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 I'm mental help!!!!?

What do i do? what do i do? im a stupid cutter?
I cant stop cutting myself!! I've been cutting for almost 6 months now, and I can NOT stop!! At first I could just cut , and than not do it again for a couple of weeks or so, but now i have to do it for everything mean my stepdad says to me! So now like atleast every other day i cut! I didnt cut for a whole week a couple of weeks ago, and it was sooo hard! I just cant do that again! what do i do? im soo afraid to talk to people about it, and i really dont want to tell my mom, she already hates me, and i can only imagine how she would reaact , and my stepdad would probably just throw me in some mental institution, (or make fun of me like he did when i told him i was suicidal last year) . im thinking about running away too, but i just dont have any idea what to do !! does anyone got advice? I appreciate it SOO much!
Thank you uu

LP # 1 Fan
Or talk to someone you can trust?

Stop cutting yourself. I will be your friend.

Okay first off you need to calm down. Control yourself. This seems to mostly be a self control issue.

Most people cut to feel a pain greater than the one coming from inside. Are you depressed?
You definitely need to talk to someone (preferably a counselor). A counselor would help you immensely. I don't know your personal life, but I don't think your mom hates you. If you absolutely do not want them to know, most public schools have someone you can talk to there. Tell a teacher, or an adult that you trust because you do need to get help.

Don't run away that is only going to make your problems worse. Seriously, control yourself and maybe find a new, safer way of letting out your frustration- even if it's just screaming into a pillow or keeping a journal.

Lisa A
When I was cutting (I did it for about 12 years) I found this website (and the mailing list) helpful to me: http://www.buslist.org/

FWIW, I know how hard it is to stop, however there are other coping mechanisms out there. You can try drawing on yourself (where you cut) with a red pen/marker, squeezing ice, taking a cold bath or hot or cold shower, biting into
something strongly flavored (hot peppers, gingerroot, unpeeled lemon/lime/grapefruit)

Some of these (and more) ideas are found here: http://www.buslist.org/pdf/selfhelp.pdf
Good luck.

That one hollister chick
Honey, i think you should try to see a therapist or maybe a chat with a friend about your problem with cutting your self.
i think that your really worried about whats going on in your life but you should totally try to not cut your self.
like i try not to put my anger on my friends but sometimes i do but i stop myself from doing it soo i always distroy an apple.
but yeah.
try a therapist or a friend to help.

calm down. i have heard that cutting can be an addiction. i dont understand how that works, but just calm down and think things through. when you get mad at your step dad, just listen to music really loud like i do when im mad or stressed. it may be bad on your ears, but cutting is bad for your body and you mind. dont worry, you not crazy. just take a nice walk and find the good in the world. theres a lot, its just hiding. :)

Talk to a counselor at school or your pastor at church. They can help you or help you find help. Stop hurting yourself.

You need to talk to someone to get to the bottom of why you're cutting its something deep and painful and cutting gives you control. Psychiatrists have lots of experience in dealing with these things they will talk to you and prescribe meds.

Daniel R
when you feel like cutting yourself get a knife ande stade the dirt outside. it gave me the same satisfaction. and you shouldnt let what your stepdad says make you feel bad. he says that stuff he he hates himself so he hurts other people to make himself feel better. also when youfeel depressed go to church and talk to the priest. my priest allways helpen me i my badtimes.

Hi. ur having my same prob once i was so fckin sad that i start cutting my arm although it hurt i continiued doing that i stopped like 1 week ago ... ok i think theres no need of a mental institution or a psychiatrist or that stuff cause when a person cuts itself releases a type of endorfins that make that person happy (i heard that on discovery channel) so the only thing u hav to do is throw all the blades or stuff ur cutting with and try to think in other things i mean in the good things that had happened to u DONT RUN AWAY THATS COWARD TELL TO YOUR MUM WATS HAPENING TO YOU AND TELL HER NOT TO LAUGH OR TO TAKE U TO A MENTAL INSTITUTE ONLY TO UNDERSTAND U AND REALLY HELP U...

p.s: i know u know thats bad for u but ill repeat it dont do it u really end all scarred like me =( and its really sad to see the scars and realize ur hurting ur body ...

good luck...

