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What the best thing 2 do when you are feeling low?

Blunt Honesty
get high

Hear Fun Music that you love

Call a good friend do something fun

Answer questions on Yahoo. Also you can try eating chocolate, kissing your bf/gf, watch a comedy on TV or just go to sleep and not think about whatever is bothering you.

It depends on how low you are feeling. If possible, go for a walk in a place you like. If you are feeling too low to get out, promise yourself a reward, like a cup of coffee, when you get back. If you are feeling capable of reaching out, call a friend or supportive relative. Even a 5 minute "just to check in" call could help. Best wishes to you. I face it often.

June V
Try and live for each day at a time and not worry about tomorrow, do some form of physical exercise this is a great help and your effort will be rewarded, trust me I suffered for years with depression, tell someone if its bad , talk about it, you will feel better. x

Michael a
Listen 2 ure fav music

Any kind of exercise - feels really hard to get started but feel so much better once I've done it.

Truthfully Arrogant
Take a piece of paper and write down everything that puts a smile on your face. It works for me.

Sometimes it is to do something distracting - like answering question on yahooanswers. Sometimes it is to cry, then try to figure out what made you so frustrated that you cried about it, and then plan what to do to relieve the frustration.

Spend some time with someone special, or someone that's prepared to listen to you - i've had some really low times and have attempted suicide a couple of times, so I know what it's like to be low and it can be very difficult.

Music is good too, or a dvd - a funny dvd one to make you smile and be happy. Or maybe a computer game too - anything to keep your mind active :)

Put some music on that you love

julie J2006
gets lots of sleep and eat properly, dont binge oon choc or booze cos you will feel so much worse after

What you have already done: admit it. This is a very big step, actually, to getting past it all. For example, some people try to cover it up by drinking. They go out to bars or nightclubs and try to mask their real feelings with alcohol. That is just one example of the consequences of not telling the truth to yourself. If you are feeling low right this minute, don't run away from it. Go sit down and look at it. What triggered it? In other words, get into it and explore it so you stand a better chance of avoiding it if it wants to come around for Round Two. Yesterday, I had the kind of day where I didn't really know what I wanted to do all day long. I finally went and just sat down. In a few minutes, I thought about something I had been putting off for quite awhile. I went up into our attic and began to organize everything, boxing up all the stuff there that just isn't me anymore. Why am I telling you this? Because sometimes we have a lot of stuff around us that really isn't us anyone, and there it sits. And sits. And sits. No forward movement, just like the way you are feeling right now. Is there a connection? Very likely there is. For example, hop up from your computer for just a second and go over to your closet, there, and just open the door and look at some of the stuff you're hanging on to. Is it you any more? Bringing yourself current is a great way to overcome or conquer the blahs. But listen: it;s perfectly okay to feel low, depressed, out of it, uninspired or whatever way you are feeling that you'd like to change. Psychologists all tell us the first step out of any funk or down period in our lives starts with giving ourselves the complete okay to feel the way we know we are really feeling, so by simply asking your question here, you have already done about 75% of the solution. You know you're feeling low, so you have a starting point. You don't sound like it is as bad as being really depressed. What I mean by that is you haven't gotten into bed and pulled the covers over your head. You are still taking meals. You are still acting civil toward others. But one thing you can do is to do what is called: vent. Vent means to talk it out to someone who cares about you. Someone who will listen while you just say "Look, I feel pretty awful right now and I need to talk about it and get past it." You need to see if you can find what it was that did it to you - got you feeling this way - and then do the next step which is to reclaim control over you and the situation, so you are not being pushed or dragged along by it any longer. If you are feeling lonely, call someone. Don't just accept it all. When I am feeling low or uninspired, I go and sit down and quiet my brain. When it quiets down, then I think about something I really would like to tackle or tear into. Some project. Maybe get in touch with someone I haven't heard from for awhile. In closing, please remember this, will you? I am going to remind you we all go through this feeling from time to time. All of us here on Yahoo! Answers have known times when we have felt, as you have put it so well here, "low." We know the feeling. It is okay to visit feeling low, but the whole point of my answering you is to just remind you visit, yes, but to stay there and get stuck, definitely, no. So, as soon as you get quiet inside, step forward and begin something. Even if it's just washing your hair or telephoning a friend for a few minutes. I hope this has helped you in some small way to realize we care about how you are feeling, and hope you will be "up and at 'em" again very soon. This is sent to you with all the positive energy I can find from Chris in South Portland, Maine, U.S.A. (I am 63 years old.)

Depends on how often you feel low? If only now and again ... then do something you like.

If often.....Speak to your psychologist, let them recommend you to a good psychiatrist. Then they'll prescribe you stuff and you'll never be blue again.

Get some exercise. Even if you realy don't feel like it, just getting up and out, for a walk or a run, or maybe go swimming. It will give you a bit of a lift.

If you can, go walking. Just a quick one to start with and increase as you like.
There are immediate, well acknowledged mood lifting benefits to be had from this simple exercise. That's why more and more doctors are prescribing walking for low mood.


Don't listen to the "pot heads" or meth addicts. The best thing to do when feeling low is to exercise. It releases endorphins, the body's natural mood stabilizers.

Listen to MUSIC!! This might just be me, but music is my favorite thing ever, it always makes me feel better! :) good luck

Write a journal saying whatever you are feeling and why. Write it all out no matter how long it takes or wither it makes sense or not then try and answer any issues that have shown up as you have been writing when you have done all you can close the book, go and having a relaxing bath and imagine all your stresses going down the plug hole with the water.

Ring a friend, watch something funny or just chill but give yourself a break. Its ok to feel low we all do sometimes but if it goes on for too long you might need to see your doctor or find someone to talk to about it.

Annette D
Best - Go outside - if you have no energy, just sit, or if you can go for a walk. Things seem different.

This is step 1 only. However, each person with depression should make up a crisis plan. 1st step, 2nd step(call in support via crisis lines, counsellors, or friends), 3rd step, etc. A counsellor could help you.

What makes you happy?
A couple of recomendations to try:
1) Call a friend or family member, even if you don't tell them you are low, it will probably make you feel better.
2) If you have a pet, play with them! A little PT (puppy therapy) is good. If you dont have one, go to the petstore or a dog park and play with one there!
3) Help someone else
4) Find some funny websites! Make yourself laugh for a while!

Maxx Power
Be with friends and family that care about you, and generally attempt to avoid synthetic highs, such as drugs or alcohol or food.

Do something you enjoy. Talk to a close friend.

Find somebody who is less fortunate than yourself, and help them in some way.

Do a rotten job you've been putting off for ages.

That way you don't risk it making you feel bad, as you feel bad already, and you get a glow of achievement once you've finished it - so you feel a little better.

Cleaning out the car is usually one of my 'feeling low' jobs.

Make your glum constructive x

dark angel
i call a very special person or i will read his word in the mail that he sends me it maks me so happy he makes me feel so good

Depends on the reason or how low..

One cathartic thing to do is to write about what is making you feel so lousy - allow yourself a good cry. Hot bath, tunes you love and giving yourself a bit of tlc by letting things that can wait - like chores - wait also helps.

Keep in mind too that there is probably a reason you are feeling bad - explore that and no matter how lousy you feel remember that this too will pass and you will feel better soon.

Best of luck

Count your blessings!

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