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 Death is very tempting (should i end my life ?)?
hi im nick ive answerd and asked a load of q,s on here but well as u may know i suffer from bad acne and i dont have to many friends (2) which one of hits me anyway and no one realy pay attention to ...

 Do you think suicide is selfish?
i do not i see it as the only true thing that someone can do just for them selves
i have had a best friend die this way and a cousin who died this way and this was the thing that helped me get ...

 How do you overcome laziness and lack of motivation?
I'm having problem getting going on projects and things I want to do. Its overwhelming I don't know where to ...

 Will you please pray for me?
I suffer from depression, insecurity and feelings of inferiority. I have few friends and even my marriage is unfulfilling. I pray also, but could you too? Thanks.
Additional Details

 Is it normal for a 14 year old to have imaginary friends?
I do, but I think it's a little weird. I'm too afraid to tell anyone, I've only told my best friend and she was ok with it, but I never told anyone else. Is it normal?
Additional ...

 Ok people i need some opinions....?
My wife went out to pay some bills and go shopping with my sister in law today. they went to the mall.... well after shopping for a bit my wife grabbed her purse and went to the restroom. the only ...

 I suffer from depression.The doctor says I am eventually going to kill myself.WHAT CAN I DO?

Additional Details
This is what the doctor said. Iwas surprised when I HEARD IT....

 Have you ever feel like you're screaming inside but no one can hear you?

 I can't cope...i just can't do this...please help me!?
please give me something to hope for! i'm really struggling to see anything worth living for at the moment, i'm not coping with anything. i can't cope with this i just can't cope. ...

 Why am I always wrong?
Everything I do is wrong.. No matter that it is I did it wrong. I try to get things right and bam! its friggin wrong. Why does it always have to be wrong? I try my hardest. I feel like a let down all ...

 How do you learn to like yourself?
When you feel so unlikeable and unloveable.

 How to heal the feeling of hatred and wanting to kill a person?

 Is it normal to have voices in my head telling me to burn things?

 Nasty question but?
interesting to know how you would do it.

If you where that p****d off with life, to the point of committing suicide, how would you go out of this world?

Dont worry, im not p****...

 What are you scared off ?
Think im scared of the dark....

 I really hate my life right now.
This past year my three best friends betrayed me. My dog whom I grew up with died. My parents always fight and said that the might be getting a divorce. I cut myself because the emotional pain is too ...

 I need some advice and I need the truth?
I need to know what will happen if I tell the doctor I am having suicidal thoughts? Can confidentiality be breached? I need to know exactly what will happen because I need some help and I know that, ...

 Why do men act sooo stupid sometimes?
cuz every man or boy i've met has acted so stupid is it me?
Additional Details
thx 2 the people who said it wasn't ...

 Should i believe what the voices in my head are telling me?

 Do you think it's possible to smoke cannibis regularly and lead a normal family life?

What was the first thing in your mind as u woke up today?

Miss. Mysterious
Today, early morning I asked God to make my teacher cancel the class test that she told she would give us today....... and do you want to know what happened?....She was absent today...... God is Great isn't He?

in this order"ohhh got to pee, better get this pig pen cleaned up today been living like a pig wow that was a screwed up dream wounder what it was telling me must be that friends are just associates and why are real friends so had to come by"

Buying my new home!

I better be getting home.

Omg! Is it that time already--- aww man!

oh no here we go again, I think that every day

Oh god work is gonna be the death of me.

taking breakfast

mateja b
ow my.....I have to wake up......:D

Jim's redheaded girly
Is Jim going to make the coffee, or do I have to get up?

Oh god the in-laws are comin for dinner!

mad john
where am I this time????


"gotta pee!" Then again, I think that every morning when I wake up!

It was something along the lines of "&#^&^#& why does he text me so early in the morning!"

I hate my alarm! I need to stop it right now!

**** they didnt work thought 200 tabs was enough

Tracey S
My dear friend who is currently in drug rehab 4 crystal use-how he is when and if he will call me.

Tula T
****! I really don't feel like running this morning.

darned!! it was just a dream!:((

ziggy bulldust
**** its only 6 oclock

lou archer
where's my glasses!

my man i am in brissy and he is in sydney

my love

How nervous I am about volleyball tryouts that are next week and how I have to get teeth pulled in 2 hours!

I have a fantastic hangover, yep now I feel sick (i know thats two but very closly related...)

Icy U
"I want to go back to sleep"

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