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 What do i do? what do i do? im a stupid cutter?
I cant stop cutting myself!! I've been cutting for almost 6 months now, and I can NOT stop!! At first I could just cut , and than not do it again for a couple of weeks or so, but now i have to ...

 Generally speaking, why aren't women as smart as men?

 Ok, this is really weird and somewhat scary...?
Everyday I look at the clock at 11:11. Am or PM, I never miss it. I rarely ever notice myself checking the time until I spot 11:11 and it feels eerie. For the past year I would see 11:11 every now ...

 Am I really sick?
I mean because I have suicidal thoughts does that mean I am sick? I don't know why I am asking but I am. Or does it mean that I am loosing my mind? I don't even know what I am doing or why I...

 Do you have any odd phobias?
I have the following:

Gerontophobia- fear of old people
Arachnophobia- fear of spiders
Emetophobia- fear of vomiting
Nyctohylophobia- fear of dark wooded areas or of forests ...

 Can you help me get the most answers to beat my big brother?
Its a compition where the loser gets a slap in the face!
Additional Details
The 15 mins are up, getting ready for my slap in the face!!...

 Should marijuana be legalized? and why?
i believe it should be legalized because it's a healing medicine. it keeps alot folks out of trouble.i know it makes me happier.That's why my sister n law calls it .....THAT HAPPY...LOL...

 Everytime I look at the clock I see 9:11?
Its kinda weird. I dont really pay attention to it and doesnt really bother me. I just kind of forget about it. But I do notice it. And this has only started since a month ago.

How many of ...

 Do you guys think brown eyes are ugly? Dark hair?
Hello! I've asked a question similar to this before, but I'm feeling kind of down. Do you guys think brown eyes and dark hair is ugly or boring? I get jealous of people with blue or green ...

 Why are people so against drug-use?
I just don't get it...

If someone can use drugs and feel some meaning to their life, why is that such a horrible thing that it needs to be illegal?

Some people take it too ...

 Are antidepressants safe to take??
yesterday i was diagnosed with depression and put on medication i am only 21 and dont want to spend my life on tablets. i do feel really low at the moment so have started taking them but ive heard of ...

 What is the best way to make your self fall asleep?

 My mom doesn't understand...?
I am having really bad sleeping problems and super bad anxiety attacks to the point where i just loose it and start balling. i told her i need to see a doctor and she doesnt believe me. she says its ...

 Should I comit suicide?
Should i ? My life stinks right now, and i feel like suicide is my only option. I just want out. If you want, you can try to talk me out of it. My life is just soo messed up. And i ...

 How many people out there know what a "primo" is?

 When you bite your nails, is it a form of self harm?

 Is It True...?
that is you go to bed with your hair wet you have more of a chance of devolping a mental disorder?...

 Why is this happening?
i don't want to eat anymore. i don't want to sleep. i don't want to take care of myself. its like I'm embarrassed to eat or sleep. there are so many people around the world that ...

 Is there anyone who's NEVER taken drugs?

 Has anyone seriously wanted to kill theirself, but didn't because afraid of going to hell?

Which celebrity would you fight?
Remember celebrity death match? Well now its your turn.
If you could fight any celebrity who would it be? B listers are definatley not out of bounds!
Hypothetically of course.

hmmm.. myself!
i would use my karate skills to fight my my my myself..

Not sure if it counts, but I'd like to fight the director Paul W.S Anderson. Why? For making crappy films and being with Milla Jovovich.

Yes I agree with the person that said Ronnie Corbet.Easy.Easy.Easy.

Paul Daniels

Oh go on then, make it Debbie Mcgee too - it can be tag team, 2 annoying 'celebs' for the price of one!

You didn't say we couldn't have E listers LOL

K x

I would like to kill Jade or Jordon. Both a big waste of space


Definitely Paris Hilton...very rich girl, with a empty space between the ears!!

Craig G
Joe Vester

Iain T
Paris Hilton!!!

I fecking hate her!!!

(feck is not a swear word by the way - it's an Irish phrase or saying :)

Phoenix, Wise Guru
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, or Tom Cruise

Do I need to explain? I would win, of course.

ben afleck, i jas want to kick the shiznit out of him!!!

Sylvester stallone. I could do him any day!

Charlotte church- god she does my head in!

I'd ***** slap Paris Hilton straight out of her Jimmy Chou's'. And then there's Britney, Christina, Lindsey, the Olsen's, Pamela Anderson, Whitney Houston, Woody Allen, Angelina Jolie, ...I might have some unresolved anger...

Andy Peters, obnoxious squirt.

I would LOVE to fight Britney spears... and I would probably win too :)

I would also LOVE to fight Paris Hilton... and take away her pony so I can enjoy seeing her cry.

ronnie corbett, reckon i could have him

Lawrence LLewelyn-Bowen
He would probably run away, game over!

Will Young

I'd slap him around for a bit then make him smoke, under the illusion it will make him look cool and hard, hence all the girls will fancy him. Then loads of girls would fancy him and he'd hate that.....

Arnold Ziffel
Christina Applegate and Drew Barrymore, man I would love to wrestle those two.

sophie anderton, mind you if i hit her lips i doubt if she could feel it they are so full of Botox!

I wouldn't mind Aguilera and Beyonce tag-teaming me!!!!
For a proper fight, I'd have to pick Bruce Forsyth. It would be a one sided fight but i'd get the leering old b'stard off our screens for good.

i'd like to be beat Uri Gellar with a wooden spoon

i can't make my mind up between Jade or Jordan can't stand either of them

The kid that plays Harry Potter! Smug git!!

JIMMY SAVILLE!! i'd take him down, i wouldn't let him taunt me with his "now thens, now thens". i'd pull his shell suit over his head so he couldn't see me to attack and then i'd whip him with his ridiculous medallion!! yeah, can you fix that for me jimbo?

Me versus Paris Hilton - they can call it House of Wax 2 (I would not even have to fight her, I could just light a match, with all the hairspray, Silicon and plastic... )

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