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 Do you think that self harm can be understood by people who have not self-harmed themselves??
Like, people who have been close to the harmer, or even people who have had no experience of self-harm in their lives. Can it be understood or just accepted?? Answers from both sides of the fence ...

 Are you sleepy?

 My dad and uncal keep raping me and hurting me what should i do?
can someone help me i have left home 5 weeks ago but my dad and uncal still control me they have been raping me since i was 5 years old i am now 22 years old. they keep telling me if i don't do ...

 I got a problem,help!?
Whenever i leave the house or go to bed,i spend alot of time checking everything is locked,windows shut,taps off,and all plugs off etc. It's taking over my life. After i have closed the front ...

 Will u read my poem?
i came into this world screaming
by age 17 the fight is gone

i want it to end
with every hit i take
it gets harder to remember who i really am

thinking back to ...

 I feel sad because I'm ugly.What can I do?

 ***PLEASE READ***<-please tell me what this sounds like!....thanks?
i am on a very strict diet, i only allow liquids for most of the day. when i do eat, it must be alone!
i exercise a lot (i biked 8 miles yesterday, in an hour) i do at least 40 sit ups a night. ...

 Blind! HELP! IM BLIND!?

 What makes you go crazy?

 Ever get so mad you want to bite or cut yourself?
This has happened to me sometimes- but I never actually go through with it. Anyone else expierence this? And no, I am not this crazy out there type of girl. No one would ever think I had the ...

 Is self-injuring/cutting ok?
i have been doin it for 2 yrs now..i think it's ok..as long as i dun show it to anyone..coz sum of my frens who found out..they freaked out ..after seeing the band-aid/blood/cuts...so is it ok?.....

 What do you do to cheer yourself up when you feel hopeless and depressed?

 I hate the world today?
I'm such a ***** and hate it. I have been mean all day to people who love me. I have anger problems. I just wish everyone whould die and leave me alone. I hate everyone. I think I hate you too. D...

 Why am i still on yahoo answers when i should be going to bed?
yes its addictive quite fun and nice to hear peoples point of view but for f**k sake why cant i get a grip on myself chill out and go to bed!!!! lol
Additional Details

 I just caught my husband eating toilet paper?
I asked why he was eating it, he said he was just wadding it up in his mouth. ???!!! whats wrong with him!
Additional Details
yes, I ...

 Where do you go when you die?

 If i didnt have my parents i would have killed myself by now.need soem help?
i just feel horrible i have a math teacher that is driving me insane i wanted to kill myself since the day i stepped in her door at the beggining of the year. she piles homework on me andwonders why ...

 Why do people laugh at me when i go outside?
Why do people seem to laugh at me when i go outside and face the world? People just always seem to look at me and alot of others will laugh in their cars. I am a 17 year old indian guy and consider ...

 How long should you mourn before you carry on with your every day routine?
I'll try and keep this short :)

A very good friend of mine was only 27 and killed by a drink driver two weeks ago.

After this I started over eating, stopped going to the ...

 Are you scared to die? Why or not?
Many people have died since my life began and since my Granmother passed on the 22nd of December I feel kind of lost and scared of death. Mostly when I am alone and the kids are asleep.......

Miss Confused...
What r u most afraid off?

Samantha C
In a life and death situation making the choice between one family member and another

Something bad happening to my kids. I have a very vivid imagination and am always thinking of ways they may get hurt. my middle child had a drowning incident and although made a full recovery it has made me even more scared a things can happen so quickly.

The beltsander
Emily Bishop from Coronation Street.

Her reassuringly sensible cardigans send shivers down my spine

Barry Scott from the cillit bang ad's also gives me the heeby jeebys, in fact last night a malteaser popped out.

(You should have seen my face)

Being alone. Not having time to myself, but actually having no-one. It scares me so much!

Loosing my partner


people finding out what i am most afraid off in case they try to make me face my fear and that would terrify me

well considering i have got to have neuro surgery on FRIDAY 13th ( not joking either ) i will have to say dying at 34.

I am most afraid of fear itself , no clear reason no logic how can you fight fear with out a trigger object to focus on.

myself !

the phone lol.why? well i have had many bad nasty phone calls making me not to like using the phone. also earwigs as my sister used to say they crawl on to your pillow at night into your ears and eat your brains.very funny but scared me to death when i was wee now i shudder when i see them

Crooked Policeman

memory loss, being all alone with no-one around ever again, and dying alone. Lonliness.

Losing my marbles again. I have recurrent depression and I do fear it each time I start to get the symptoms again.

Myself, for reasons i cannot go into.

Outliving my child.

Dharma- nator
Waking up and finding I really am naked on a bus.

somethng happening to my family. i love them :]

whats you fear?

.i do not like heights

ϐabyloϞiaϞ βaЯbaЯiaϰ
hybrid spiders that have 22 legs..thet look hideously freaky and disturbing to look at. they move faster than the normal spiders. they dont run from you either, they run towards you

My husband dying

everyone i love dying. i dream about it! :(

sharks and failure! you?!

My children getting hurt

Something happening to me and my son having to grow up without his mother. Every child needs their mother and I would hate for him to experience that kind of pain. There was a young mother who was brutally killed in my (original) hometown. Her son was only two. He didn't understand and cried for his daddy to open the coffin and wake mommy up. That is the most horrible thing. I would never want my child to experience that.

right now pigeons I tried to like them but they are rats with wings and now have no fear of humans.

Also the fear of rejection.

Shark attack!

My pet hamster

not sure
i am most afraid of depression, i have it and i am fighting it sucesssfully at the moment and dont want to go bk to it.

my son getting hurt,pain-hurt

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