Can you talk to your school counselor or your pastor? You need someone to help you. Get going and good luck to you.

I know how you feel. It seems like your situation may be worse than mine was. Don't run away. Honestly that would make things worse.

You should think about how cutting will only cause more problems. How people would react to it and how you don't like it. Keep busy. Find new hobbies or sports to try out. Ignore all the hurtful things your stepdad says. You're better than that.

You should probably get help. I don't want to be a hypocrite and say that talking to a counselor or "trusted adult" will help. I don't think it always does. A good friend will probably be better at first. If things don't go away or get worse, maybe you should tell an adult. Sorry, if this doesn't help. I hope it does. Get better and good luck.

(If you need someone to talk to you can always email me.)

You reconize the problem which is good. you also know your parents are a bad source of support. I would find an adult you can trust, teacher, therapist etc... and get some help. I know rehab may be a bad call but to be honest it can be a good thing for you in the long run. If you know your parents aren't being supportive, you go out get that support and become stronger than they could ever imagine.

you do need help... just call a hotline, or search it on the web. Also cutting can be a sign of a borderline personality disorder...which also requires therapy.

get some help and support so you can be happy with yourself.

You should see a therapist . This is not something that is going to be solved on yahoo answers.

You need help with this before it develops into something worse.

Is there somebody at school you can talk to ? The fact that you recognise this as stupid behaviour is a good start.

get some help at school from a counselor, I think you are doing this for attention, I do not think your Mom hates you, can you talk to her, and tell her how you feel??? if not find an adult you trust and talk to them, and stop doing that, its an attention getter, so just knock it off. be responsible to your self, get involved in some other ativities!!! good luck

talk to your CLOSEST friend about it... my friend cuts herself... and everytime she feels like doing it, she calls me, and i talk her out of it. it works sooo well

and yea.. i dont want to run away... but when ever someone makes me mad, i want to do drugs... or drink... just to piss that person off... i've never done it before because none of my friends do them... BUT if they did i would start drugs and drinking JSUT to piss my mom off... or my friends

BUT! i dont think u should run away... just when u get pissed... walk around ur neighborhood... call up ur friends and rant about it till you feel better... i have ONE friend that i talk to everyday about random stuff (that means shes like my bestest friend) and when ever i get pissed, she knows im going to call her, shes one of those people that i can call and rant about my family about it

just get one of those friends!! they will talk you out of cutting (thats what i do, i talk to my friend to make her stop) and then when ever im mad about something and want to go do drugs... i have one friend taht i can call, and she talks me out of thinking that way

hope this helps!!

choux pastry heart
you really MUST go to a psychologist or a counselor, even a trusted teacher or somthing, but you have to talk to someone about this, i cant stress how important it is to let someone in on your burden because if you carry it alone it will break you, no doubt. So please talk to someone who can help you, a trusted teacher/counselor/or psychologist. I've had alot of friends go through this type of thing, trust me when i say that talking to someone (like a teacher/counselor/psychologist) really does help things get better.
p.s. You are NOT stupid, don't ever say that about yourself, you're not stupid, you just don't know what else to do, you've realized that this is a problem and you're taking steps to acknowledge it, that is probably one of the smartest things I've seen anyone do in a long time. everybody goes through hell sometime, its just harder for some than others, it doesnt make you any less of a person though, and the fact that you want to stop and make this better just shows how brilliant you are =] it will get better, i promise. if you want to vent or anything, feel free to email me. i've always got time to listen.

Vanessa :)
I'm 14, and I cut myself once, and I realized that it didn't help me, but it hurt me. I understand that you don't want to tell your parents, because they might not react well. My mom cried, and my dad made fun of me. Running away would not help, because you would just have to go back home eventually. Please tell a trusted friend. Remember that every time you cut, you are taking out someone else's faults on you, which is only hurting you.

