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 How weird is this?
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i have tried and failed at this and i believe i was supposed to go the first time, my life is completly empty and i am numb, i have no feelings for nothing...nobody can understand me and i can see ...

Who Thinks That School Causes Most Of The Suicides???
Its Either That Or Family. School Has Alot of These People Who Dont Have Any Friends And Get Made Fun Of. Well I Used To Be One Of Those K...

 Anyone know any good ways to stop cutting?
i cut myself...and i really need to stop, andi WANT to stop like no other, but its like a drug, it pulls you in adn you cant get back out, im clinically depressed, adn on meds for it, and cutting, ...

 What do you do when you're depressed? What helps?

 Ways to make you feel better when you are sad, other than drugs and alcohol!?
Okay so i am really depressed and furiously angry cause of some emotional issue(long story) and was wondering what you people do to feel better when life is low. I mean listening to metal music only ...

 I am crushed by life; can someone see some answer?
I have tried much and achieved nothing; mocked by idiot neighbors, penniless, without family and friends and ashamed. I can't fake it anymore, I'm not going to be anything in life. I'...

 I wanna be an actress.... but i might die????
im an aspiring actress. there's no doubt in my mind that i wont make it. but im scared. im scared that a crazy fan will shoot me or that i will die in a plane crash like the late aaliyah. i get ...

 Do you think that self harm can be understood by people who have not self-harmed themselves??
Like, people who have been close to the harmer, or even people who have had no experience of self-harm in their lives. Can it be understood or just accepted?? Answers from both sides of the fence ...

 Are you sleepy?

 My dad and uncal keep raping me and hurting me what should i do?
can someone help me i have left home 5 weeks ago but my dad and uncal still control me they have been raping me since i was 5 years old i am now 22 years old. they keep telling me if i don't do ...

 I got a problem,help!?
Whenever i leave the house or go to bed,i spend alot of time checking everything is locked,windows shut,taps off,and all plugs off etc. It's taking over my life. After i have closed the front ...

 Will u read my poem?
i came into this world screaming
by age 17 the fight is gone

i want it to end
with every hit i take
it gets harder to remember who i really am

thinking back to ...

 I feel sad because I'm ugly.What can I do?

 ***PLEASE READ***<-please tell me what this sounds like!....thanks?
i am on a very strict diet, i only allow liquids for most of the day. when i do eat, it must be alone!
i exercise a lot (i biked 8 miles yesterday, in an hour) i do at least 40 sit ups a night. ...

 Blind! HELP! IM BLIND!?

 What makes you go crazy?

What reasons are there to live?
What exactly is the point to life?

For me I think it is to give us a chnace to be somebody. I know that sometimes it doesn't make much since, but life itself can be good. I think the most wonderful thing about life is bringing a new life into the world. If you are as lucky as I was to find your solemate, then life is truely beautiful. Life is sharing your good times and your bad times with the most important person to you, be your mom, dad, sister brother, and yes even your solemate.

Reasons; being able to ask the question; how you will feel when you find it; how you will feel if you don't try and fiind it; that no matter how bad things get, inevitably they will also get better; Sun on your face just after it's rained etc.
The point to life is that just by living you have an effect, you choose if that is good or bad but probably like most of us you will eventually settle for most good and some bad. Life is given in hope and love, don't waste it!

bernie c
Have a look at the question I asked last night think the answers will give you something to think about also am very happy tonight the stars twinkling and a little chilly but it's nice am sitting nice and warm with my little dog indoors I love life

Whatever reason you have found to live up until now. What has kept you from killing yourself up until right this very moment?

That may be a good place to start in finding your own reason to live / point to life...

It is different for everyone. Best of luck.

if you think your life has no point then I suggest you turn around and count your blessings. Visit a hospice, visit and help at a unit for the handicapped. Handicapped people have had accidents as well. You will see how well off you are

to see the sun rise the sun set sorry that's flippant who knows I don't know why I'm here there's obviously a reason just like there is a reason for your existence maybe its to question and answer who knows just take each day as it comes set a goal wish I had a smart answer but I don't I'm just human

lots of reasons..the beautiful weather,, christmas is coming.

When the point of life is what we get out of it and how it makes us feel, there is none. However, God didn't create us to worry about ourselves and our good feelings all the time. He made us to fellowship with him, to be a witness of him. When we come to realize that because of our ancestors Adam and Eve that we have genetically a sin nature (this is our condition) and that we can do nothing about it then we are able to understand just how much God still loved us despite that. He made His son Jesus sin on our behalf (He placed all of mankind's sin nature on him) so we could be saved. That is a reason to live. God loved you so much that he allowed his Son to die for you.He then rose three days later and returned a short time later to Heaven to prepare a place for all who accept Jesus' sacrifice. The point of life is to be God's messenger of some very good news for mankind.

to many reasons to live than there is space for here

to see the nice guy that'll marry you. to see a newborn.

