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what do you think about it?...

 Is anyone as lonely and depressed as me this christmas eve?
I am watching repeats of british sitcoms at 6pm on christmas eve on my own and I feel gut-wrenchingly lonely and depressed. Anyone else feel like this?
Additional Details
Some of your ...

 Can anyone give me a reason to stay alive?
i have two more things to lose; my freedopm and my life. i am tired of being a ...

 What are ways that i can fight depression?
im 13 and i have alot of depression in my life. Like dealing with my fathers death, my mothers remarrige, my mothers sickness, my weight, my low self esteem, etc. i have alot going on and i have a BAD...

 I wanna die?
I want to die.
I'm 13 and in the 8th grade. I've always hated school. A year ago my old therapist told me I have a slight case of depression, now I'm sure that it's ...

 Why can't I grieve?
My mother died three weeks ago but although I loved her and thought the world of her and miss her terribly, I can't grieve. I can't even cry. I am unable to even form a picture of her in ...

 How do I rid myself of the pain and anger I am holding?
It's killing me....

How do you deal with depression? I've had fuoxetine tablets, counselling but none have worked. I feel constantly anxious all the time and i dread being in social situations. This is particularly ...

 Has my neighbour got mental health problems?
He has recently started parking his caravan in his own driveway then wheel-clamps it himself. Should I get Social Services involved?


 How do people with severe mental illness make it without suiciding?
I'm wondering if there are other people out there who have bipolar disorder or some other severe mental illness and none of the meds really work for them? And how they make it?I obsess about ...

 How can i awake early in the morning?

its driving me nuuts! everything is triggering me off! WHATS WRONG WITH ME?? WHEN WILL IT END???...

 Does the thought of death scare you more than anything?
Do you ever lay awake at night, or when you're bored, and start thinking about death and wondering if their is life after death and then you get really scared if there isn't because you ...

 How can I stop talking to myself it's really annoying!?
Some times when I'm thinking I realise I'm talking out loud.
Or I find myself going over situations in my head over and over again why is this....

 What is the best way to stop worrying so much?

 Help! It's 5 in the morning now and i can't sleep! Can somebody help how to make me sleep?

 I am very depressed.please help?
I am sick of fake people around me.I am really depressed about whats going on in my family.
I have no one whom I can be very close to.
my girl cheated on me.she is the one whom I trusted a ...

 How can I feel pretty?
Well, I'm dealing with post partum depression, and I feel the grossest I ever have in my life. I'm fatter than ever, but I'm picking on myself for every last thing. I dont look in ...

 Sometimes when i'm stressed out....?
i stop eating... is that bad?
then after not eating it's hard to start eating normal again or it makes me sick.......

 How can i find a way to get rid of my stress?

Sandra C
What is stressing you out at the moment in your life?
it seems like one worry goes away and another is there to take it's place. how do you become "stress free"?

zomakekim c
Realise that there is always someone worse off than yourself. I am still trying to find that person. How sad are we. There are so many, just watch the news.

Girl, my life has never been stress free. My oldest son is going to have to have surgery, My husband is a moron and i am looking or a job because we are flat broke. It is always something.

everything and your right one thing goes and another comes

Strives to be Something

School is the stress specially in 5Th grade.

angel 36
my broken arm and my upcoming operation my kids my job

Is life ever stress free. If it ain't one thing it's another I know.

la solitudine me
relax take a deep breath and stop panicking.....usually I do something I like to get away from it for a while and then go back to that.

Occasionally there have been times in my life when thing went smoothly. But with 6 children I always worry about how they are doing. Right now we are in the post depression cycle of Katrina. Also my sister in law came into town and they have a country place. She came with out her husband and there were trees across her drive way. So she calls her step father who is clear across country and he calls my husband to go over and cut the trees. Because we are not talking to her any more. Last year she came to my home and got into my face and screamed at me. Then when confronted she denied it. My feelings is that if he goes cuts her trees that she will think that its OK to come over here and do as she pleases. So a few days later I am talking to a friend whose husband is in a wheel chair. They live across the street from my sister in law. So who does my sister go to. The man and his wife came over with the chain saw to cut her trees. I mean I think that is very nice. But my sister in law has money she could have paid to have the trees removed from her drive way. We felt really bad that they came and did that for her because we would not. My sister in law thinks of only herself and how she can get people to do things for her. She is the youngest child of several brothers. Come from an alcoholic family. So that is what is stressing me.

kevin d
Cold toes should go put some socks on my feet I suppose

paige b
Right now I've got 2 ear infections, a cold, and pink eye! No joke! It's pretty odd.

school and graduating

i tell them to jesus, then he takes care of them always, im slowly learing to do this. My fiance is teaching me. its a great weight off my mind. He has a master plan for as all. So why worry about stupid things. Put them unto him and i know if your beleive and praise is true u will reap.
goodluck x

Bad neighbours stress us out, insessant barking from dogs and their kids throwing rubbish all over the close its enough to drive a nun to drink

My husband! A stress free life seems impossible.

Travlin' Grama
Procrastination - on getting little things done that I need to do today so I can get on with some fun things I have planned.

My health, then money
and lack of being able to give my kids anything they need, let alone want

My job.

pat e
car broke down,kitchen flooded three times in two weekshover not working properlydid not win the lottery but I just don't care otherwise I would go ga ga

Money.lack of. Why else would we all be here on a saturday night??

Andrea S
i just had an operation on my ellbow, trapped nerve, its driving me crazy.

Nova S
got back with girl friend after 2 weeks and shes been bonkin someone else, no job, only way to make money is move to london which i need money...

ahh but i gave up smoking, greatest thing i did in my life, got signed up to a masters uni degree,

it dosnt exist, to become stress free would be like being invinsible on an online computer game, great at first but hey i am bored with that after a while, yes one thing comes after the other and sometimes others are like piranhas and nip away at you..

no final thoughts on this one, stress is a higher state of thought...

whoaa that is stressing me

final thoughts.. sorry [edit] things come in 3's good luck 3 times bad 3 times

Twelve Monkeys
Not smoking, it's so bloody difficult, but hey I'm saving money which, further down the line, should enable me to worry less.

Find inner peace. Change the bad things that are going on in your life. Surround yourself with positive people. And just relax.

Alejandro D
college is my bigest stress!!!!!

Find hobbies that you enjoy, its the best way i cope

ashley m
my kids!

Joanie B
Taking care of my mom who is dying slowly, but I would not do anything differently.

michael m
my girl friend leaving me

Stress free is a common goal.
Try putting all of your problems down on paper. Then put them in too three groups.
Stuff I can change now, Stuff I may be able to work on later due to whatever.. and things out of my control.
Completely let go of the third group. Burn the list if you have too.
Keep the 2nd group as a list of future goals and chores.
Concentrate on the first list. It will help your stress to be able to take care of some of the stuff on the list.
Just do what you can...

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