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 Should I kill myself?
I mean i rushed a frat, went to all the events, seemed as if I were on good terms with all the brothers, got invited to the invite-only formal, and somehow didn't get a big. Why bother to keep ...

 I am a teen and feel depressed, what should I do?
1. I am 15 years old.

2. I am very intelligent, ie. gifted/genius.

3. My parents call me a recluse.

4. I can't interact with other people that I don't know.<...

 How can someone on Y!A think they can diagnose you with a mental disorder or personality based on 1 question?
Based on a brief question, 1 lady called herself, trying to diagnose me with Cluster B personality traits & narcissistic. No one has ever called me that before!

& I know I have low ...

 Iam depressed .I take 60 mg paxil aday.and i am stillsuicidal.Iam struggling alot. I feel miserable.?
Additional Details

 I am addicted?
I am addicted to the internet
I cant stop
what to Do
Additional Details

 Can someone help me not 2 think about suicide?
sometimes i really wanna die and i almost kill myself its just that its about my parents because i get irritated when they dont understand me and no matter in how mayy ways i tell them. its also ...

 My younger sister has confided in me that she hears nasty voices in her head,shes 13.what could this be?
she says it usually happens when shes on her own and its two people,arguing ,usually or telling her to do things.Its happened at school a few times and she said she cant concentrate ,she seemed ...

 Why are so many people jealous?
Just look at this... http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=ApljqnBNVMpaL44MnwPBxdPsy6IX?qid=20060621184832AAKs3K2
Jealousy is sad.
Additional Details

 Why am I so depressed?
I'm so depressed I think im going to commit ...

 Is being lonely good or bad?

Additional Details
WHich do u think is worser, Being lonely or feeling lonely even with companions?...

 Do you believe in hope ?
I'm soo happy I made it to 16 years of life, the 14 years I spent happy and the other two I just been in I spent depressed and on the breaking point where I can committ suicide at any moment but ...

 I feel suicidal?
Today has been a nightmare, so stresful, even my therapist doesn't call me for 4-5 weeks for another appointment. nobody gives a damn and im not ringing them..*** them. i cant deal with life and ...

 What could be wrong with someone who is unable to hold a minimum wage job? Can't pretty much anyone do an?
adequate job at one?...

 Self harm, Think i'm losing it?
i started about 2 3 years ago ermm it started off first time ever was at work. then when i started getting depressed and was numb and panicie. now i do it for them reasons plus i see the scars and ...

 Carnt sleep please help!!!!?
please please help i have not been sleeping for a couple of months now and its really getting me down am really stressed and things are getting on to of me. am usually a happy go lucky girl who is ...

 Apart from shooting myself, is there any cure from absolute grief?
I'm looking for reasoned answers here, not from r&s people.
I'm losing control of my perception of reality. What is the point of stuggling on through a debiliating illness and ...

 What would you do to shock me?

 Do u sometimes wish to die?
I am only 15 almost 16!!i find my life really hard specially having my GCSEs exams!there is too much pressure on me!!sometimes i feel extremely depressed and i wish to die in order to get away from ...

 My dad has a brain disease, that will kill him... i dont kno if my friends can help... should i tell them?
this disease is eating his brain away hes 50 years old... it makes him forget how to talk and think... he also is making my mom break down to a sad mess... the docters have no clue how long it will ...

 I hear voices THEY ARE REAL everyone looks at me like im mad but i swear im not they tell me to hurt myself
i hear voices they ARE real i no they are
my mum looks at me like im mad
she took me to see a man and they put me in this plane room for 2 weeks
why cant they hear or see what i see?<...

What is the best way to relax/get rid of stress?
i have been up tight lately. ive tried burning incense. but what else?

Listen to music.
Have a long, relaxing bath.
Go out to nature if you can.

Don't let yourself think about the things that make you stressed for a while. Like when you're at home, don't think about work, or if there is a problem in your life, take a little break for a couple of hours and decide you are going to focus on something else than the problems.

I hope this helps. This is what usually works for me.

listen to classical music and deep breath

Try watching a funny movie or show and have a good laugh. Or go out with someone who you know will make you laugh. Laughter is a great stress buster. You might also want to try Chamomile tea and scented candles along with some low, relaxing music.

yoga or normal exercises. soft music and songs! go 4 a massage, spa, foot reflexology, etc. those would be really great!

listen to music, and write down whatever comes to mind, it could be a poem, and it could be venting, but relieving it is what matters.

Or go to the beach lay out. Or the park and draw anything that comes to mind...

The pool is fun and relaxing, or the jaccuzzi with some alcohol hehe... enjoy! =-]

BEST OF ALL>>> Getting a massage, its exp at times, but it totally can relieve you of stress, and relax you for days!!! :)

legally? umm i just go to my karate dojo, and beat stuff up all day, sweat it off, and then drink some good Green Tea and take a nap.

im not really sure i was wondering that myself....when u get the answer will u please let me know? ty

smoke a spliff dude

Holosync by Centerpointe Research Institute.
Meditate link a Buddist Monk.

Exercise, write your thoughts out, hot bath with candles and a glass of wine, massage, a walk on the beach, meditation, vacation to a place you have never been to, exercise and exercise


exercise is a good relaxer. it releases feel good endorphines. eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep is very good for relieving stress as well. stress could be a sign that there is an underlying medical condition as well. maybe you should go see your doctor soon. keep hydrated. and maybe talking to a good friend or a therapist could help as well. stress is a sign...a sign that something has got to change. listen to your body and your mind and do something for yourself everyday.

find something simple to do with your hands, like knitting or knot tying, focus only on what your hands are doing, turn off the voices in your mind, focus on your hands, eventually a question will be resolved in your head.

have you ever been tanning. I only go for 8 min, every other day. It feels so good and increases the levels of serotonin in you body. You'll feel so relaxed.
An added bonus, you'll have fabulous color.

Another great way to relax/ de-stress...fill a small sachet with fresh Lavender. Put this in your pillow. You'll sleep like a baby and wake up feeling well rested.

Exercise is the best way. Also, take a long walk along places where you can see nature (flowers, trees, etc.) Train your mind to think positive things.

Take a hot bath and read a good book

help me
try imagining being in a "happy place" in your mind, for about 1/2 an hour everyday. Good luck + God bless

Music and workouts are good enough for me.

Check out (http://www.reducingstress.net/ ) there is a lot of great content and information on the subject there.
Also the stresseraser is a great product, you can find it at (http://www.buystresseraser.com )

Cammomile Tea, health food stores also sell tea to calm nerves and help you relax and refocus, but just regular cammomile works great.

Try X-Lax

Play mahong tiles. Its a great computer game.

do some herion

The best way is weed! Antidepressants, you now pills cutting yourself, I'm sorry to admit it but it is the best way.

Read the Bible, Talk to God for real. It works for me. Find a quite place,and build a relationship with God . It really does work. Have faith.

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