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If you where that p****d off with life, to the point of committing suicide, how would you go out of this world?

Dont worry, im not p****...

Adam H
What do you think of 14 year olds who smoke?

DC ( I Rock) -Awesome-
he's stupid... smoking won't get him anywhere... I'm 15 and I get high on candy and sugar so I don't have to smoke :)

I feel sad. Pathetic. I started smoking at 14 (and quit 2 yrs ago) and I really only did it because it seemed like the thing to do. I was bored and smoking was a time taker. That's how I thought of it as an adult as well. I just think, man I hope I can keep my kids from smoking, and that it must be really hard. My mom and dad tried really hard and I got in trouble a LOT and nothing mattered. I smoked until I was 22.

The best advice i can give to you is to stop...i started when i was 13 i am now 40 and have one lung...it is not fun i thought it would never happen to me......good luck in your choice.....live or die...........................

nasty and more harmful to start at an early age

I think they are doing themselves a significant amount of damage and need to examine their habits.

star_ of_love_92
just one word : terrible. Smoking is not good for health .

pin ball
a 14 year old smoker will die of cancer or some other smoke related illness at an early age. dying at 50 might not be a problem to a 14 year old but its cause for concern aged 49 ,,,,,,

not much
not too bright
prolly broke
see ya later

Tenn Gal
It only shows ignorance and stupidity on their part.

Miss. Miss.
they are stupid and trying to be cool

when they have no idea the consequences of their actions.

I also think their parents need to take them over the knee!

no one should ever smoke!!!! and a 14 year old especially?? talk about a huge turn off. anyone under i think 18 isnt allowed to smoke, so there you go.

the same as i thimk of every other 14 year old...............pains in the ****.!!!!!

Dan Theman
The same thing i think of anyone else that smokes these days - they are idiots. I understand people from a few generations back when no one knew how bad it was, but current times give people no reason whatsoever to start.

They're stupid

ஐ♥P u S s y CaT♥ஐ♥its a GIRL!!!!
nuts! its insane and illegal

Silly sods. They need to be given an alternate pastime.

Way to young☺

just me
I think that is gross, and that they are just trying to feel "cool"...it's a waste of money, and a horrible habit to get into...especially so young...

i think they r ignorant and need to get a better hobby

From where I'm from, any kid who smokes is a loser. Yeah, strange eh? 14 year olds are kids. 18 year olds are kids. Any of those who smoke are considered losers in my city.

Mr. Taco
I think the same thing about them that I think about anyone who smokes: what a waste and a shame.

i think they look just as dumb as any one else who smokes


It's pretty sad. Because at that age, they are only doing it to be "cool." We're all guilty of doing stupid stuff when we were young though.

Hoptoad City
major losers. Smoking is such a waste of money.

i think they need help. my brother is 14 and just started smoking. they only do it to get attention and fit in socially. its not because they want to feel the Nicotine rush...its dumb

Diane A
They are nasty. Imagine what they will look like when the ravages of smoking hit their skin and lungs in 10yrs. YUCK

they will die soon y?

lung cancer.

first thing that pops in my head is.....STUPID KIDS!!!!

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