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i have normal ...

What the hell happened to me last night?
I went to bed last night around 3am and woke up drenched in sweat with no concept of time, was hearing voices and seeing things in my head. I think I was hallucinating but I'm not sure as I've never hallucinated before. The only thing close I can compare it with would be a marijuana high but I do not do that anymore. I did drink some coffee early in the day that I got for Christmas from a place I've never had coffee from before. Could it have been the coffee? There was people laughing in my head...I thought I would never come out of it so I just went back to bed after I got some water.

The coffee looks sort of expensive. It was French Vanilla dark roasted coffee and I drank about 3 cups. Before I went to bed I was feeling tired and watching TV (I was seeing and hearing people from TV in my head but more vividly and louder than normal.)

Also, I am drinking some more coffee but a different flavor right now to confirm if it was the coffee or not.
Additional Details
I drink coffee everyday and nothing like this has ever happened to me. I even drink it sometimes at night.

Well than stop drinking coff
p.s its bad for you

Alan S
whoa guy! where were you getting your weed? can you hook me up?
As to your condition, I guess it would be good to know what the voices were saying and what you were seeing.

Chal mere ko tera sawal ka jawab dena ka nahi.....
Kyun? mere pass time nahin.....abhi mera"Taxi No. 9211" ka meter down ho raha hai........
are tu ne "Parinda" dekha hai waisa hi hota hai mere ko "Ab Tak Chhappan" baar mera maatha jamin par ghanta ki tarah thok chuka hoon.......koi faida nahin huwa.........hoon toh "Gulam-E-Mustafa" kitni "Shakti thi meri pura UP mera naam se hilta tha,lekin aajkal is bimari ki wajah se "Khamosi" main rehta hoon............
yeh sab Ajay ne mera "Apahran" karne ke baad huwa hai......
yeh bimari thik hota nahin...yeh bimari thik hota nahin.... tera mera problem ek hain...
bas ek hi dawa hain.....aaj kal cricket khelta hoon Akhtar ki tarah "Hat-trick" karta hoon bas.........
"Krantibir" ki jaya..

Too much caffeine can cause some strange dream-like states when you're trying to sleep. If it happens again, without a large amount of caffeine involved, you should probably see a doctor though.

It may be just the interruption in the normal sleep cycle and you had a sort of "waking" nightmare. The coffee and general anxiety of the day may have contributed, but would not be the direct cause. If you have the experience again, you may want to consult a physician; otherwise, I don't think it is too serious.

And you are blaming this on coffee?

ok wow.....maybe you need to see a docter. :/ that dosn't sound normal.

Well, you'll have to tell us tomorrow if the same thing happens! It's probably the remnants of a nightmare. Sometimes a dream can be so scary that it wakes you up but some of the aspects of the dream are still in your mind. So you've got this combination of the dream state and your regular waking state, and experience "hypnopompic hallucinations." (They're called hypnogogic when they happen as you're falling asleep.) Certainly caffeine could increase this as it's a central nervious stimulant and maybe it had a little more than what you're used to, but I doubt the coffee had specific hallucinogenic properties. You'd have experienced them much earlier.

Taylor I
I actually think that you just had a bad dream that night. Sometimes you have dreams that you don't even remember...or maybe you watched a scary movie or something my step mom does that sometimes but she has like something where she gets really hot at night...

kim h
you should go get some help and talk to someone...that is not normal

I really don't think coffee would do something like that to you, especially if you drink it regularly and this hasn't happened before. Maybe your drink was spiked with something?

I mean, it easily could have just been a really vivid nightmare, but I wouldn't take any chances. If this happens again then you should seek help.

Hi, it may be due to over working and strain. Pls take good rest and you will never hallucinate.

If it was a one time thing, I would write it down somewhere.. the date, the duration, what happened.

If it happens a second time, call 911 and have them take to the ER where they can do a CAT scan. At least you can put the brain tumor question to rest.

It's called a BAD DREAM and stop drinking so much coffee.

John N
have you stopped taking any medication like Xanax or anyothers in the last 5 days.. you cant stop takeing those abruptly and it will cause this.

I been through that.. Still dunno what it is though.. sorry

Maybe it's the caffeine, because stuff like that happens to me sometimes when I have caffeine, especially if I have it before bedtime, but maybe it's not that...are you on new medication or something, did you watch a scary movie, are you thinking about ghosts or something, did you have a nightmare...? Anything like that would cause what happened to you. I think you should probably spend the day socializing...to get your mind off things for a while. Maybe even spend the night at a friends house so that they can tell you if you were talking in your sleep or sleepwalking or something.

Youre hitting male menopause... it only happens to 0.2% of the male population and the symptoms are exactly like what you described. Go see your doctor and ask them about it

The hallucinations are called "hypnagogic hallucinations" and can sometimes occur in healthy people on waking or falling asleep. Its ok. Its ok. Calm down. Only start worrying if you start hallucinating on a regular basis during the day.

i think this is something that you should go talk to a doctor about. something could seriously be wrong.

as long as your not doing any kind of dope-

could be you got a heavy dose of aspartame (artificial sweetener)

I would avoid that junk like the plague-

check the label

Yes, it could have been the coffee. I remember once I drank a double latte at about 9 PM, and for the rest of the night I was sweating and imagining crazy things and getting all paranoid. I lived with my mom at the time, and I actually went into her room at 3 AM to ask her if I was really walking around or just imagining it, because I was FREAKING OUT!! I wasn't a stranger to coffee, either- I practically lived at Starbucks all through college, and at the time of my freak-out I used to have at least 5 lattes per week. Who knows what causes it- it could have just been the time of night, or maybe if you drank the coffee on an empty stomach. Just remember that caffeine IS a drug, just like alcohol is a drug, and all drugs have some side effects. If it happens again, just drink a lot of water. That's what finally helped me.

" i do not do that anymore" yea u probally still do

Are you SURE you weren't dreaming?

Kimberley M
Sounds demonic to me......"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood...."

Doesn't sound like it was the coffee at all.

Beer Advocate
I don't see what the problem is - this isn't typical?

Are you sure the tv wasn't on while you were sleeping?

I'm no doctor but what you explained sounded very much like symptoms of a panic attack. This could have been brought on by bad dream. You should see the doctor about it anyway, just in case.

it was probly a really bad night mare.. that sound s childish but if you watch scary movies you can make the movie worse and have nightmares about it.....i watched a scary movie then about a year later i had a night mare that was almost exactly like the movie

a t
Are you sure that you didn't wake up in the middle of a dream? The coffee maybe could have contributed, but if it happens again, you should definately get a professional opinion (psychiatrist).

Randall Panhandle (>.<)
This is the first sign of a brain tumor. Sorry.

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