont be wrong as much

Take your time with things. Plan your day out a little better and dont get discouraged, that wont help anything! Everybody has bad days, just remember.

well i think you're great ! because u try atleast . that's a start .

the mediator
wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong!
everything i do is also wrong!

take a rest, don't be too harsh with ur life.

remember, there's no such thing in life as 'normal'

If you are looking at being wrong then you will be wrong. If you think that you will be doing right - regardless of others - you will be in a better place and have the right attitude to do what is right. It's a matter of attitude. Being positive promotes positive thinking and actions. Likewise, being negative only shows you the wrong in everything. It's a bright day and a great day every morning you wake up. Start there and you will have a great day every day! And with a positive attitude, you will attract positive people with positive thinking as well. It will also make you feel lots better. Trust me. It works.

I bet you are right a lot more than you think! Is someone telling you that you are always wrong? Life has a way of happening in ways we didn't expect or didn't want. Maybe these "wrong" decisions are actually God's way of steering you in to a better path. Chin up!!

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