Wow, somtimes I know how you feel. But you should stop hurting yourself, I know 10 times outta 10 u wont listen to some person over the internet but I feel for you, Just be strong! in order to see the rainbow u have to go through the rain right?. Maybe you should talk to a counselor at the school or something. Hell my e-mail is available on here e-mail me and i will be more than happy to be your ear! honestly.

chihuahua momma
You need to find someone to talk to, your mother maybe, another family member like an aunt or cousin. You should make sure that they understand that you are serious and want to get help for yourself. If not then look in the phone book and there should be a hotline in your area you can call. You may also be able to go to the health dept. in your area and talk to a doctor there. You can tell them you aren't able to talk with your family for whatever reason. Just get some help for yourself.

first, stop, think about what you are going to yourself. you are just creating harm, and nothing is going to get better if you continue this. i am sorry for all the hard things you have been through, but we all have, or will eventually go through a tough part of life. i think you should separate yourself from objects that you could hurt yourself with. get some help too, i would tell your mom if i was you. tell her your in trouble and you desperatly need help. and running away is the last thing you should do. putting yourself out there will screw up your life, so please dont. maybe if you dont want to talk to your mom, you can talk to a friends mom, teacher, or you can also find teen help hotlines to call for help. i hope everything goes well and i hope this helped.

You are not Stupid. You are hurting way down deep inside and it is killing you. That pain has to be released, so you cut yourself to release the pain.

I am sooo sorry that you are being abused like this. Please know that Jesus cares about you and so do I. You have a friend in me if you want to talk about it. How old are you? Please e-mail me so I can help you.

Hebrews 11
I know some books that discusses self mutilators and another book entitled, "Inside The Mind Of A Cutter." What is causing you to be so depressed? Do you have faith in Jesus Christ? If so, you need to pray for healing and deliverance from harming yourself, hon. I will pray to God for you. God be with you and the Lord loves you. xoxo

Gosh you need to speak with a counselor asap.

go to a counsel....and pary ask god to help u he hears us

Geoff W
go to counsling

I can't believe you think your own mother hates you. It's so sad that you feel that way. You really need to talk with someone about these feelings. There has to be somebody you trust enough to talk to. Perhaps you can turn to someone at church or a counselor at school. You really need help in dealing with these feelings of yours. Please do not hurt yourself anymore. There will be better days to come, but as long as you keep this all to your self you will never find them. Perhaps the next time you feel like cutting yourself you can write down your feelings in a journal. Release your pain and frustration that way instead. I wish you much luck in finding your happiness. May God watch over you and send you many blessing.

See a therapist. They really do help. I've been there, and I know how you feel. It's not fun, and it IS difficult to stop. But you need to talk to someone about how you're feeling. And since you can't talk to the source...you should talk to a professional. Do NOT run away...it won't solve anything, it'll create more problems. I something feel the need to do it again but I find other things that may help, like throwing things, haha. Try writing about how you feel. Or take a rubber band and put it on your wrist and snap it. It's less harmful and still helps with stress.

If you do it because it relaxes you then try to find somthing else that relaxes you. If this is not the case then try asking God for help. God loves you and can help with anything.
Try looking at this site http://needhim.org

oh and by the way your not stupid.

Don't run away... If you even come close to running away, go to someone you know, and can trust.. There are a lot of sick people out there.... As for cutting.. If you are serious (I am not saying you are lying, I am just saying it's possible on the internet) about cutting yourself, you NEED to get help.. Your step dad or mom may not be supportive, but tons of people are, maybe even ask someone at school, do you have a school counselor? I don't know if you do, but some schools do, and if you do, talk to him/her. Other wise you NEED to see help, maybe even privately, but that would be hard, as you would need money most likely... Just try and find help some how.

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