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What do you really think about suicide?????
i was abused when i was little and have never been able to move on from it. i have tried to kill myself several times and self harm. i know that it hurts the people who love me but i can't help it. was feeling ok for a while and had stopped cutting but got drunk last week and cut my leg. have also been having thoughts about dying again. ive had counselling, seen psyciatrist, am on anti-depressants and am Hopefully taking the dirty f***er to court. i just feel that its always gonna be there and i'm always gonna want to die to make the pain go away!!!!! its not like i have nothing to live for, i am engaged and have 2 kids & great job. what is wrong with me???????

The best is yet 2 come.........
i think it's a s selfish act but it also a act of desperation that is far beyond the grasps of anyone who has never been depressed. when you feel like suicide is the only way out then you need help.See if you can see a psychiatrist again to speak through your feelings.if you are scared you are going to do yourself some harm sooner than later ring a helpline like mind or the Samaritans or ring your doctor and explain to them how you feel
good luck

I had thoughts of suicide before I went on medication (Paxil, now Prozac). My opinion on suicide now is that it is not necessary as long as I'm physically healthy because that is something to be thankful for. The medication really helped pull me up from the depths of mental illness so I would recommend trying medications until you find the right one.

what do I think about suicide ....this is so hard to answer .....my nephew took his own life 3yrs ago he was only 17 ..he self harmed we loved him ..he and we tried to get him help ..he just couldn't stand the pain and we couldn't understand .... we still don't ..but geeeeese I'm sitting here weeping ..why couldn't I help him ....I didn't know the pain ...but I know the pain we as a family feel with his loss it must be on a Parr with yours and there is no release it will be with us for ever something we will all have to live with for ever it causes all sort of mayhem in the family network we tip toe around issues we blame each other we cant talk every suicide is compared its a nightmare on going we don't know how to help ..just talk man with time we hope it will get better your a good person just talk man tell it like it is you know you might be normal and have all the feelings us so called people have TALK

HANG IN THERE!! You take your own life, your gone your out of it ok problem solved for you!! You gotta THINK of your 2 kids living the rest of their lives after mommy Killed Herself!! When considering suicide think of those left BEHIND!! (This got me through it) My problem was NOT the same you have suffered, i need to point that out. See your doctor for stronger tranqs at this point.Did you know other self harmers have cured themselves by chewing ice cubes at the point of wanting to self harm?

Crazy Diamond
Some of that sounds familiar but it's not the way to go trust me.

Suicide is never a good idea. My beloved mother was a nurse and her atitude was always----Life--- You have got to be in it to win it.

Most people who have touched rock bottom and below will tell you that feeling does not last forever---yes -it may last quite a time-----but not forever.

Have you ever made a list of people unluckier than you because they do exsist. Have you thought of the pain you will inflict on your lovely children if you bottle out now. They will ask themselves ----What did they do that was so wrong that you had to leave them? Their lives will be filled with pain pain pain. Is that what you want?

Take a long hard look at your kids and ask yourself ---Why you want to rob them of a parent and inflict lasting pain on them. Death can never be reversed--- your tragic mind set can be in time---you are loved by many-- your kids, the person you are marrying and many others I suspect, why on earth would you hurt them with this terrible act?

It sounds like you need God. I don't just say this by way of being preachy - eternal perspective makes all the difference. Thing is, it's not enough to just read the scriptures and/or believe that God is the creator - you need to get to know his power in your life. Sincere prayer is a good place to start - even if that prayer is asking if God really is there.
If you do already go to church, it seems like you need to energise your faith. See how you can help the community around you. Find a way to make a difference. Building your self esteem - together with relation with God and those around you - is key to your sanity at this time.
Some people say that religion / faith is for the weak. You know why they say that? It's because it makes you stronger. Don't turn down the opportunity to get to know God. Even if you feel like He's let you down in the past, give Him a chance - he still loves you and wants the best for you.

Carrie I
It is the only sin that God will not forgive. You can't say Lord I am sorry after your already dead. Please get help with your depression

david g
suicide is the last event as a call for help, my brother did and I still think of it now, time and again. By you being open means your trying to cope with a problem, you have kids you love, how could u even think about leaving them?? I know u probably dont have much time, but try find yourself again ?, try martial arts, get your anger out, its in you to try, the anger and frustration hurt not you, cut the crap out , wkae up, do soemthing, look at your kids and say 'i love you and will always be hre for you'. Your gift is life, you gave it to them, now sort it out ????

live for your children do you want to pass your suffering onto them, if you managed it they will always ask why they weren't a good enough reason to live for. try and focus on the fantastic people you have in your life who love you and don't waste the love and support they give you

simon m
I have worked in mental health for over 20 years and till this day I have never, ever met a person or family that is grateful that their loved one has committed suicide. All I have seen are shattered lives, broken hearts and immense sorrow following it. Not to mention the survivors of the suicide sense of anger, guilt, shame and utter disbelief.

But that's only my experience

you aren't alone but time and support will help put it behind you I promise

hi, i think you need to start thinking that it wasn't your fault that you have been abused, and there was nothing you could have done about it to change this fact, so hurting yourself will not change anything and will not make anything better. life isn't fair, and we go through hard time and its has its ups and downs. all what you need to think is about your life now and how you control things in life that might give better opportunities for your kids. try to talk to people who have been abused as well and share the experience sometimes it helps. remember that you have a big influence in your kids life, so try hard for their sake. look at the bright side of life, and remember no matter what happens the sun will shine tomorrow and the day will came out. your the only one who can help yourself. feel positive from inside and you can achieve what you want. good luck

You need to visit a professional counselor, and become part of a support group. Get active, head to the outdoors, take classes... And let the past rot itself out, without bringing you in

You are now depressed, but trying to find out the reason for this, if indeed there is one, is unlikely to help. There are several effective forms of treatment (not just antidepressants) for some types of depression and suicidality, and you need to see a doctor who can try all of them if needed.

