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 I m afraid of the computer, how do I stop my fear??

 I Accidently Cheated On My Girlfriend Last Week?
and I confessed to her, she hit me, ran out and broke up with me.

Then I saw her on campus yesterday all hugged up on some nerd. I was furious.

I'm just a vulnerable guy. ...

 Please would someone cheer me up?
Crying over work, family and boyfriend. No friends I can talk to, feel really low...

 Why is cutting yoursef bad?
i dont understand why people freak out if you cut yourself, yea i know it means youre hurting inside, bla bla bla but everyone hurts sometimes and everyone else deals with it differently no one else ...

 What depresses you just at the thought of it?
I get really depressed when my get bloated and when I'm broke....

 If I die, will anyone care? (seriously)?
I have nothing to live for, and I give up......

I'm on the edge of doing it.
My family hates me. My parents are acholics.
I think my dads abusive. I tried to help my mom, and get her to move, didn't work.
And everyone ...

 Please help me. Im feeling suicidal?
My ex said he doesnt love me about 4 months ago. im lonely and wish someone would love me. I cry sore at night with so much pain in my heart. I dont wana live anymore
Additional Details

 Am i a freak; Not on looks or anything?
Am i a freak because i choose not to wear make up ?

If i wanted to i would and could, but i just choose not to because i think i look better naturally.

Its just the school im ...

 My Rice Crispies are telling me to kill , should I listen ?

 Can I have a hug?
I'm scared and confused please can I have a hug?...

 What's a good stress reliever?

 Suicide should i just do it?
i tryed it befor and im am seeing a counserler and i try my beast to stay happy but then i get deppersed again and i mean realy deppersed school is realy hard for me and so was life at home my dad ...

 What is the best way to relax/get rid of stress?
i have been up tight lately. ive tried burning incense. but what else?...

 Is crying a sign of weakness when im a guy?

 I'm Contemplating Suicide?
I've been on medication and have been going to therapy for quite a while none of it seems to work, so i'm going to ask what you people think i should do. I can't take it anymore

 How can I stop cutting myself ?
I started cutting again the other night. I have everything I want except one thing: Jake .. how can I get him and stop cutting?...

 I've been feeling?
I've been feeling depressed and like crying for no reason i'm a virgin, and i'm 14 what's wrong with me?
Additional Details

 Am I weird?
i LIKE pickles. Is this strange?...

 What's your reason for not ending it all???????????????????
Mine is that i have some foolish hope that life will get better. and i'm scared that the christians might be right and if i end my life, ill spend eternal damnation in hell. Whats yours???????...

Where do you go when you die?

heaven or you are re born

heaven if your heart is right with the Lord

. . . to the undertakers . . .

Wherever (or whatever, reincarnation) your dream is that you have written in your heart and have accepted as reality by your mind.

the morgue.

To heaven, of course after paying the ferryman to take us across the Ribicon.

I don't know where you are going, but I have made arrangements for myself: read on:

The Vale of Clara.

Cast my dust to the four winds, beside a Wicklow Hill,
In a lonely vale, beside a stream where all around is still.
Where the silence is only broken, by some wild bird’s call,
Where small brown trout, play freely about, above the waterfall.

Beyond the bridge, a chapel stands, as white as snow can be,
There, light some penny candles, for past friends and for me.
Then say a prayer that I may rest, where peace will me enfold,
And ask my God, if he sees fit, to have mercy on my soul.

And in the distant future, my one and only wish,
Is that a great, great grandchild, shall wander there to fish.
And if by chance, a trout is caught, just gently set it free,
Then this sweet vale, will Heaven be, forever more to me.


(The Vale of Clare, in the Wicklow Hills in Ireland is one of the most peaceful places I have ever known. Beautiful, spectacular and where I want to rest for eternity).............

psycho man
up my a$$

It depends on what you believe in. People who are religous believe in various "afterlifes", commonly referred to by Christian as Heaven. Muslims also strongly believe in an afterlife, or paradise. Othe people simply believe that you cease to exist and that your body is all that remains.

The reality of where you physically go is that your body will go to an undertakers who will prepare it for burial or cremation. Depending on the religion or beliefs the body may then go to a cemetary and be buried or it may go to a crematorium where the body is turned to ashes. The ashes are then scattered, buried, or interned in a rememberance tomb of some description.

I know, I'm going to heaven, how about you? Have you been saved?

Well i think you come back as another person or animal, that's what my instinct

lyndsay y
me personally like to believe in heaven because my nan past away recently hope she is up there looking down on me

hole in the ground or an incinerator

Julie T
i hope some where cool where you have no worries and feel no pain

In a box

Can my pig borrow your lipstick?
I have accepted Jesus Christ into my heart... when i pass, i will join my family and Jesus in heaven... :o)

If you've been good, then your own personal heaven- like pizza hut, without the bill.
If you've been naughty then hell- like joe pasquali live- FOREVER. (dear god no)

[email protected]

They put you there in your tomb , two angels will come and ask about your work , if you were good , your tomb will be as a day of judgement where you stand in front of God

To meet Lord Jesus face to face and either to go to heaven, purgatory or hell.

in a coffin

robert d
I'll send you an e-mail when I get there

Your body decomposes or is turned into ashes and your soul goes to heaven if you believe in God.

Little T
In a box then in a hole in the ground. That's it as far as I'm concerned. I prefer to think about where I'm going in this life not in any others that may exist so I'm living this one to the full.

To the morgue

Mortuary/Cemetary/Crematoria - take your pick!

heaven.cause my salvation's assured by Jesus

to the mortuary then into a box then if your lucky in the ground or on a big burnny fire then you rot and smell bad or get scattered with 6 or 7 others in a rank garden somewhere to be fair who cares your dead your dead

Not very far!

I'm not going to die.

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