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dave c
Where shall i say ive been all these years?
Ive been alcoholic/drug addict for 20 years now im clean and people ask where/what ive been doing I have a mind freeze as I know from experience lying leads to more lies etc. on the other hand when I tell the truth people tend to want to get away sharpish.
Shall I tell people ive been in Broadmoor mental hospital as this seems an easy option,well believed and gets the same affect?

Tell then you've been in a maximum security facility for killing somone who asked you stupid questions. The truth won't seem so bad after that.

Seriously though, my full congratulations for sorting yourself out. If you have it in you see what you can do to help others get sorted. Then you can tell the truth.

Tell em you just came back from hell

just tell them you had a personal family emergancy when people ear personal they dont like to ask qustions

tell the thruth. dont worry what ppl think if there decent enough they wont judge you. well done!

Dr. H
Just be vague and tell them you've been "around". Then tell them you'll see them "later" if they are not good influences in your drug/alcohol free days. Success depends on having a positive support system around you.

michael k
Don't tell them you were in Broadmoor,it's for the criminally insane,not only will they run,they'll call the cops as well in case you escaped.Just tell them you went through a bad time & would prefer not to talk about it.

bernie c
WELL DONE YOU if people don't want to know there not worth knowing anyway my saying is unless you have walked in someone elses shoes don't judge. Good for you

tell them the truth....don't go into too much detail, just the truth

Say you have been abroad working your way round the world. They will ask all about it so just make it up. Have fun with it.;

That's a tough one, follow what your heart tells you to do? :)

tell them youve been getting your life together

Listen mate a know where your coming from you dont need to tell people your life story because your not the only one try and put everything to the back of your mind and get on with your life its to short to make excuses to people who are just trying to be nosey true friends should just help and respect you their not stupid they have brains as well you know.

she who is awesome
tell them you were recruited. Just say that, "recruited." if they ask for what, say you can't tell them.

As you have already found out, lies beget lies. If people shun you for telling the truth, then I wouldn't let them figure in any future plans that you may have. You will find people that understand the problems that you have had in the past, and they will help you stand tall again. Remember, true friends are like diamonds, precious and rare; false friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere. Get out and make some friends. Most of all, keep in mind 'one day at a time.'

won't people have forgotten u by now? Just say you went through a rough patch and tell them what you've done (there must be some times when you did things, u can't have been drunk for 20 years!)

tell them you stopped drinking before you had to so you've been out of circulation if they can;t handle that tell them to F*** OFF

it depends if you want a relationship loving or friends if they walk away after you tell them the truth then they werent worth itif they stand by you you found a meaningful friend/lover other then that dont tell the truht why put yourself through that for strangers you have had it hard enough dont let others make you feel bad about beating something like that if they cant deal then walk away

Say ..."Ive been around, not doin' much".... "So, what have you been upto yourself?"

Turn the question around and they'll get the hint... if they're any way decent.
Wouldn't you feel awkward if someone told you they were in a mental home for a long time?

Best of luck with your health by the way, take it easy! . :)

yvonne p
Tell them that you've been recuperating after a long illness & that your just fine now & thank them for asking. If they ask what type of illness, tell them, its too painful to talk about, so, you dont discuss it with anyone & if that dont work, tell them to mind their own business.

Simply put, you were recupteraing from a difficult time. But now you're fine and are looking forward to a new life. people don't have the right to know everything. You have the right to secrets, when they really don't hurt others. be good to yourself, and big hug!

Louie V
I've had some physical health issues that I had to take care of. I'm recovered now. (worked for me)

I see UR dilemma, tricky 1.
My suggestion is 2 down-grade as much as possible & try not 2 joke 2 much about it. They'll get the wrong idea.
It is going 2 B difficult but not impossible, worded carefully.
2 admit 2 being hospitalised 4 mental health is nothing 2 B ashamed of, but people can B narrow-minded.
U've beaten drugs/alcohol, U can do this.
Good Luck.

I was out of "legit" society for 5 years from drugs, when people ask me where I've been I just tell them I had some things to work through and sort out.They pretty much leave it alone after that!

Congratulations on being clean!! Keep it up, I'll be rooting for you.

By all means, tell them your story! In the shortened version of course. Something like:

'Well, I got carried away with drugs and alcohol and after 20 years I decided I had enough. So I checked into a clinic, got clean, and damn do I feel good!'

Be positive about it! Be happy that you are now clean. If people act negatively in the face of your positive attitude and words then so be it, let them walk away! You have brighter things to look forward to and the sooner these losers leave you the sooner the people that deserve your time will arrive.

The Gadfly
Your past should not be held against you. If people are hostile about it, they're not the kind of people you want to know anyway.
The fact that you've overcome it is a great credit to you and you should be proud of this achievment. Perhaps you would be more comfortable among people like yourself, who understand the terrible struggle you've had.
I have several friends and relatives with similar history and they get much satisfaction going to AA and NA meetings. It helps them stay on track and find fellowship and REAL friends.

You hear Broadmoor, people think 'hes nuts' so dont bother with that.

Tell people you went travelling to fight your demons and it was a very personal enlightening experience but you dont want to talk about it.

why lie, if you are willing to make this change to your life by staying clean then shouldn't you be proud of that fact...........if people can't see that you are trying to change your ways then that's there problem...........just make sure you stay clean and no more lies, as you say one lie leads to another and so on......good luck and stay positive and happy and take one day at a time......

Just say that you have recently turned into a new chapter in your life and you are no longer living the past. This is a new beining.And leav it at that!

[email protected]
Tell them the truth. If they don't want to be with you, can you really don't need them either. There are people out there who will help in any way they can, be patient and you'll find them

Mr. X.
You should always tell them the truth.
If they back away from you, or avoid you, then that's their problem, and not yours.
They are probably very narrow minded people, and probably not worth knowing anyway. Any sensible people will be sympathetic, supportive and worth knowing.
Of course, you have to be patient and understanding, but in the end will end up with the Friends that you deserve.
Well done, good luck and don't be tempted, it's all worth it in the end, I have a friend who, a few years ago, went though what you are going through now.

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