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 Are you scared to die? Why or not?
Many people have died since my life began and since my Granmother passed on the 22nd of December I feel kind of lost and scared of death. Mostly when I am alone and the kids are asleep.......

 Does life get better or worse as you get older?

 Shall i commit suicide becasuse i am depressed?

 Females only! How old are you and How many hours of sleep do you get a day on weekdays?
i need to do this for my math class Please help me Thanksss!!...

it all started 5 months ago with my aunt dying, i started picking fights with my friends and family. I only like hanging out with 2 of my friends. I have been really depressed and I don't know ...

 I cant stop cutting myself?
I have been cutting all over my body for about 6 months. On my legs arms and sides. No matter how hard i try i just feel like I have to keep cutting. Its too the point where all i can think about is ...

 Is it weird that I'm affraid of penutbutter?

Additional Details
I'm afraid I'll suddenly become allergic to it and my throat will close and I'll die
cause I ...

 I m afraid of the computer, how do I stop my fear??

 I Accidently Cheated On My Girlfriend Last Week?
and I confessed to her, she hit me, ran out and broke up with me.

Then I saw her on campus yesterday all hugged up on some nerd. I was furious.

I'm just a vulnerable guy. ...

 Please would someone cheer me up?
Crying over work, family and boyfriend. No friends I can talk to, feel really low...

 Why is cutting yoursef bad?
i dont understand why people freak out if you cut yourself, yea i know it means youre hurting inside, bla bla bla but everyone hurts sometimes and everyone else deals with it differently no one else ...

 What depresses you just at the thought of it?
I get really depressed when my get bloated and when I'm broke....

 If I die, will anyone care? (seriously)?
I have nothing to live for, and I give up......

I'm on the edge of doing it.
My family hates me. My parents are acholics.
I think my dads abusive. I tried to help my mom, and get her to move, didn't work.
And everyone ...

 Please help me. Im feeling suicidal?
My ex said he doesnt love me about 4 months ago. im lonely and wish someone would love me. I cry sore at night with so much pain in my heart. I dont wana live anymore
Additional Details

 Am i a freak; Not on looks or anything?
Am i a freak because i choose not to wear make up ?

If i wanted to i would and could, but i just choose not to because i think i look better naturally.

Its just the school im ...

 My Rice Crispies are telling me to kill , should I listen ?

 Can I have a hug?
I'm scared and confused please can I have a hug?...

 What's a good stress reliever?

 Suicide should i just do it?
i tryed it befor and im am seeing a counserler and i try my beast to stay happy but then i get deppersed again and i mean realy deppersed school is realy hard for me and so was life at home my dad ...

What makes you go crazy?

too many thing to do and not a lot of day light to do it! or when I need things to do and my body shut down.

people that pull out in front of you when your driving and drive 5 friggin miles an hour, i would just love to bash in to them sometimes. i just cant stand people that cant drive, or talk on the cell phone and drive.

Paying $3 a gallong for gas! It cost me $30 to fill up my friggin HONDA CIVIC! Insanity!

People who are always looking for beef or something to ***** about. Can't we live and let live.

stress, something tramatic that hapens or has hapened to u, bi polar, anything basically

Are you asking what drives a person crazy in their every day life, like people telling me stuff and then doing the opposite and it makes me so mad my pants turn purple and I grow big and green? Or are you wondering what makes a person, even yourself go crazy?

Like certifiable insanity or something. Insanity is a legal term and can only be determined by a court of law. Various mental illness' have genetic, socialogical or abusive causes. Illegal drugs, alcohol abuse can help start a person down the hell that is mental illness. Tramautic events can cause enormous problems for individuals. And sometimes there is no determinable cause, just like a person who doesn't smoke and excercises regularly can suffer a heart attack or develop cancer.

my boyfriend and sugar.

Oreos make me go hyper.

James Franco, but in a good way.
And in the other way, being bored... it gets me on my nerves!

being missed treated


bad drivers

eatin pu**y

Lack, excess or lack and excess at the same time of neurotransmitter substances such as Dopamine for schizophrenia, serotonin for depression...

when my husband loves me all over!! He does some things that make me want to ... I just lose my mind

Kara B
when someone tells me one thing and does another and also when someone is bugging me and picking at me an won't leave me alone it drives me insane.

ma. loen l
I'm crazy during monthly cyle.....you know women's thing..hormones makes me crazy,trying not to,but i can't help it.Anybody there,like me?

Amanda O
Getting kissed on my neck!

I'll have to go with stoner girl on this one taco bell and maybe after that quiet time with stoner girl....Ahh hah hah hah hah...Yup, positively certified alright..

People doing stupid thing is what drives me crazy and people asking stupid things. And when people do nice things for other and they dont say thanks its just not right.

When the government tells you, " We don't know and we can't help you."

When things doesnt happen the way I want them to.

Gypzy De
Deception, dishonesty or broken promises done to me intentually. Physical or verbal abuse of children or women.

LiTlE mIsSy
people saying you have a stupid question while not getting to contact them.

yOUNG Buck

Stupid people

people who things that get themselves hurt or dead then the public feels all sorry for them.

For example a few years a go this moron in Long Island NY was using professional grade firework. He dropped it down the tube lit the fuse and when it didn't go off he stuck his head over the opening and it took his head off. The next day people were crying and saying or the poor man etc etc.

The guy was a moron too damn bad


Lots of things, I thinking your not talking about something as 'a girl makes me go crazy.'

Too many things to list. But here is a few that come to mind:

1) Continuing rising cost of living.

2) Increase in selfish and materialistic ppl in society

3) Lack of respect and care for our environment.

Insane people

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