Gene Rocks!
To see if the sun rises tomorrow. The dead know only one thing: it's better to be alive.

Not being dead and freinds (sounds corny but its true)

to be able to see tomorow-to see your friends and family again, to spend time with them and to try to acheive happiness

Men are that they may have joy.

You made the choice to come to this earth long before you were actually born here. You chose your family, your trials... You did that becuase you were told the greatest joy would come when you gained a body. You were told that you would have these trials in this body, temptations, etc.. and you joyfully accepted these things.

Remmber who you are... you were born with special gifts. You are not by chance. You were sent here for a reason. You need to seek out thru prayer that reason. You little sister have devine worth. Only you can live your life and fulfill your mission here.

Life is hard, but its way harder without the Lord.


Choose the right-

Jon Boy
You sound as though you have almost given up!

I cannot give you a difinitive answer and I wish the people who give such insensitive answers would not be so self indulgent.

If you are not happy please speak to those close to you and those you care about and maybe you'll see why you shouldn't give up. After all you care for them and they care for you.

Someone mentioned their children and their children. My children are aged 15 and 20 now. They are fantastic and they keep me here, they make every day worth living despite the struggle.

Also I live for my work, when I see that I have made a difference it keeps me motivated, I know there are things to feel good about.

You may have a search to find what will make a difference to you, but I am sure that it is there, if you look for it.

hmm...i don't know.i am a little bit pessimistic

To try your best in every day so you can look back at the end of it all and realize what a difference you really make.

The point of life is for living, your Ma and Pa did'nt bring you into this world for you to leave it(if thats what you have in mind...hope not !) especially before they do, how hurt would they be, now pull yourself together and live life to the max...be happy !!!!

John S
I dont know, but if your life was in danger you would fight tooth and nail to live.

Curious George
Well if you went here firstly i would not of answered you.......And Then I might be bored !.
But Life is for living, And not something we have done wrong earlier !!.
So Enjoy it to the full

i dont know, your gonna die anyway

To treat others with love and respect. Help others. Don't take anything for granted because your life can change in a heartbeat.

to see if we are alone in the universe! and if we are not when the aliens are going to invade! - and whatever seams bad today may not seem as bad tomorrow.

rob p
There is no point to life.

Got your attention? Good. At first glance this is a rather inappropriate answer to a question from someone obviously finding things tough. Allow me to explain.

None of us are born with a point to life. Therein lies its beauty.

If we were pre-appointed a "point" in coming onto this world (call it fate, or destiny if you will) we would not be free to choose are own destiny, to find our own point to life. A point to life is not something we are given or assigned at birth and veiled in secrecy until it slowly but surely reveals itself. It's up to you to choose a point to life. Want to help people? Work for charity. Want to protect what you believe in? Become a soldier. Want to see your community a better place to live? Become a cop. Just make sure you do choose to have a point to life.

Ambition is critical.

However life isn't about destinations. It's about the journey. Make sure youre working towards something you truley enjoy and believe in, that doesnt require you sacrifice your now for the future. With enough enthusiasm for life, anything is possible. Now do me a favour - take a good look outside your window. Theres a whole world out there, dangerous and crazy and beautiful and exiting. And its full of reasons to live, of oppertunities and points to life. And here's the crazy thing...

It's all yours.

I hope this helps. Just dont suffer in silence - look at all these complete strangers who will / have messaged you caring. People are generally good. The world is generally a good place.

Now smile...!

graham f
wot better reason could there be but to help others in need. my lifes pretty awful wiv no great prospects for the future but helping others helps me. my lifes not always been like this. i`ve had a lot of good times but i`m at a transitional point in my life. my mum died nearly 2 years ago, my dads not in great shape now, my dog is in poor health and i just wonder wot it`s all about. i`m not very strong mentally but the one thing i do know is it wont always be like this. i really hope this helps

To dance, to sing, to laugh, to worship, to love, to make a difference, to change, to explore, to discover, to experiement, to make everyday count....I can go on and on

Life is what you make it

dr h lecter
maybe theres reason coming later
........ possibly i just have to wait long enough and i will see a reason later.

anyway deaths inevitable and looks pretty permanent so why not do something interesting in the meantime.

Short answer, It beats the alternative! (death)
Longer answer- we're all here to learn lessons and become more evolved souls. The more experiences you have in life, good and bad, the more empathetic you are to others who are in similar situations. You learn compassion through life experiences, which take time. We live to see what happens next!

The hope that things will get better

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