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What do you do when you're depressed? What helps?

one thing that i do when i am depressed is i try and call some friends that i know are going to cheer me up and i also let my husband know what is going on. sometimes i write and that helps me from self harm. or i will try to find a funny movie on tv that will make me laugh and cheer up. but i always try to communicate what is going on with my family so that they are aware. now i do take anti depressants (Effexor) and seems to be helping me so far. i also have severe anxiety. talk therapy has been helping alot too. hope that this helps

I look for a success, a win, something going my way.

I either talk to my friends, write something, listen to music or go out for a run. exercises help by releasing endorphins.

this is not what i do nut my mom smokes when she is depressed or goes to a pscoyitrist

i go to the gym...talk to someone who i feel comfortable with.
i sometimes just write out what i'm feeling on paper at that time and read it over to myself and then throw it away...it works for me.
i also will do somthing nice for myself, like buy myself a new lip gloss or give myself a facial or go for a massage....bascially i make it a point to spend money that on something good rather than spending it on a large pizza that i know i will regret eating later...lol

I PRAY and listen to good christian music.

Go for a walk. Fresh air and scenery do wonders.

I usually just want to sleep and be left alone. I don't do much of anything. The only thing that helps is when I go walking, see my therapist and get my meds adjusted if necessary. Getting things accomplished--even if just the dishes makes me feel better.

take some vicodin

Hang out with a good friend that could make you laugh. Or do a productive activity with a good friend. It always works.

watch some tv. listen to music.. anything to get my mind off of that topic

Take a nice long walk, or work out with my weights.

i have a journal that i can write all of my thoughts in also i think of all the things that make me happy to try and get through whatever has led me to that depressed feeling you must always know there is someone out there you can talk to and they will listen.

Michael B
Excercise, talk and hang out with friends, do housework, etc. anything to keep your mind busy and off the negativities.

I try to go to sleep so i will forget about whatever happend, and then do something i like, or go out , get your mind distracted, and you'll be fine and when you get back home or after doing whatver you where doing get your mind in something els.

I tell myself that only you can make yourself unhappy. Nobody else gets to choose how you feel but you. Try to choose to be happy.

I find one thing to focus on that makes no demands on me at all and takes little effort. A simple hobby is one thing or maybe watching movies or going for a walk in nature. Dont answer the phone or let people make demands of you at the time unless its an emergency or you have kids to take care of.
If you take time for yourself every day even just a short time it can make you feel replenished.

Sleep, but it doesn't help much. I like to talk to strangers on the computer about my problems. This is a good place or a chat room. Strangers are so helpful because they are non-objective (is that the word?). I don't give out any information about myself, just chat about life's issues.

charlie c
Lots of answers here by now, and I think they all help, depending on the level of depression you suffer from. If it's the occassional bout that is triggered by a certain concern, then do what you normally do to shake it off. If it's a chronic form I would suggest meditation, regular exercise, and a low-carb/low-sugar diet. These help me less extreme in reacting to whatever "depressing" situation that arises, and the depressed reaction, which is normal for any human being by the way, does not last as long and has less chances of spiraling further down while you sulk. Whatever is causing your depression, I agree, get your mind off it for a while, then when you have elevated yourself to a more stable level you will be better equipped to address the issue. If you have any artistic talent, (or maybe even if you dont!) you should explore them: sing, write, paint, sculpt, try your hand at any of these without setting any standards of genius on yourself, of course (because that might make you frustrated!). But please, I know the craving gets worse, when your depressed keep yourself from eating sweets or binging on carbs.

.:::*Fool On The Hill*:::.
I listen to music or take a shower to think about it....

take a brisk walk - even if you don't feel like it - it changes the chemical composition in the brain - trust me, it works. do NOT drink or take drugs. i did that for 10 years - that only makes things suicidal eventually. Walk...fast - realize how fortunate you are just to be ABLE to walk...

I don't talk to people when I am depressed. I end up being a ***** to them and taking things out on them. I go sleep.

I eat a lot of chocolate and watch George of the jungle with Brandon Fraser.
You can't be depressed while watching this movie! Chocolate is a natural mood enhancer.

I pray! Seriously!

Work my a$$ off. I have found that physical work releases endorphins which make you feel better mentally. After a while it actually helps.

Crasstopher Columbus
I usually dress like a clown, and tickle myself with one hand, and hit myself with the other, while listening to Soft Cell's Tainted Love.

Take a shower and eat some DARK chocolate.

Sadly, I eat...and it doesn't help.

bia diva
Get out and talk to friends. leave the house for sure. Staying at home in a rut only makes the situation worst.

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