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What do you do to relax when your at work?

Mocha Choco Latte
Take a break and pray

CutiePie AKA (hotnakedgurl)
I go to my desk and drink my water or coffee and illl stay away from the problem if it is a problem and if you have alot of paper work musa rub behind your ears and know that tomorrow might be a better day and if i dont have no work to do and everything is done andd its is still not time to clock out for you go to the lounge or read a magazine do a cross word puzzle things like that make me relax and you can even read the newspaper those are the things that help me relax !!!!

this is kind of silly but it works for me - i go to the website for Monterey Bay Aquarium and check out the Penguin Cam. they're pretty funny to watch, especially at feeding time.

Relax and work are polkarized terms. I WORK at work and RELAX when I am NOT AT WORK.


Mr. Wizard
At work: that can be hazardous to my health....being addicted to living as I've become. I have to plan my fun "lazy days" when I'm off work. I indulge my hobbies of writing and photography, where I spend a wee bit o time planning my project(s) in my PJs (well.....actually, they're sleep bottoms--but cute ones), listen to satellite radio (when the mood hits), pour on some good dutch choclate almondine coffee and flex my creative side (wherever the hell it is)......and I go from there.

Of course, I have to eventually do some dumb ol' housework stuff--but I try to minimize such efforts.

But you want to know "at work". My best advice there.....and I have to ponder on this.....is to NOT let the small stuff sweat you; face it bravely (which can be a tall act to do sometimes) and just face it head on. Eventually, you'll become relaxed at work--and co-workers will begin to get this sense you REALLY are in control of things.

I'm an electrician, I have a good voice, and I sing aloud. Others join in!

Eternal Sunshine
Ironically, to relax at work, I get on Yahoo Answers.

I work customer service and the continuous flow of answering questions tends to keep me evened out, and keep my mind sharp. If i were to sit and let my brain stay completely idle i think my job would be even harder. Its one of those things where you have to stay focused to be able to provide indepth, accurate answers to help resolve issues to customers.

I know its a weird thing to say as far as relaxation goes, but it is strangely therapuetic for me to participate in. To each his own, I suppose!

Amanda S
Breathe deeply and picture each muscle relaxing. Then remember that it will be over soon and that definately helps.

I dont work, that does it.

enjoy your work

i listen to music or hang around with frnds or....chatt with frnds!

patti p
Nothing. I don't sit behind a desk, punching buttons on a computer. I work hard physical labor removing and installing wall paper, there is never time to rest because I am always under the gun to meet deadlines and always running into snags that can delay them. When I get home I am always worrying if I am going to finish by the deadline that was promised, so I don't get any rest there either. I even have to work weekends a lot of the time to meet deadline', and the weekends that I don't work, I take my five year old grandson for visitation and try to catch up with the household chores. REST , whats that???????????????????

im not a bich!
ur not supposed thats why its called WORK!

answer all these questions! It is very therapeutic for me.

Cara B
Close my door and log on to Yahoo! Answers. I also go walk around the offices. I think the face time is good and, having a desk job, it is good to get my blood flowing every once in a while.

count my money.

I'd take a walk around to see what everyone was doing. Since I was the supervisor, this also counted as work, but got me away from my desk for a stretch. If the weather was nice, I'd walk out to the courtyard and sit by the fountain, admiring the tropical plants. That really soothed me.

Yahoo Answers with a cup of coffee ;-)

Listen to my iPod and draw houses...

Answer questions on yahoo.

I focus completely on my task. And then I kill it (do it in such a way that it is completed quickly and perfectly). If this doesn't relax you then get a new job you lazy bums.


Yogic breathing/Praanaayaamaa.

[email protected]
Do some yoga.

sleep on my arms. at my desk.

Ethio /Habeshaw/
Love your job!

I have a very stressful job. In order to relax I hum or quietly sing my own songs since I have to listen to my coworkers radios on either side of me within 25 feet of each other (2 diffierent stations and neither do I prefer) I try to talk to my partner that I work with since we get along quite well also. Last but not least I count what I'm doing and it really keeps my mind off all the other drama going on around me.

Listen to 92.3FM search the web and answer questions like yours.

I always get out during lunch and take a walk...I'm also a big fan of this site during work...it's addictive.

C.C.G Baby
i ounch or kick a pillow then i lie down and think for a couple minutes and just think

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