Amber K
I think suicide is for chickens. it used to be that i thought about it all of the time, but now that i have my kids, i would never even think about leaving them. there is nothing wrong with you. you just need to find your own way of coping without being self-destructive. i know this sounds preachy, but do you go to church? i just started going. I think that if you were supposed to be dead, you would be already. but the fact that you are still alive, means that you have more to accomplish in life. Love your fiancee, love your kids, and be happy that you have the chance to have them in your life. they are more important than everything else.

Bluto Blutarsky
you should be asking this question of your psychiatrist not yahoo answers.

He or she can help you much better than a bunch of faceless people on the internet can.

john boy -1
slow down Hun,the Brain is the best computer in the world,but what makes our computer so complex is that we have feelings hang in there.try and remember this the brain is like a parachute it only works if its open fully!!!!!!!!
good luck and god bless

First off, this is truly a sad situation and you are not to blame. I know that I have gone through extreme bouts of depression and have done quite a bit of cutting myself, though as I got older my frame of thought on various things in my life have changed and most of them for the better. It seems to me that maybe a support group might be the best thing for you. This way you can identify with others who know exactly how you feel and they can help you get through and put into perspective the haunting memories that refuse to leave you alone. So, please 'hang in there.' Life is just a series of peaks and valleys and if you are at the bottom, it can only get better. Now I know that this sounds like common rhetoric but so far I have found it to be true, eventually that is. Take care.

There is nobody that can tell you what to do or what is wrong with you. You have to make the decision yourself. Think about what your kids will do if you kill yourself. Can you imagine the pain they will go through, too. I have always thought that suicide was for people that gave up on life and couldn't find a better soultion for their problems. But with you, things seem different, I don't know how, but they are. Keep in there and keep fighting. Hopefully that dirty f↓♫↓♫↓ didn't do anything to some other kid, too.

There are 3 bits of you - a look-after-yourself bit, an adult bit, and a child bit. The child bit is still hurting and is getting better a bit at a time - you might have the same feelings but they won't be as strong next time, and the time after weaker still. The look-after-yourself bit is doing a good job but occasionally takes a day off, and that's when you get drunk. On those days you need the adult bit to remind you to be strong for your future.

judy a
My friend committed suicide and it still hurts me, and I am angry at him for doing it. I was the one who found him. Doing it would be letting your abuser win. It would also leave your kids with one less person to protect them from possible harm in their futures.

I know you have tried therapies and drugs, but please keep trying. Also some program of strong exercise - running maybe, will help build endorphins that make you feel better.

Depression is anger turned inside. Get angry, let out your feelings. None of it was your fault. Have you tried any group therapy. Stop drinking as that will lead to depression and loss of control over your feelings. Surround yourself with positive things - music, flowers, light, whatever helps make you feel better.

Our answers are too simple on a forum like this to really help, but please hang in there and keep trying. Please don't make your children orphans.

It is not uncommon for survivors of abuse to feel the way you do. Sometimes people dont really get the horrendous effects it has on the victim. You can move on from the abuse, thousands have. Personally I think you should make a decision that "dirty f****r" isn't gonna destroy your future. Why let a scumbag like that win? If you are trying to take him to court then things are bound to get pretty stressful. Regardless of what you have tried in the past you need to find the right support to help you come to terms with the pain of your childhood and let it go. I am 100% confident that you can. I've known others to.

about suicide, forget it, it stinks.you do not say how old your kids are, want to leave them unprotected so some insignificant guy ,a paedophile, preys on them ?. you dont sound like you do. and good for you for taking the sicko to court. you must stand by good and decent people ,who are trying to keep the place safe for all of us, by prosecuting this creep, you are saving other defenceless kids from what happened to you.i admire you.maybe you should try counselling people who have had this experience. lol

If I may give my thoughts to you on this subject, first of all nothing nothing that happened to you is in any way your fault, I know that doesn't make your pain and suffering go away but IT IS A FACT you must decide to NOT LET THE PERSON WHO ABUSED YOU "WIN". You have a right to a life, in a way much more than some people. Brain wash yourself, love yourself, again I will say NONE OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT. STOP, THINK, your children love and NEED YOU live for them please.

Well having tried various options (therapy, med) it seems that you feel you have no choice but to commit suicide as you feel like you have no other way out to escape these painful feelings.

But I am thinking have you thought about finding out if there are any support groups in your area that are aimed specifically for victims of abuse? Maybe if you were to talk about your experiences with people who went through similar experieces it may help to release some of the the pain. Furthermore other people in similar situations can offer advice on how to deal with the difficulties you experience. By learning how to cope with waht has happened and to not allow it to affect your future you will find that the your desire to commit suicide will fade over time.

lucy m
I cant tell u what is wrong with you. You need a qualified professional to tell you that. I am very sorry for what you had to go through. One thing I can tell you though is that witha loving family and 2 kids, committing suicide is the most selfish thing that you could do. Im sorry to be so blunt but if you care about your kids and your fiance and your family more than you care about yourself then get the suicidal thoughts out of yor mind and be as strong as you can. Committing suicide is only going to pass off your pain onto everyone who loves you. How would you have felt if your mum had committed suicide when you were a child? Wouldnt u still feel betrayed and responsible. Please dont do that to your kids. They deserve more than that and so do you. You need to talk to your fiance about these feelings and fight them together. You need professional help because this is a serious issue. But committing suicide is not going to help anyone.

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