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What is a good way to conquer a fear of needles ?
Someone very close to me has had a fear since they were little and this turns a simple vaccination into a hyperventilating experience.

just used it

[email protected]
try accupunture

sing a song bring a cd player music helps alot

Have the doctors become unsure whether one of several multiple illness when it turns out to just be mono. :(

I had so much blood taken that year that I no longer bat an eye at them.

I read recently that coughing as the needle goes in temporarily keeps you from feeling pain. You may try that, just be sure the nurse knows you are going to cough and for her to let you know. Just don't try to cover your mouth ;)

You may also want to look up strategies for calming an anxiety attack. That should give several good techniques to help deal with your issue.

Best of luck

needels are your friends.


dont, you dont need shots that often just deal with it when needed

pretend someone is pinching you, think of something funny while it happens, and don't look

What i do is have sometell me a story while the doctor gives me the shot and I'm focassed on the story instead of the needel!

oh needles are nothing too bad. my lil sis ---she is 4 years old---she volunteered enthusiastically to get her needle first before my mom, dad, me and brother. i got soo scared of them too before but then when i saw my sis get one with no problem and didnt even flinch.

you should tell him/her that it is nothing and if he has been told creepy stuff about getting needles by his friends or kids at school long time ago they were wrong and are just freaking you out. anywayz just keep him/her calm and take him into the office & get it done with

become a drug addict and like shooting heroin. that should cure you.

Tell them to not to ever look at what is going on. They must turn their heads away so that there is no reminder of the needle entering the body.

Obviously, a diagram can be drawn to show the person what heppens when the needle goes in, sholwing a real needle at the same time. This can desensatize the person.

I used to be very afraid of needles because I had one needle break in my arm, and another hit a nerve and my arm was unusable for a week.

But then I was diagnosed with severe allergies and needed to get 3 shots a week. I can handle it now, but I refuse to look. I found that shots were bearable as long as I didn't look at the needle.

I actually had a fear of needles as a child and as an adult. I had one experience as a child (perhaps the way the adults handled it) that made me frightened of not only the needles, but the adults who wielded them.

As an adult, I recall a few time getting a needle where it made me woozy and I was about to pass out; the angst of getting the needle as well as who was using it was enough to get me into the same hyperventilation state until I saw the "TV snow" and was about to pass out.

My fear was conquered, but only after I saw a loved one go through so much more than I had been subjected to. She was poked, prodded, given blood tests and intraveneous medication almost on a bi-weekly basis. There were several times that I had witnessed her facing the poking and prodding with no fear at all; the nurses and doctors that took care of her apparently made her comfortable enough to not think much of it.

After witnessing what she had gone through, my fear of needles had long subsided. This person, by the way, was my daughter.

We don't ever see exactly at times what happens when we stab our foot with the "nail" in the board, the cut from a whittling knife, or the deep cut that may be inflicted by a wild animal. That means that we don't need to watch while we need to get a 'needle' to give us medicine.

Without that needle, we may not be able to survive.

poke your self with one ...SLOWLY!!!

lt snow
more needles

you could whatch it on t.v. a few times or look at it on the internet until it jus becomes second nature

I'm not sure about conquering the fear, but a way to live with it is to not look at the needle during the vaccination. In fact, don't even look at the medical professional at any time during the procedure. I know it helps to lower the anticipation of pain, so it may help with fear of needles, too.

Here are a few websites to help with the fear:

You can read more information for yourself to help, or pass them along toy our friend. Good luck!

Needles hurt more when your muscles tense up. Turn your head away and blank your mind or concentrate on another thought while the doctor gives the shot. Don't worry, he will tell you when he is done.

Become a Type One Diabetic. =}


Big Will
Get a tattoo.

How should I know

Well I used to fear needles, but after a few years I just learned to assume it. I mean when I'm going to get stabbed (cause that what it feels like hehe) I just breathe in deep and say to myself "Ok you know it's going to hurt, but if you make a scene it will only make you look silly, take longer, and eventually hurt more" So I just look the other way and try to sing a happy tune while my voice trembles lol. (It also helps to have a kid in front of you looking wierd at you and probably asking himself "Now why is this idiot singing Mary Poppins?")

Look away.

tell him that needles are good things

Oh dear, well the way the world is today, just be thankful that this very young person is afraid of needles because you will never have to worry about them dying from drug addiction.

I don't know if this will be helpful, but my Grandmother once said, "If you are afraid of needles, learn how to sew."

A Friend of the Devil
heroin addiction?

seriously i know the feeling bad with needles i dont hyperventalte i lash out at the one with the needle. So i found if my gf holds my hand i am generally good. keeps my from threateing to put that needle in the doctors eye

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